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I Hate That I Love You (Ch. 1)

I Hate That I Love You (Ch. 1)



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Published by Kiki M
This is my work in progress I Hate That I Love You. Please tell me what you think.
This is my work in progress I Hate That I Love You. Please tell me what you think.

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Published by: Kiki M on Oct 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter One
I sat underneath a tree trying to concentrate on thebook I was reading. The books called
To Love A Stallion
byBrenda Jackson my favorite author. Her books were alwaysabout falling in love, something I knew a lot about. It wasnice to read a love story that had a happy ending, unlike mylife. Since starting college, reading seemed to be my newescape.College life had turned out to be much more difficultthan I’d imagined. I thought it would be easier for mebecause everyone’s always telling me how intelligent I am,but my first month of classes proved me wrong. Theworkload was more than I’d ever imagined and I was feelinga little over whelmed. Classes were much more difficult thanhigh school and it was stressful. Luckily, I had my two bestfriends Monique and Brandon here with me. They were mylife raft. We helped each other in every way that we could. Thanks to them some of the stress eased.Unfortunately, I had to endure seeing the love of mylife for the next four years. To most people that would be anamazing thing to be able to see the one you love all thetime, but for me it was pure torture. I had been in love withhim since ninth grade, maybe even longer, and (at one pointin time) he was in love with me, too. We dated for a littleover a year in high school and things seemed to be perfect.Now everything was all wrong between us and it seems nowthat he’s moved on. It was something I just couldn’t dealwith, especially not alone.I’d always told myself I would never fall in love.Specifically because I saw my mother go through hell withmy father. She let him walk all over her, beat on her, treather like shit, and cheat on her for years. Each and everytime I’d ask her why she stayed she’d say, ‘it’s because I
love him, Lancy. Flaws and all.’ I thought she was out of herfreaking mind, and I still do, but I understand a little betternow because I love Christian Jordan with all my heart, flawsand all.I looked up from my book and saw the object of myaffection walking hand-in-hand with his fiancée, DominiqueGarrison, toward her dorm. They looked so happy together;so content. If I’d known then that things would turn out thisway, I would’ve never let him get close to my heart. Iwould’ve kept my guard up. I wouldn’t have let him seewhat was behind all the layers of walls that I keep up. I hadto look away from them because it was too much for me tohandle. I could feel my heart breaking all over again. It wassuppose to be me wearing that one-carat diamond ring. Iwas supposed to be the one walking around campus with myboyfriend holding my hand. I was supposed to be Mrs.Christian Jordan.“Lancy!” I heard someone yell my name. I lookedaround and saw Monique and Brandon walking over to me. They’d been in love with each other for as long as I’d been inlove with Chris, but neither of them was ready to admit itnor were they ready for any kind of commitment.I quickly wiped my eyes free of tears. If they saw evenone tear on my face they’d know what I was thinking about,and launch into a pity party. I hated when they’d do that. Iwas a pretty emotionally strong person, but the situationwith Christian was my weakness.“What’s up yall?” I asked when they were standing infront of me.“Are you going to Carraba’s with us or what?” Brandonasked. “I’m starving!”We had Carrabas last time. Lets go to OliveGarden,” I suggested.“Fine with me,” Monique said. “It’s all Italian food.”“Sounds good,” Brandon agreed.
I gathered my things and stood up. We made our wayto the campus parking lot. Brandon lived in the Omegahouse and Monique lived in a single dorm room. I lived in anapartment five minutes off campus. We had busy schedulesso we tried to meet up twice a week and do somethingtogether.Brandon and Monique rode in Brandon’s car and Idrove my car. I couldn’t wait for those two to finally gettogether officially. They were both serious when it came torelationships so I know it would eventually lead to weddingbells. Right now they were just trying to have fun.We’d all been friends back in high school, Chris,Brandon, Monique, Dominique, and I. Things only changedafter Chris and I broke up. We all tried to ignore howawkward it was for all of us to hang together, but it was liketrying to ignore an elephant in the middle of my living room;impossible. Monique and Brandon had hoped we would getback together since we continued to go out, just the two of us, as if we were still together, but it never happened. Things got even worse when Christian and Dominiquestarted dating. I mean, she knew how I felt about him, andshe still went after him. I always resented her for that, but of course I pretended to be fine with the whole situation. Ididn’t want Christian to know how weak I was for him. If hewas happy then I was happy for him. I made sure no oneknew how I felt about the whole situation. Then, after ourgraduation, when things were starting to get back to normalbetween us all, Chris up and proposes to her. I wasdevastated. We’d all been out celebrating graduation atO’Charley’s when Chris get down on one knee and openedthat velvet box. I made myself sick thinking about it,literally. I had to run to the restroom of the restaurant andsay a prayed to the porcelain god. I think I was in there for awhile before Monique came to get me. I left before anybodyelse could ask me what was wrong. We never talked about

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