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Characteristics of Abuser (1)

Characteristics of Abuser (1)

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Published by Brenda Anderson

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Published by: Brenda Anderson on Feb 12, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Characteristic of Abusers 1
Characteristics of Abusers  Name Class Date Professor
Characteristic of Abusers 2
Characteristics of Abusers Abuse can be physical but it can also be emotional and sexual. Domestic abuse is a pattern  behavior where the abuser inserts control of their victim. Abusers take pleasure in hurting, intimidating, humiliating, terrorizing, and injuring their victims. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone but a majority of offenders are men and their victims are women. Similar to the victim of domestic abuse the domestic abuser will have many similar characteristics. The abuser will exhibit similar behaviors and traits that have been identified through research. These characteristics include jealousy, controlling, manipulative, and critical. There are many different reasons a person becomes an abusers but many abusers witness this  behavior in childhood and then display similar behavior in adulthood. The domestic abuser commits the abuse in order to have power over their victim. One characteristic of the abuser is  jealously. The abuser is extremely jealous which stems from a lack of self confidence (Petheridge, 2012). Because the abuser does not believe they are good enough for their victim they are paranoid and they also perceive other men as a threat. The abuse believes if there partner finds another man they can get away from the abuser.  Next all abusers are controlling. The abuser controls every step their victim makes and uses the abuse to ensure they display only the behaviors allowed by the abuser. The abuser controls every action of the victim and requires they report there whereabouts and who they talked to. If the victim is late or they talk to someone they are not supposed to the abuser will blow up and the victim will be made to suffer or their mistake. Control is essential for the abusers because any feeling they are losing control will result in increased danger for the victim. The abuser will go to great lengths to control their victim.
Characteristic of Abusers 3
Another characteristic that is common to the abuser is being manipulative. The abuser will go to great lengths to ensure the victim obeys their orders and forgives them for previous abuse. Many abusers will hurt their victims, emotionally, physically, and sexually and then use manipulation to make them forgive them for the abuse. For example when an abuser beats his wife or girlfriend he will buy flowers or express his love in order to manipulate the victim into forgiving them until the next time they beat their wife. The abuser will also use manipulation to  break down the self esteem
of their victim by preying on the victim’s vulnerabilities.
Being critical is another characteristic of the abuser. Abusers are critical and no matter what the victim does they will never be able to satisfy the abuser. The abuser is always looking for a way to verbally abuse and degrade the victim no matter how clean they keep the house or how many time they have supper on the table on time. The abuser does not actually think the victim is doing anything wrong but instead takes pleasure in waiting for the victim to make a mistake. They will calm the victim names and tell them no one wants them or they are not good enough or a bad mother. Once characteristic of an abuser is many of them are substance abusers. In some cases the domestic abuse does not occur unless the abuser is intoxicated while in other case substance abuse just heightens the abuse. Substance abuse increases the level of abuse a victim receivies by their abuser. Substance abuse and domestic violence seem to be inextricably linked (). The domestic abuser will only increase the abuse when they are intoxicated and will have far less control of their actions. Substances, such as alcohol only increase the emotional response by the abusers and make the situation more volatile. While substance abuse heightens the abuse many critics find substance

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