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Faith Independent, February 12, 2014

Faith Independent, February 12, 2014

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Published by surfnewmedia

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Feb 12, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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F% G & T% F% I#+# S" 1910$1.00 ("'/#- )V*'/85 4 N*. 23F!
@= 12, 2014
L+)3 A;+ D)+ H), F) 
+< 1 ;- -;   2014 "; D)) A;+ A+) B3)+ H33"+ "= B C)33 C. # = 15 +)  "D,?., ) N*. + )  !) C? +  2/2/14. #= =) D) C3)  , "D.P *? "; D)) A;+ A+) ) 
IE C<KI E <JKM<I <C<GFE< NCC FJK EG<E FLJ< GIKP FE C<EKE<ZJP =K<IEFFE, <ILIP 14,=IFD 2:00 - 4:00 G.D.< GIKP J KF N<CFD< E<N<E<IC E><I << <KQ><IE J =DCP KF K< FDDLEKPE KF >M< D<D<IJ E FGGFIKL-EKP KF D<<K K< C<<I F= K< F-FG<IKM<J.CE EFN KF KK<E E KFF==<I  FLK FK N<CFD< KFK< <KQ><IJ.<, < I<D E <M<I-><J NCC < J<IM<!< IE C<KI E BFIJ F= I<KFIJ J<-C<K< << <KQ><I, J K< E<OK<E<IC E><I. < <>E JE<N LK<J FE FM<D<I 4, 2013.E KJ GFJKFE, < NCC J<IM< JK< <E<IC E><I =FI FK FI->EQKFEJ E I<GFIK KF FKK< <C<KI E K<C<GFE<FIJ. < FDE< FFG<I-KM<J GIFM< <DGCFPD<EK =FI 48<K< G<FGC<.XZD >IK<=LC =FI K< KILJK K<FI D<D<IJ M< GC< ED< E KILCP FEFI< KF < >M<EK< FGGFIKLEKP KF J<IM< J K<E<OK <E<IC E><I.  CFF=FINI KF FEE> K< INFIE> K<D F= I<KFIJ E<DGCFP<<J KK J<IM< K< D<D-<I-FNE<IJ. P N=< E  M<DFM< FLI =DCP KF K< I< EN<ZI< <OK< FLK D<<KE> E><KKE> KF EFN K< <DGCFP<<J,K< FI, E K< D<D<IJ. <CJF CFF =FINI KF ><KKE> E-MFCM< E K< FDDLEKP,Y J<KQ><I.X< BFI J<C<K< I. <K-Q><I =FCCFNE>  EKFEN<J<I FELK< FM<I DEPDFEKJ. < BFI K<J KJ =-LIP I<JGFEJCKP M<IP J<I-FLJCP E EK<IM<N< ELD<IFLJ>CP HLC=< EK<J V LC-KDK<CP J<C<KE> <KQ><I,YFE> J.XBFK BFIJ =<CK J JKIFE>C<<IJG JCCJ, <O<CC<EK EK<I-G<IJFEC JCCJ, J DFKMKFEE <EKLJJD, CKP KF C<IEHLCP, <LKFEC >IFLEE <E<IC E><I FFG<I-KM< <OG<I<E<, CFE> NK JG<IJFEC KIKJ KK I<=C<K FLIJKIFE> LCKLI< E NFI <K,D< D E FLKJKEE> F<KF C< LJ EKF K< CC<E>E>KD<J <. < J FDDKK< KFK< FFG<IKM< GIEGC<J F= FE> NK J <JK =FI FLI D<D-<IJ,Y < J.X< J <OG<IKJ< E JKIK<>E =EEC GCEEE>, DEJ-KIKFE, FG<IKFEJ, D<D<I EI<>LCKFIP ><EP I<CKFEJ ELJE<JJ <M<CFGD<EK. < J E<O<CC<EK FDDLEKFI, FEJ<E-JLJ LC<I E J M<IP JL<JJ-=LC E <M<CFGE> I<CKFEJGJNK <DGCFP<<J, LJKFD<IJ,FI D<D<IJ E ELJKIP>IFLGJ. < J CJF  K<EFLJC<<I C< KF GKCQ< FE IGELJKIP E K<EFCF>P E><JKFNI LCE>  F<JM<, IF-LJK, E =EECCP JFLE FI->EQKFE. < CFF =FINI KFME> <KQ><I C< FLI FFG<I-KM<J =FI DEP P<IJ. < JI>K, <E<I><K E NCCE> KFC<IE,Y J FE>.<KQ><I I<<M< J B<CFIE BLJE<JJ ADEJKIKFE =IFDK< EE<JFK FFC F= BLJ-E<JJ. < CJF FCJ E A.A. E<E<IC KL<J =IFD FI>EFDDLEKP FCC<>< E FIK FI->E, . < FDGC<K< J B-<CFIZJ <>I<< E BLJE<JJ NC<IJE>  >IFNE> =DCP EILEEE>  M<IP JL<JJ=LC FFG-<IKM<. < GCEJ KF FEKEL< KFGLIJL< J BA <>I<< NC<<DGCFP< NK /. <CJF GCEJ KF <EIFCC E AZJE><D<EK EK<IE IF>ID EK< =LKLI<.< E J N=< BIEP M<=FLI CI<E; ACPJJ, L<I,<EE E DD<KK. BIEPJ E M FIJ< CFM<I. < N<EKKF JFFC KF JKLP <FEIP -LKFE E JFC JKL<J EFG<J KF =LC=CC KK <>I<< FE<P, LK =FI EFN J< J LJP<E>  JKP-K-FD< DFD. <CFFJ =FINI KF <FDE> E-MFCM< E K< BJFE JFFC J-KIK NK K< CI<E ED<<KE> FK<I DFK<IJ E K<FDDLEKP.
"< H;@> ? G= E/?=/  B>;
 F. 4@ 4 -8 .05 F. 5@ -1 -16 0 F. 6@ -2 -15 0 F. 7@ 6 -16 0 F. 8@15 -3 0 F. 9@5 -9 0 F. 10@8 -9 0
#* F&7 C
... :& *7 8  7* & ''<  M&< :7 +&7  7* H*&7 I8&* M&/*7&* '87  '< O'&- &C&*. A< K**<, N// F* & K J :** & 87 & & +&7.
Happ& Valen!ine' a&
Page 2
F=@= 12, 2014  ' F? I<?
)   H(    ; E6
LCKFE F. 184760LCJ< <<CP FE <E<JPK,  57626-0038
A, <E AI<JJ E><J KF:.. BFO 38, K,  57626-0038: (605) 967-2161 V A: (605) 967-2160-DC: =KE@=KJ.FD
A A AK, FLK FK 57626
B A: K & LGI<< $34.00+ CFC KO; E-JKK< $39.00 + CFC KO; LK-F=-JKK< $39.00; FI<>E $45.00.
 AD%E#I"ING A#E":
FC JGCP: $4.90 G<I FCLDE E.
 AN# AD" & CAD" OF #HANK":
$5.00 =FI =IJK20 NFIJ; 10R G<I NFI K<I<=K<I.
IP, 10:00 .D.
JK GFJJC< DFD<EK KF KLIE E<NJ K<DJ E K K< F==< KF < GLCJ<.
KK< F= .., <<FLEKP, KP F= K, K FFC JKIK 46-2
LCJ<I.............................................................FE M<CC<KK<==< E><I.......................................................E< JJ<GFIK<I, IFF=I<<I, FDGFJKFE.................FI<KK JJFCK
: 1988 K E<G<E<EK. ACC I>KJ I<-J<IM<. FKE> DP <I<GIEK<, GFKFFG<, FI EEP NP I<GIFL< =IFD KJ GLCKFE, E NFC< FIGIK, NKFLK K< NIKK<E FEJ<EK F= K< GLCJ<IJ.
F) C;? H)3 C 
H;  O):M)? ; F)? 8 )  12 ) 1 5 P
%) "+), CNP D)+ H), CNP 
F ) +)33:605-967-2644  1-800-584-7668 
LE<IC J<IM<J =FI FEC .XFEY B<EJFE, >< 77, F= FIIJ-KFNE, , N<I< <C L<JP,<ILIP 11, 2014 K K. IPZJKFC LI E <DDFE,, NK <FE BCC LJKDEF==KE>. BLIC NJ E K< K.<CZJ <D<K<IP E KL>,.FEC << B<EJFE NJ FIEFE ELIP 13, 1937, KF L><E<IE<I B<EJFE E <IE LCC<(<DGKFE) B<EJFE FE K< B<E-JFE E. FE KK<E< >I<JFFC K EF< FFC, [ DC<=IFD K< IE. < >ILK<=IFD <DDFE > FFC E1955. FCCFNE> J >ILKFE,FE J<KKC< EKF C=< FE K<IE. K NJEZK CFE> <=FI< <D<K K< CFM< F= J C=< K  E<K K< FIIJKFNE CC, <C<E<E IQ. <P N<I< LEK< EDII>< FE KF<I 28, 1957.FE NFI< K K< LE<IN FFG C<MKFI =FI  P<IE 1957, E CK<I NFLC J<IM< FEK< C<MKFI BFI =FI FM<I 20P<IJ. E K< =CC F= 1959, 1960E 1961 < N<EK FLK KF LKBE,  E IE  FDE< =FIJ<M<IC N<<J, <LJ< F= K<IFL>K E K< FKJ. < CJFIFM< KIL E K< 1960ZJ =FI<CME K<NIK, CK<I FE FNEE>J FNE KILE> LJE<JJ.<E FEZJ , <E<,GJJ< NP, FE E J FC<IIFK<I FL><E< JKP< FE K<IE E IE KE>J. <EEP E <ME N<I< FC<EFL>, K<P <>E <CGE> FEK< IE E K<E FE< K<I E K< FG<IKFE.< NJ CME> K< C=< < CFM<IEE> E NKE> >IE-CI<E >IFN LG. FE CFM<JG<EE> JFD< HL<K KD< K JCF> E FE K< IE M<I.< E<M<I DJJ<  BFJJ FNDEF<F. E 2012, FE E <C<EN<I< K< BFJJ FNDE FE-FI<<J. < CJF <EFP< K< BCCCJ KF FN E F<F.FE NJ  G<I=<KFEJK! <
D ". B?
NFLC JP, X= KZJ G<I=<K, KZJ>FF <EFL>Y. J IFK<IL<EKE >M< D  J>E KKE>J FE K< JFG FFI KK JPJX= PFL M<EZK >FK K< KD< KF FK I>K, FN I< PFL >FE> KF =EK< KD< KF F K FM<I?Y J KIKJ <<E GJJ< FNE KIFL>K< ><E<IKFEJ.FE GJJ< NP LE<OG<K-<CP FE LIJP, <ILIP 6, KK< G KP <>FEC FJG-KC. < I< CC >IK<=LC =FI G<<=LC <K JLIIFLE< P=DCP E =I<EJ E K< N<-JGI< DGK <  FE CC NFE<N D.< J JLIMM< P J CFME>N=< F= 56 P<IJ, <C<E B<EJFE;L>K<IJ, IC CQ<CC, EPE  <C, D E <J I-ME E FE<CC E AEPCJ<I<; JFEJ, EP E F<CC<B<EJFE E <ME E KKB<EJFE; 16 >IECI<E,PC, PC< E <CJ<P CQ<CC,<JJ E F>E <C, I I-ME, AD<I E BI<EK LE<I-JFE, CEK IME, FC< ED CJ<I<, KE<P E<I< CJFE, FNP E -IE B<EJFE, EKQ E I<-JKFE I E DCP B<EJFE; 9>I<K->IECI<E, FEEP,, EEC<P, PD<I, <KIF,<D, FIPE, PEE EC<P; IFK<IJ, E< E FEB<EJFE E L<EKE E FEE<B<EJFE; E JG<C =DCP=I<E, E IJFE.< NJ GI<<< E <K PJ >IEJFE, BIEFE CQ<CC;J GI<EKJ, L><E< E <IEB<EJFE; E FE< IFK<I,FL><E< B<EJFE.FEFC<E<J DP < J<EKKIFL> FLI N<JK< KNNN.<MEJFE<EJ<E=LE<IC-FD<.FD.
We $o"ld like !o !hank !he Me!hodi! Ch"rch ladie gro"pfor o"r delicio" l"nch, !he Me!hodi! ch"rch for le!!ing " "e !heirbaemen! for a place of fello$hip, and Pa!or Connie for her lo#el& er#icea! o"r mo!her' in!ermen!. Special !hank !o Jaon Reed for helping $i!hb"rial arrangemen!. Thank &o" !o all of o"r friend and rela!i#e for !heir!ho"gh!, pra&er, card and fello$hip concerning !he paing of o"r Mo!her and Grandmo!her.
Ho$ard and Bobbi H"%!ableSha$n and Megan H"%!ableBe# B"r!on
  FF)(= 4 @ 7, 2014
J N<<, I<G<EKJ F= K<FM<IEFIZJ IEKJ =FI I<<I &<EC LKFE N<I< E-EFLE<, E KN<CM< JFFC J-KIKJ IFJJ FLK FK NCC< I<<ME>  FDE< KFKC F= FM<I $8.5 DCCFE KIFL> K<GIF>ID. < JFFCJ =IFD FLIFIE<I F= K< JKK< N I<-<M< K<J< NIJ ECL<: << FFC JKIK V $89,967 KF >F KFNI N<CE>E DEE> GIF>IDJFIKN<JK AI< FFCJLCK JKIK V $830,800 KF >FKFNI DFC< LEKJG KP AI< FFC J-KIK V $2 DCCFE KF <EE<LC E FELII<EK <EIFCCD<EKFGKFEJ =FI I<>FEC > JFFCJF FLEKP FFC J-KIK V $103,560 KF <OGE D-C< JFFC E > JFFCFLIJ< F==<IE>J, E FFG<IKFENK K< M<I FFC J-KIK<J< >IEKJ NCC < LJ< KF<M<CFG E<N E DGIFM< <OJK-E>  GIF>IDJ E K< J-KIKJ. J J JFD<KE> <M<IP-FE< J <<E I<CCP GC<J<NK, J N<ZM< <<E MFKE>K< DGFIKE< F=  =FI DEPP<IJ. <J< >IEKJ, CFE> NKCCFNE>  FLIJ<J KF < JL-JKKLK< FI K<E E FELEKFENK =FI<>E CE>L>< FLIJ<JKF D<<K FLK FK GGFIKL-EKP FCIJG I<HLI<D<EKJ,I<  JK<G E K< I>K I<KFE.LI JKL<EKJ I< FLI =LKLI<,E  CJJ<J NCC <CG K<D>ILK< > JFFC I<P =FIFCC<><,  I<<I, E C=<.
M*( E<6(
E< F= K< DFI KFGJ F= JLJJFE KJ N<< NJN<K<I FI EFK FLK FKJFLC <OGE KJ < GIF->ID. < J K< >FM<IE-D<EK GIF>ID =LE< P=<<IC E JKK< KO FCCIJ KFGP =FI D<C I< =FI G<IJFEJF= CC ><J NKE <IKE E-FD< CDKJ.IFGFE<EKJ I< I>LE> KKK< JKK< JFLC <OGE <- FM<I>< JF DFI< G<FGC<NCC HLC=P E I>L< KK = K< JKK< JG<EJ  CKKC< DFI<DFE<P, K E C<M<I>< K<EJ F= DCCFEJ E =<<IC DFE<P. G-GFE<EKJ ><E<ICCP I>L< KKE<K<I FLI JKK< FI FLI FLEKIPE ==FI KF EI<J< <JG<EE>. AFIE> KF K< <EK<I FEBL><K E FCP IFIK<J,FLK FK NCC JG<E $35DCCFE DFI< FE < KFFM<I KFEC <EIFCCD<EK F= LII<EKCP <C>C< CI<E EGI<EKJ KIFL> 2022 NK FINKFLK K< <OGEJFE. < <O-GEJFE NFLC EI<J< JKK<JG<EE> P $157 DCCFE.FLK FK J FE< F= 21JKK<J KK M< JKK< K<P NCCEFK <OGE < J G<IDK-K< LE<I K< A==FIC< I< AK VN CCFNJ JKK<J KF <O-GE K<I < GIF>IDJKF ECL< EPFE< NF =CCJ <-E<K 138% F= K< GFM<IKP C<M<C.FLK FK'J < GIF->ID EFN FM<IJ FLK 116,000CI<E, LCKJ E JC<G<FGC<. = K< JKK< NFLC =LCCP<OGE < LE<I =<<ICCDKJ KF 138% F= K< GFM<IKPC<M<C, K NFLC  E <JKDK<49,000 G<FGC<, DFJKCP LCKJNKFLK CI<E. = K<J<,40,000 NFLC < E<NCP <C>C<=FI < = K< JKK< <O-GE<, NC< 9,000 I< <C>C<=FI K< GIF>ID LE<I LII<EKILC<J LK I< EFK <EIFCC<.FM<IEFI L>I J E-EFLE< KK < NCC J =<<ICF==CJ KF C<K FLK FK <O-GE KJ < GIF>ID E NP KK NFLC GIFM< D<CJ<IM<J FECP KF KFJ< DFJK EE<<. < J < NCC JLGGFIK<OGEE> <C>CKP FECP LG KF100 G<I<EK F= K< GFM<IKP C<M<C<LJ< KFJ< FM< KK DIE LP JLJQ< GIMK< E-JLIE< KIFL> K< E<N <CKI< CN. FM<IEFI L>ID<  JDCI I<HL<JK CJK
C  ( 5
.  >J? "?@ <>@
F=@= 12, 2014  ' F? I<?
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PHILIP, S.D. FAITH, S.D.605-859-2525 605-967-2191
Member FDIC
We will be closed Monday, February 17thin observance of Presidents Day.
<  <>JCKLI< GJJ<K< ID BCC <IC<I KJ N<<,E FK LIC AKFE (A), JKK<N< FI>EQKFE KKGIFK<KJ K< I>KJ F= =DCP=ID<IJ E IE<IJ E FLKFK, J KE> KD< KF KEJKK< F==CJ =FI K<I C<<IJGE K< GIFK<KFE F= FLEKP F= I>E <CE> () EIFCCE>  CDKKFEJ KF K<AZJ LKFIKP KF I<JJ <I-KE LJE<JJ GIK<J F= D<K-G<IJ. IFK<KE> K<J<GIFMJFEJ E K< ID BCC JJ<<E J  > NE =FI FLKFK IE<IJ.XFK LIC AKFE D<D-<IJ M< NFI< CFJ<CP NKFLI FE>I<JJFEC <C<>KFE KFJ<LI< FLEKIP F= I>E <C-E> E JKIFE><I <E=FI<D<EK -GCK<J F= K< <IJ &KFPIJ AK J =I  J K<2002 ID BCC,Y <OGCE< E<I E A <D<I FCCP<CC F= <CC, .X<J< KNF G<<J F= >ILCKLICGFCP F==<I >I<K <E<=K =FI E-<G<E<EK D<K GIFL<IJ.<P CJF <CG >LIEK<< =FFJFM<I<>EKP E J<LIKP =FI K<EK< KK<J F= AD<I.Y FLK FKZJ <EKFIJFEJFE E LE< E <GI<-J<EKKM< F<D CC K< J C<-<IJ FE K<J< JJL<J. XLI IE<IJ NCC <E<=K J>-E=EKCP =IFD KJ CC,Y J<E. FEJFE. XFK FECP F<JKJ FDGIFDJ< <EC< FLEKIPF= I>E <CE> KF FEKEL< JN<CC J DEKE A'J CKPKF <EJLI<  =I E KIEJGI<EKDI<KGC<, LK K CJF FEKEJIKC CM<JKF JJK<I JJJ-KE< GIF>IDJ KF <CG IE<IJE DP KK< NF I< JKCC I<FM-<IE> =IFD K< 2012 IFL>K ECJK P<I'J K<IIC< CQQI.YX FDD<E <EKFIJ FEJFEE LE< E <GI<J<EKKM<F<D =FI K<I G<IJ<M<IE< E<=<EE> K<J< DGFIKEK G<<JE K< 2014 ID BCC,Y J<CC.E KFEJ KF NEJ FE E M<JKF IFMJFEJ, <>E-EE>  =ID<IJ E IE<IJNCC CJF J<< JLGGFIK =IFD K<ID BCC. < B<>EEE>ID<I E E<I <M<CFG-D<EK IF>ID (B) NCC <=LCCP =LE< E FI<I KF JLGGFIKGIF>IDJ C< K< ID B<>E-EE>J IF>ID F==<I< P A.< ID BCC CJF KFF JFD<JK<GJ KF DGIFM<  <>EEE>=ID<IZJ <JJ KF CE.C< K< CC  ECL<DEP NEJ, K<I< N<I< CJF JFD<JGGFEKD<EKJ. < =EC CC <CDEK< I<-=FIDJ KF K< FDDFKP GIF>IDJLJ<J N  GJJ< EFK D<IJ F= FE>I<JJ. BPEI<JE> K< JLJP CDK EC<ME> E <IKE CFFGFC<JN<CKP =IDJ NCC < C< KF FC-C<K DEP KD<J K< LII<EK GP-D<EK CDK.A (=FID<ICP EFNE J=FF JKDGJ),  GIF>ID NGIFM<J EMLCJ E =D-C<J E E<< NK <JJ KF =FF,NCC < LK P $8.6 CCFE.FI DFI< E=FIDKFE FLKK< NFI <E> FE< K FKLIC AKFE MJK NNN.F-KILIC.FI> FI CC 605-697-5204.P GIFL<IJ IFJJ K<FLEKIP I< EI<JE>CP NI<F= K< E<< KF GIFK<K K<I C-=C= GIFLKFE =IFD N<K<ID><."< DE >FCJ N<E FM<I-E> P GC<J I< KF <<G K< PIP E GI<M<EK IP DKK<ICFJJ<J. AJ K< <DE E GI<F= C=C= EI<J<J, GIFL<IJ E-M<JK DFI< <==FIK E GIFK<KE>K<I MCLC< P," J IC<IEE<Q,  OK<EJFEFI><J <C G<CJK.< <OGCE< KK KIKFE-CCP GIFK<K< C=C= P J<<E JKFI< E KI<< NPJ:1. A P IE FI FDDFKPJ<;2. E<I GCJK KIGJ; E3. A I<<EK EKIFLKFE - K<"I<KC<" P KIG."K J DGFIKEK KF EFN KKGFFI HLCKP KIGJ FI DGIFG<ICPEJKCC< KIGJ DP LJ< DFI<D>< KF C=C= P KE M-E> EF KIG FI FM<I K CC," J<J.<IEE<Q I<DEJ >IFN<IJKK <ME> HLCKP P J >IFLG <==FIK =IFD IM<JK KF =<<-FLK, E K I<HLI<J C><E< EKK<EKFE KF <KC =IFD GIFL-<IJ KF <EJLI< =FI>< HLCKP F<JEFK <FD<  CDKE> =KFI.< CFFJ K K< KI<< KI-KFEC JKFI>< D<KFJ E DFI<<KC <CFN:
H(= B(:
 A P IE FIFDDFKP J< J FEJ<I< KF<  FEJJK<EK >CP <==<KM<D<KF F= JKFIE> P."K GIFM<J K< MEK><J F= <<GE> NK<I =IFD K< P, EK CCFNJ =FI <GKC< DFJKLI<CFJJ = N<CC JKFI< E M<EKCK<.FN<M<I, FE< JMEK>< F= KJ D<KF J KK IEJ E <<OG<EJM< KF LC E DEKEJ N<CC J K<P E<< I<C <JKK<E K< =IDPI KF LC," <I-EE<Q J.
(* H(= #(6:
CJKP KIGJ F==<I DODLD =C<O-CKP."< MEK>< F= GCJKKIGJ J K<P CCFN DFI< GIFK<-KFE NC< DEDQE> =<CKIEJGFIKKFE," J< J. "K C-CFNJ P KF < JKFI< E K< =<CFI E K< C< PI LEKC J I<PKF LJ< FI KF < JFC." A GIFL<I NF KIGJ J PJ K< =C<OCKP KF J<CC K N<EK< DI<K GI< E J GI<>FCJ FE<. <P I< <G,E <<G NK<I F== K< C< JN<CC J <E> <JP KF DE><.FN<M<I, FE< JMEK>< F= GCJK KIGJ KK <IEE<QGFEK< KF J KK F=K<E K<I< I<JJL<J NK KIGGE> DFJKLI< JK< C< I<J FLK. AEFK<I J-MEK>< J K<P F=K<E JL==<I=IFD <OGFJLI< KF CKI-MFC<KC>K N J>E=EKCP I<L<JK<I J<IM< C=<.
B(() H(= #(6:
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G? ;= ;@? ; ;@=  >@<<: C;=  <> <=;<=
F> B <>@@? C"  "?@ >??
Dakota Rural Action thanks SD Legislators for leadership on certain key issues
+ ><: +=@+=<.

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