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1g Details on our Scot Free Defence

1g Details on our Scot Free Defence

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Published by Marc Boyer
This is a 2-page article that details our Scot Free Defense that legalizes the sale of Cannabis by paying a sales tax therefore it's no longer contraband
This is a 2-page article that details our Scot Free Defense that legalizes the sale of Cannabis by paying a sales tax therefore it's no longer contraband

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Published by: Marc Boyer on Feb 12, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A] We are offering a perfectly legal way out of this s-55 trap, by using this old 'positive law /common law defence' called 'Scot ree' and in so doing legali!ing the sale of our cannabis as medicine"#" We have a situation where the $ity of %ancouver fathers are receptive to the notion of accepting a #& sales ta( on our goods or services, and in this way, it's legal to possess cannabis because by definition when we pay ta(es on our cannabis then it's not contraband")" *he easiest legal /political and effective solution to see whether it's legal to enter into such a contractual arrangement is to as+ for a ruling in a $ivil *a( $ourt to rule on its legality " y definition, our application of a Scot ree defence is a classic . $hin e(ample of lending a creative /clever application to our abused archetypal form in order to benefit from e(isting law" With a ta( ruling that recogni!es the right to collect and remit a sales ta(, means the $ity 0thru its police/courts] must respect and protect the $harter rights of 'our agents' who have $ court defined rights to1 'reasonable access to a safe and secure source of their medicine' a" a point worth noting is1 there are no $harter rights that protect a dispensary or a grower" b" ut liberal members' rights to have such facilities are a $ Supreme $ourt upheld right5" .n law, under present case law precedent, the distributors and growers can operate and get some protection 0to protect the rights of its members] by operating under the $o-op Act 2* there's no way that these dispensaries or grow-ops can enter into contract to pay a sales ta( directly to the $ity #"When a $ity directly gets a ta( from a $ 3i4ueur Store 0for e(ample] on sales of cannabis is the ne(t step to being #&& legal 2*.3 then we fall under this grey fu!!y applications of law )"A6 grey fu!!y application of law is e(actly what 2$$ ta( courts are empowered to enact"] .n order to achieve a legal ways and means to pay a sales ta(, means it's necessary to have an accounting system in place where the dispensary does 7* directly collect or remit this sales ta( #" *he 8lection Act directly permits an 86A to collect and remit ta(es" . A$* the ability to collect and remit ta(es is sited as the main reason for creating an 86A in the #st place")" 7ur 86A obviously can be an agent and create /form an agency /co-op that provides a legal ways and means to actually collect /remit ta(es, because that's an 86A's very function" *he 8lection Act allows an 86A to operate with the same boo+ +eeping practices of a $o-op" 7ur 9uadra 86A can and is forming a federal Agency to organi!e and protect the rights for members of %ancouver dispensaries, by negotiating a contract with %ancouver first, then with any $ity in order to protect the members rights to have reasonable access to a safe and secure source for our medical rights that were won under $ Supreme $ourt rulings" 5" y organi!ing the members of dispensaries into a $o-op or guild, and having an agreement with the $ity to be an Agency means our Agency can now contract with any dispensary that want to participate in providing 'prescribed goods and services' for our $o-op member/agents"a" *he standard medical re4uirements to be a member of this $o-op are set by the $ity"*hat's good : their standards to 4ualify will be far better than ;ealth $anada offers b" *his will result in a situation where this 4ualified 0federal <urisdiction] $o-op member/agent can be accepted to be a member of a participating $o-op 6istributor by following the rules and regulations that this 6ispensary sets in order to be compliant with the $ity and the $o-op Act" c" .n law, our 0natural person] 86A is prescribing the dispensary to deliver prescribed goodsd" *he participating dispensary no longer handles cash directly, *hey are 'prescribers' with the responsibility of providing for the needs of these members, who are also agents of our Agency5" Any participating provincial $o-op dispensary that contracts with us agrees that our agents will pay the dispensary for their goods and services from our 86A pool, and all this convoluted paper trail does is show that the sale went thru our Agency therefor our 86A can collect /remit a sales ta( to the $ity="*his $o-op is basically an accounting office that collects and remits a standard ) 7>>transaction fee from the dispensary, for servicing the member's prescription 0li+e a debit card] ?" 0in other words] the dispensary does not get paid by the member, they get paid at the end of the day by the 86A that transfers #-lump sum to this $o-op from our 86A pool, for that day's transactions @" *echnically, it's this transfer of funds to and from our 86A pool that ma+es everything legal"

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