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Lensegrav Ranch

Lensegrav Ranch

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Published by surfnewmedia

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Feb 13, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For over 45 "ears, I have been fooling around ith bulls ...some horned, some polled; some red, some black; someorner" & some ith great dispositions. Some I liked, someI didn#t; some I rode, some I didn#t. I ouldn#t trade thee!perience for an"thing.
Thanks, Dave
Sa*+da, Mac 8, 2014Fa!* (SD) L!e*&c" C&$$!!&% C&.Sa#e Da P&%e: 605-967-2200
L)) W!%aa 605-866-4670
Sa'! Da R!+!!)a%!:
Sc* D%&...........................605-456-1499Da) P%*!&.......................605-685-4556D*) Ra!''!!...................605-685-5147
 We will offer FREE keepfor 30 das or deduct $100and haul awa sale da.Bulls will be delivererd FREE within a 300 mile radius.Bulls guaranteed for 1st  ear breeding season from turnout to the end of thebreeding season.
Ca*a#&g P&d+ced B:RPI P&$&*!&%  605/859-2516  P!#!', SD
 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Page 1 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 
 T! b'' a! '%(% "! %c! a%'. T! a! b!!) acc%)a! a) b**!! "* "** *. T! b'' ca a "% !a b!!%)# !a*) #aa)!! % ! '!)# b!%)# "*( )-* * ! !) *" b!!%)#!a*). I) )* ca! a'' L!)!#a Ra)c b! '%ab'! "* (*! a) *%#%)a' +ca! +%c!. P!%* C*(! B*): A +!%* c*(! b%)# a )! b! * ! a'!. F* !! b'' ! )! b!  +ca!, ! +!%* c*(! %'' !c!%! $100 a++'%! * !% 2014 +ca!. F!! &!!+ "* 30 a * a' aa a'! a a) !c $100 +! !a. A"! 30 a, ! %'' !'%! ! b'' %%)a 300-(%'! a%. A a'a ! !!! 1/2 !(!) %#.
I wish to welcome everyone to our annual bull sale! 
We’ve handled the bulls about like always, with no creep feed. We weaned early so wecould bring the bulls along slowly. en the blizzard hit and had to hay feed the bulls forawhile until we could get them back on feed. us, our yearling weights are less than thebulls deserve. ey have run on a 100 acre pasture.I went to Mayo for awhile, so Leigh Putzier has done everything around the place. He has the bullslooking very good, so I’m very thankful for Leigh’s commitment and hard work. Craig Olsen, our 󿬁tter,says these are the best bulls we’ve ever had.We will probably retain one or two bulls for our own use. Our numbers indicate the progeny fromour own bulls stand with the best that we can purchase or A.I. to.is last year we lost Terry Robinson, ringman and great friend. He de󿬁nitely will be missed.I want to express my appreciation for all our loyal customers over the years.
Yours with respect,Dave Lensegrav 
The bulls have been fed  Amaferm®. This is the best herd health we’ve ever had on our bulls.Thank you, Dorothy Orts.” Dave Lensegra

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