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hagada shel pessach

hagada shel pessach



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Published by mae tal

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Published by: mae tal on Feb 14, 2008
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חספ רדס
יַתובַרְ ןָנָבַרְ ןָנָרָמ יִרְסַירחםָלועָה ְךֶלֶמ ניֵהֹלֱא יי הָ ְךרָב .ןֶפָגַה יִרְאֵרובםָ לָכִמ נָב רחַָב רשֶֲא ,םָלועָה ְךֶלֶמ ניֵהֹלֱא יי הָ ְךרָב ניֵהֹלֱא יי נָל ןֶִַ.יָתוְצִמְב נשָדְקִְןושָל לָכִמ נָמְמורְ גחַ םוי תֶא ,ןוָְל םיִַמְזםיִחַ ,החָְמִְל םיִֲומ הָֲהְב.םָרְצִמ תיִציִל רֶֵז ,שֶֹק אָרקְִמ נֵתרחֵ ןַמְז ,הֶזַה תוצַמַה ָךֶְקָ יֵֲומ,םיִַָה לָכִמ ָשְדַקִ נָתואְ ָְרחַָנָיִכ לֵאָרְשדֵקַְמ ,יי הָ ְךרָב .נָְלחַְנִה ,ןוצָרְהָֲהְב.םיִַמְַהְ
Attention my friends,Blessed are You, L-rd, our G-d, King of the universe, who creates the fruit of thevine.Blessed are You, G-d, our G-d, King of the universe, who has chosen us fromamong all people, and raised us above all tongues, and made us holy through Hiscommandments. And You, G-d, our G-d, have given us in love (On Shabbat add:[Shabbaths for rest and]) festivals for happiness, feasts and festive seasons for rejoicing (On Shabbat add: [this Shabbat-day and]) the day of this Feast of Matzot and this Festival of holy convocation, the Season of our Freedom (OnShabbat add: [in love]), a holy convocation, commemorating the departure fromEgypt. For You have chosen us and sanctified us from all the nations, and Youhave given us as a heritage Your holy (On Shabbat add: [Shabbat and]) Festivals(On Shabbat add: [in love and favor]), in happiness and joy. Blessed are You, G-d, who sanctifies (On Shabbat add: [the Shabbat and]) Israel and the festiveseasons.
."םַָי תַליטִְנ לַ" ןיִְרָְמ ןיֵאְםיַַיַה תֶא ןיִלטְונ
(Wash hands without reciting the blessing.)
.ןיִְרָְמ,חַלֶמ יֵמְב תַזְִמ תוחָסַְרַכ ןיִלְוט .הָמָֲאָה יִרְאֵרוב ,םָלועָה ְךֶלֶמ ניֵהֹלֱא יי הָ ְךרָב
Karpas (Parsley)READER:Spring is here. The world is alive and new; the bonds of winter cold are broken. Nature is reborn and the earth feels free and young again. Thetrees are budding; behind the buds lie flowers. The surprise of the world isabout to burst open.In Mitzrayim, our ancestors awoke from their sleep in chains to the life of freedom; in the long wandering out of bondage, our people were reborninto a new life.BORUCH ATTO ADONOI ELOHENU MELECH HO'OLOM BOREP'RI HO'ADOMO(Take the parsley, symbol of spring and hope, and dip it into the salt water,symbol of the bitterness and tears of our people, and eat it.)2
An interestingremembrance of dipping twice is torecall our comingand going fromEgypt. Recall thefirst Jew to Egypt,Yosef, was sold byhis brothers. Theymasked the sale totheir father bydipping his coat in blood to appear that he was killed.Its fitting thenthat we left Egyptwith a seconddipping: thehyssop branch into blood to spread onour doorways before the final plague to thefirstborn. Goodthing, nowadays,we just use saltwater...
The Maharal of Prague says that there is deep symbolisminvolved when one washes his hands for the purpose of aMitzvah. Hands represent the beginning of the human body, for when one stretches out his hands to reach forward or above, it is the hands that are at the front or at the top of thebody. The Maharal explains that that the way one begins anaction greatly influences the direction and tone of all that  follows from that point, and therefore, even a seeminglyinsignificant sin, but one involving the "bodily leader," is particularly wrong, for a misguided beginning will lead toan incomplete and incorrect conclusion. On Pesach, theMaharal continues, we should be extremely careful in our observance of this idea, for Pesach is the annual point of beginning for everything that exists, in all times.
.ןָמוקיִפֲאָל לוָגַה יִצחֵַה תֶא ןיְְצַמ םַשְִל תיִָצְמֶאָה הָצַמַה תֶא עַצְתַבַה לַַב
YACHATZ(From the three Matzos, the host takes the middle piece, breaks it in two, and wraps oneof the halves in a napkin. This special Matzah is called the Afikomen and will serve asthe final dessert of the supper. It is customary to hide the Afikomen so that the childrenmay search and find it at the conclusion of the meal, and receive token gifts for its return.The host holds up the remaining Matzos, and says:)HOST:HO LACH-MO AN-YO, DEE A-CHO-LOO AV-HO-SO-NO B'AR-O D'MEETZ-RA-YEEM.ALL: This is the bread of affliction, the simple bread which our ancestors ate in the landof Egypt. Let all who are hungry come and eat with us. Let all who are enslaved becomefree. Let all who are oppressed become liberated.
 Raise the tray with the matzot and say:
This is the bread of affliction that our fathers ate in the landof Egypt. Whoever is hungry, let him come andeat; whoever is in need, let him come and conductthe Seder of Passover. This year we are here; nextyear in the land of Israel. This year we are slaves;next year we will be free.
The tray with the matzot is moved aside, and the second cup is POURED. (Do not drink it yet).
 Now the child asks "
Mah Nishtana?"
What makes this night different from all other nights?On all nights we need not dip even once, on thisnight we do so twice!On all nights we eat chametz or matzah, and onthis night only matzah. On all nights we eat anykind of vegetables, and on this night maror! On allnights we eat sitting upright or reclining, and onthis night we all recline!
תאֶ הַיבִְגמַ תוצמַהַ תאֶ הלֶַגמְ:םָר לוקבְ רמֵואְהָרעָקְהַ
אָְרְב אָנָתָהְלָֲא יִ אָיְנַ אָמחְַל אָהְךיִרְצִ לָכ ,לֹיֵיְיֵתיֵי ןיִפְִ לָכ .םָרְצִמְ הָבַה הָנשָְל ,אָָה אָשַָה .חסַְפְ יֵתיֵיהָנשָְל ,יֵְַ אָשַָה .לֵאָרְְ אָְרְב.ןיִרוח יֵנְב הָבַה
,ןחָלְשֻהַ לעַמֵ הָרעָקְהָ ריסִמֵדחָאֶ וא ןבֵהַ ןאכַְיִנשֵ סוכ ןגְזומ:לאֵוש םיבִסֻמְהַ ןמִ
?תוליֵַה לָכִמ הֶַה הָלְיַַה הָנַְִ הַמ ,הָַמ ץֵמחָ ןיִלְוא נתוליֵַה לָְבשֶ.הָַמ ולכ - הֶַה הָלְיַַה- ,תוקָרְי רשְ ןיִלְוא נתוליֵַה לָְבשֶנֶא ןיֵא תוליֵַה לָְבשֶ .רורָמ הֶַה הָלְיַַההֶַה הָלְיַַה - ,תחָֶא םַַליִפֲא ןיִליִבטְַמ .םיִמָְפ יֵשְ 

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