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Visio-Ancillary Results v1.09

Visio-Ancillary Results v1.09

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Published by raymondmonaco

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: raymondmonaco on Oct 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Infractions view
BackViewRouteHelpSystemMenuBackActionsAdd InfractionConduct InspectionMenuActionsEnd InspectionQuitHomeViewViewBackMenuActionsView WO OverviewDelete Infraction
EAs view
BackViewRouteHelpSystemMenuBackActionsAdd EAConduct InspectionMenuActionsEnd InspectionQuitHomeViewViewBackMenuActionsView WO OverviewDelete EA
Recommendations view
BackViewRouteHelpSystemMenuBackActionsAdd RecommendationConduct InspectionMenuActionsEnd InspectionQuitHomeViewViewBackMenuActionsView WO OverviewDelete RecommendationBackViewRouteHelpSystemMenuBackActionsAdd CommentConduct InspectionMenuActionsEnd InspectionQuitHomeViewViewBackMenuActionsView WO OverviewDelete Comment
Comments viewView/Add Infraction
BackSaveView Infraction HistoryNo Change ObservedActionsNot Inspected
B-FIRST Mobile UImenusAncillary Results v1.09.vsd1 of 99/23/2009
Metrix Mobile 2.2Metrix Mobile 2.2
(Ancillary Results)
 Programming Notes:-Results displayed on the Infractions view for Ancillary Results screen tab set are filtered only by the WorkOrder ID (DOB_INFRACTION.ORIG_TASK_ID).-Results displayed on the Infractions view for Task Outcomes screen tab set are filtered by the Task Result ID(DOB_INFRACTION.INSPECTION_TASK_RESULT_ID).-Results displayed on the Infractions view for Observation Outcomes screen tab set are filtered by the Observed  Detail Value Id (DOB_INFRACTION.OBSERVED_DETAIL_VALUE_ID).-When deleting an Infraction, the Infraction cannot be deleted if it is the only one named for a Task Result, or anObservation Detail, whichever is the source. The source can be identified by first examining whether theObserved Detail ID (DOB_INFRACTION.OBSERVED_DETAIL_VALUE_ID) is defined. If it is then see if morethan one, non-deleted, infraction record exists related to it; if not then do not allow the “delete”. If Observed  Detail is not the reason for this then apply the same logic for Task Result (DOB_INFRACTION.INSPECTION_TASK_RESULT_ID). (Note: In a later B-FIRST phase the similar logic willneed to be added for Equipment (DOB_INFRACTION.SERIAL_ID)).
EAsRecommendationsCommentsInfraction Events
Infraction IDCategoryArea/FloorCurrent StatusDescriptionActionBackMenuActionsViewAction Date36Electrical ViolationBasementUnresolved
Permit to perform electrical work is not conspicuously posted at site.
37Electrical ViolationFloor 1Unresolved
Service equipment enclosures are not bonded together.
37Electrical ViolationBasementUnresolved
Service equipment enclosures are not bonded together.
34Electrical ViolationFloor 1Unresolved
Defective receptacles are in use.
35Electrical ViolationBasementUnresolved
Defective lighting fixtures are in use.
32Electrical ViolationFloor 1Unresolved
Temporary open wiring installed is not properly supported.
33Electrical ViolationBasementUnresolved
Fixed equipment is not properly grounded.
31Electrical ViolationFloor 1Unresolved
Feeder conductors are not of proper size.
DetectedDetectedResolvedObsrvd NoChangeDetectedResolvedObsrvd NoChangeResolved4/13/20094/13/20094/13/20094/13/20094/13/20094/13/20094/13/20094/13/2009
B-FIRST Mobile UIInfraction EventsAncillary Results v1.09.vsd2 of 99/23/2009
Metrix Mobile 2.2Metrix Mobile 2.2
CategoryInfraction Status
Service Switch | B-101 to 200 Amps
Work Detail
Unit of Measure
 A) Programming Notes:-When the user selects “Observed No Change” or “Not Inspected” then BF_LAST_UNR_DTTM (={systemdatetime}), BF_LAST_UNR_TASK_ID (={current work order ID}) on the DOB_INFRACTION table are updated accordingly. The view for these fields is refreshed on this screen.-If the status is “Resolved” or if BF_ORIG_TASK_ID = {current work order ID} then disable “Observed NoChange” and “Not Inspected” menu items.Also BF_RSLVD_DTTM (={system datetime}), BF_RSLVD_TASK_ID(={current work order ID}) should be updated -Infraction Status combobox should not include a NULL value for possible selection.-If added from Task Outcomes, Observation Outcomes then the Infraction should be linked to the respectiveobject (i.e. either Task Result or Observation Detail).B) Actions Menu Items:-If Infraction status is not “Resolved” then Action menu items should be “Observed No Change” and “Not  Inspected” C) If Infraction status changes from “Resolved” to “Unresolved” then Action Status should be “Reinstated”  D) Infraction records prior to B-FIRST should be displayed with “Pre B-FIRST” label, next to the field General note applicable to overall design:-On any “Add…” popup or stand-alone screen, the user selection of the “Back” menu item without first selecting “Save” will result in no record being entered into the database, unless otherwise stated.
ActionsView Infraction History
14Floor 2
Infraction CodeArea/Floor*
250.92 (A)NEC2005
Legal Code Article*Legal Code SourceInfraction*Remedy
Service Equipment enclosures are not bonded together.line 2Line3Install proper bond and perform re-inspectionline 2line3
Service panel nearest the 3rd riser from door.line 2line 3
Electrical ViolationCategoryA000083.05
Originated On:Work Order ID
Pre B-FIRSTInfraction ID:
LastUnresolved On:
B-FIRST Mobile UIView InfractionAncillary Results v1.09.vsd3 of 99/23/2009

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