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Lesson Plan Infomal Letter

Lesson Plan Infomal Letter

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Published by Daniela Minca
It is a lesson plan about how to write an informal letter.
It is a lesson plan about how to write an informal letter.

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Published by: Daniela Minca on Feb 14, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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: IX A
: English
: 10
 of June 2013
: Intermediate
: 50 minutes
Number of students
: 19
Lesson topic
: Informal letters
Lesson type
: writing
Language skills
Speaing ! produ"ti#e sill
$eading ! re"epti#e sill
%riting ! produ"ti#e sill
:! to introdu"e the topi" of the lesson! to present students the main features of a formal and informal letter ! to familiari&e students with the stru"ture of an informal letter ! to de#elop the students' writing sills
! S%(A) identif* the differen"e +etween an informal and a formal letter ! S%(A) anal*se a sample of informal letter as regards la*out! S%(A) "reate an informal letter 
Teaching techni!ues
: e,planation- .uestions and answers- "on#ersation
: indi#idual wor- group wor- pair / wor 
: worsheets- +la"+oard
Anticipated problems
Students ma* feel inhi+ited to spea freel* +e"ause the* are afraid of maing grammar mistaes )ea"her must en"ourage them and "orre"t onl* the important mistaes students mae
armer- Jerem*
The Practice of English Language Teaching 
ongman- 2000i&ental- Adriana
 Metodica predarii limbii engleze Strategies of Teaching and Testing English as a Foreign Language
4olirom- Iasi- 200
Stage of the lesson)ea"her's a"ti#it*Students' a"ti#it*Intera"tionSills)e"hni.uesAidsAims)imingE#aluation1%arm!upa6)ea"her greets the students- ass them how the* are- and if there are an* students missing7 Students greet the tea"her) ! SsSpeaing8on#ersation! to "reate a  pleasant atmoshere2 min2Announ"ing o+e"ti#es)ea"her tells students that the* will learn to write an informal letter and the* will also  +e a+le to re"ognise spe"ifi" items related to formalinformal letterStudents listen to the tea"her)!SsSpeaing8on#ersation! to mae student aware of the items the* will learn1 min3)ea"her gi#es students the first %orsheet ;%orsheet 1- E,er"ise A6 with .uestions related to letters and ass them to thin for se#eral minutes and then to gi#e the answers orall* )he tea"her writes on the +la"+oard Students answer to the .uestions orall* and write on their note+oos)!SsSpeaing%riting8on#ersation
! to introdu"e topi" and to mae the students intera"t and  parti"ipate min
some ideas )he tea"her "on"ludes that letter writing is not as "ommon with the new te"hnolog* of email and "ell  phonesIntrodu"ing of the new material2 )ea"her gi#es students phrases and the* ha#e to de"ide whi"h one is informal and whi"h one formal ;%orsheet 1- E,er"ise (6Students do as re.uired)!SsI%%ritingSpeaing8on#ersation
! to mae students aware of the differen"es  +etween formal informal letters5 min)ea"her gi#es students the worsheet with a  um+led letter and in pairs- students ha#e to put it in the "orre"t order;
Worksheet !
6Students read the letter and  put it the logi"al order)!Ss4%$eading %riting8on#ersation
Worksheet !
! to introdu"e an informal letter to students< min4resentation4ra"ti"e)ea"her ass students to loo at the letter from worsheet 3 and to tr* to anal*se it together from the Students anal*se the letter with their tea"her and write )!SsSpeaing %riting8on#ersation(la"+oard- note+oos
Worksheet "
! to mae students aware of an informal letter's la*out10 min

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