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Issue 18 October 2009

Issue 18 October 2009

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Published by Grant Mullen

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Published by: Grant Mullen on Oct 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Information Technology Solutions
iCOACH Tasmania Newsletter
Grantos Speaks:“What can be made from a brickis not greater than what can bemade from its parts”
When he was a kid he loved to walk around his neighbourhood lookingat all of the trees and flowers,wondering what all of the coloursmeant. He would wander aroundfor what seemed like an eternity,looking at the insects with amagnifying glass and pushingspiders out of rolled up leaves. Hehad a name for everything that grew in the garden and ineveryone’s front yard. He wasincredibly happy. He got to talkingwith the man next door onemorning, over the fence and he wasexcited to tell the man all about thebig tree with the pink flowers. Hetold the man all about how Koalaslived in it and how the flowerswere what the Koalas would eat and how at night time there wereother creatures that would comeand make all of the knot holes inthe tree so that we could climb it when ever we wanted. The man,being unaware of anything such asimagination or magic (or childrenso it seemed) corrected the youngboy and told him EXACTLY what the tree was called and that no suchother things happened. There wereno Koalas in this part of Melbourneand no one, NO ONE believed infairies. The kids turned around andnoticed that if this was true, thenall of the other things in the gardenmust be different too.He turned to books to find out what was what and soon became anexpert in all things botanical,before long he could name thingsfor what they were and was calledupon by even his next doorneighbour from time to time tohelp him out with informationaround the garden. This was apattern that served the boy welluntil he became a little older andhad to face some facts. The doctorhad told him that the one thing that would surely help him stay alive forlonger during his treatment wasthe power of positive thought. Hesat at home in his arm chair andpondered what he had been told.He looked up in books in as manyplaces as he could whateverevidence he could find and they allbacked him up. There was nothinghe could do, he resigned himself tofact. It seemed that everywhere heturned there was more and moreevidence to back up what healready knew and the more he sawit and the more he thought it, themore it came true for him. In hislast moments he wondered if it would have been different had hecontinued to imagine what might be possible instead of focussing onwhat was not.
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