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Published by Cvejk

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Published by: Cvejk on Feb 14, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I have updated the existing MRE faq with some supplemental information.========================================================|Taking back the web one line @ a time || ||The official SnatchSoft website: ||http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Park/3960/ ||All fonts, all the time! |--------------------------------------------------------NOTICE TO BULK E-MAILERS: Pursuant to US Code,Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter II, p.227, any and allnonsolicited commercial E-mail sent to this address issubject to a download and archival fee in the amount of $500 US.... Ahh hell with it! Violators will be shot!Survivors will be shot again!The updated MRE faq page By: Joseph Grant (snatchsoft@hotmail.com)MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) FAQ Version: 1.1Updated: 17112097.13Section I - MRE HistorySection II - MRE Contents/ComponentsSection III - Pouch and Heater ConstructionSection IV - Shelf Life and Storage/Temperature ChartSection V - MRE MythsSection VI - Dietary Considerations/Nutrition ChartSection VII - RecipesSection VIII - SuppliersNEW THIS REV: Heating pouch info, spoon composition, shortcakerecipe, suppliers and MORE!!!SECTION I - MRE HISTORY
MealsReadytoEat FAQhttp://members.aol.com/OiledLamp/mrefaq.html (1 of 11) [4/10/2002 1:10:39 PM]
MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) were born on Earth, but grew up on Apolloflights to the moon, in Skylab floating workshops and on everyU.S. Space Shuttle flight from Enterprise to Atlantis. In the1970s retort pouches (the popular name for thermostabilized, laminatedfood pouches named after the retort cooker ) were put to theirfirst real test by the U.S. Space Program. The Program was lookingfor delicious, easy to prepare, "normal" food that wouldn'tincrease human stress the way that freeze dried food and "toothpastetube food" did. More than any other technology, retort poucheshave satisfied the Program's needs. And so, over 20 years ago,retort pouches found a home at NASA, where all their unusual characteristicswere much appreciated and they have been successfully feedingastronauts in flight and on the moon ever since.THE HISTORY OF THE MREIn the 1980s the U.S. military research labs, which had hatchedthe pouch technology in the first place, took the lead in itsuse and development. They enabled the U.S. Military to upgradeits entire field ration program to retort pouches, from the earlier,less workable technologies of canning and freeze drying. Overthe past 10 years these high tech research labs have continuallyupgraded the taste and nutritional profile of the meals. Overthe past 10 years our military has depended on MREs for its fieldration requirements. Tens of millions of MRE "full meals"have been produced and eaten. They have gone to Grenada, to thewar on drugs, to fight forest fires in Alaska, and to feed thetroops in "Desert Shield" and Desert Storm.SECTION II - MRE CONTENTS/COMPONENTSThere are 13 basic menus in the typical case of MREs. These menusare:Menu #l Menu #2Pork with rice in barbecue sauce Corned beef hashApplesauce Freeze-dehydrated fruit 1/ Jelly JellyCrackers CrackersCocoa beverage powder Oatmeal cookie bar
MealsReadytoEat FAQhttp://members.aol.com/OiledLamp/mrefaq.html (2 of 11) [4/10/2002 1:10:39 PM]
Sugar-free beverage base Cocoa beverage powderHot Sauce Sugar-free beverage baseAccessory packet, B Hot sauceSpoon Accessory packet, BFlameless heater SpoonFlameless heaterMenu #3 Menu #4Chicken stew Omelet with hamWet pack fruit 2/ Potatoes au gratinPeanut Butter JellyCrackers CrackersCandy 3/ Candy 3/ Beverage base, powdered Oatmeal cookie barHot Sauce Cocoa beverage powderAccessory packet, A Sugar-free beverage baseSpoon Hot SauceFlameless heater Accessory packet, ASpoonFlameless heaterMenu #5 Menu #6Spaghetti with meat and sauce Frankfurters, beef Pound cake 4/ Potato-sticksCheese spread Freeze-dehydrated fruit 1/ 
MealsReadytoEat FAQhttp://members.aol.com/OiledLamp/mrefaq.html (3 of 11) [4/10/2002 1:10:39 PM]

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