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Burlington Cty Schol 2014

Burlington Cty Schol 2014

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Published by Anthony Tallarico
2014 Annual Scholarship Application
2014 Annual Scholarship Application

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Published by: Anthony Tallarico on Feb 14, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Enclosed is an application form for the Burlington County Central Labor Council’s H.B. “Scoop” Slack emorial Scholarship.!his year" #e #ill be a#arding fi$e scholarships for %&"'''.''. (ny high school senior" #ho #ill be attending a college or uni$ersity" or continuing their education in an appro$ed trade or technical school" is eligible" pro$ided that the student is a child of a current or deceased member of a union affiliated #ith the Burlington County Central Labor Council.!o )ualify for eligibility" all applications must reflect $erification of *nion embership" and all re)uired documentation must be postmarked no later than ay &+" +'&, and be submitted to the Scholarship Committee at the follo#ing (ddress-Scholarship CommitteeBurlington County Central Labor Council" (L/C01C21 1rlando 3. Candelori &&4 (rgonne ($enue5ard$ille" 67 '89+'raternally"1rlando 3. Candelori Chairman" Scholarship Committee
H. B. “Scoop” Slack Memorial Scholarship
Application Form
Applicant must be a high school senior, who is the child of a current or deceased member of a union affiliated with the Burlington County Central Labor Council AFL-CIOApplicant’s name !Last"!First"!#I"$ome Address !%umber & 'treet" !City"!'tate"!(ip")elephone *ate of Birth I will graduate from $igh 'chool, located in %ew +ersey, in the school year of ./I understand that I am personally responsible for !a" securing proof of eligibility for the scholarship, as set forth below0 !b" submitting 1erification of my class ran2 and 'A) scores, as reflected on the attached Academic 3erification form0 !c" arranging for the submission of an official $igh 'chool )ranscript0 and !d" preparing an essay, of not less than .4 words, in response to the following 5uestion
1n 7anuary &" &::," !he “6orth (merican ree !rade (greement” ;6(!(< bet#een the *nited States" Canada" and e=ico entered into force. 1$er the past se$eral years" a ne# trade agreement referred to as the “!rans >acific >artnership” ;!>>< has been being negotiated. !he *nited States" in +'&&" under the leadership of >resident 1bama has e=pressed an interest in ?oining the presently && other countries #ho are participating in these negotiations. @hat or ho# has the *nited States profited from the 6(!( signing" and #hat effect or ho# #ill the signing of the “!>>” ha$e on the Economy" Employment" @ages" !rade Aeficit" and So$ereignty of the *nited States
3erification of 6nion membership
)he 'ecretary of the local union to which your parent7guardian is a member must 1erify your eligibility to submit this application8)his is to certify that has been a member of Local 9 in good standing for the past twel1e months8 )his Local union is currently in good standing with the Burlington County Labor Council, AFL-CIO8*ate 'ecretary 'ignature

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