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Ethical Advice 241

Ethical Advice 241

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Published by awaiting
Ethical Advice from Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi


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Ethical Advice from Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi


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Published by: awaiting on Feb 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Share Alike


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In the name of All°h, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
Topic of DiscussionTopic of DiscussionTopic of DiscussionTopic of Discussion::::Taw¶¢d in the ActionsTaw¶¢d in the ActionsTaw¶¢d in the ActionsTaw¶¢d in the Actions ((((of All°hof All°hofAlhof All°h))))and the Benefits of Belief in Thisand the Benefits of Belief in Thisand the Benefits of Belief in Thisand the Benefits of Belief in ThisØad¢th #Øad¢th #Øad¢th #Øad¢th #30303030 [ Discussion #[ Discussion #[Discussion #[ Discussion #44441111]]]]
Lectures on Akhl°q given by His EminenceAyatull°h al-`U®m° al-Ø°jj ash-Shaykh N°•ir Mak°rim ash-Sh¢r°z¢ (may All°h protect him)Translated by Saleem Bhimji – www.al-mubin.org – al-mubin@al-mubin.org
 
Topic: Tawhid in the Actions (of Allah)and the Benefits of Belief in This
Text of the Øad¢th:
    
   
 !
" !
# 
% &'()*  +,% !
/, 0  &'()* 1#)23  ,!  *14# 
16 % !! 7-#89:
;<% ,  = 7:% 
391>  !  7:% ?<@  AB
% !
(CD1E%3%  F19:
     116 H  I 4F% 03%;J%
!7K FLMN
  ,!
   *K
% !
4# LMN
  F+,  0  OC<P
!71% N6F#
 #
! +,  0  1%  #
! F#   F% !  7N6D<Q<7R S
 T#)
D<UV /:
% !   71#)H <%0 
TRANSLATIONTRANSLATIONTRANSLATIONTRANSLATION: It has been narrated from Ibn `Abb°s that the Messenger of All°h (blessings of All°h be uponhim and his family) has said,
“The one who keeps his hopes only upon All°h, He will be sufficient for him in all affairs of his life, and the one who keeps his hopes on the material world, All°h will leave him to be (with the world). And the person who wishes to reach to his goals through disobeying All°h, surely he will be the furthest away from that which he wishes (to achieve) and will be the closest to difficulties. And the person who seeks to  please the people through disobeying All°h, He will convert the pleasure (of the people) to him to his disgrace (amongst the people). And the person who seeks to please the people while gaining the displeasure of All°h, All°h will appoint those people to be above him (to rule him). And the person who seeks to please All°h while making others displeased by him, All°h will be sufficient for him for the evil of the people (All°h will protect him from their evil). And the person who does right with that which is between him and All°h, All°h will make sufficient that which is between him and the people. And that person who makes right that which he performs in secret, All°h will correct that which he performs in the open and the person who works for his next life, All°h will make sufficient the affair of the life of his life in this world.” 
Bi¶°rul Anw°r, Volume 74, Page 178
Commentary of Øad¢th:
One of the important issues in the discussion concerning Taw¶¢d is in relation to Taw¶¢d-e-Af`°l¢ (belief in theOneness of the Actions (of All°h)) and if a person was to possess correct belief in regards to this issue, then itwould surely have a very profound impact on his life.The issue of Taw¶¢d-e-Af`°l¢ tells us that: everything and everyone that exists in the entire universe - even theleaves of a tree moving due to a breeze - all stem from All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him). Not a single thingcan take place without His command and order – the cutting which a sword performs, the burning which a fireproduces and… - all of these come from His command. In one sentence, just as it has been mentioned in Bi¶°rulAnw°r, we can state that:
VW <XY.%
 H>@*V 
“There is no one effector in the creation except All°h.” 
Even our own choices and freedom also stem from All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him) and if He had notgiven us such a power of choice, then we would not be able to perform any task and thus, Hehas given usfreedom and has not imposed things upon us.When a person has such a belief deep within himself and the issue of Taw¶¢d-e-Af`°l¢ takes seatdeep within himand he understands that the only independent determination and will is the will of All°h (Glory and Greatness beto Him) and the determination which we have has merely been given to us by All°h (Glory and Greatness be toHim) to test and examine us, then he would definitely not humble himselfto other people just to seek closeness tothem. A person would realize that the source of acquiring the goodness of this material world isnot in the handsof other people and a person would not look to covet the goods of others!In addition, with such a belief, a person would not seek to approach near the obedience and pleasure of thecreations if this meant that he would have to transgress the laws of All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him). Inaddition, he would not seek others to help him solve his problems since he knows that the true meaning of 
“There is no one effector in the creation except for All°h.” 
goes against all of these issues.If we were to have true faith in the verse of the Qur˜°n which states:
*1:C) 70<%*I7;Z#P
( Q @=
“Surely His command when He intends to do something is the saying of ‘Be’ and it is.” 
then these paths which lead to becoming mislead would definitely not have any meaning for us.The reason why the sourceof all reformations goes back to reformation of the theological beliefs is due to thissame reason. Even when all of the Prophets of All°h (blessings be upon all of them) were appointed, the very firstaction that they did was to instil the correct set of beliefs within the hearts and minds of the people. Once the beliefs and faith is corrected, then all of the roots and branches (of the faith) too will become reformed andcorrected.The ¶ad¢th which we have quoted in the beginning shows us that all of our actions must return back to the issueof Taw¶¢d-e-Af`°l¢.
Bi¶°rul Anw°r, Volume 5, Page 151
S£ratul Y°s¢n, Verse 82
The meaning of “
is that we cut offhope from all others and attach ourselves only to Him; we closeour eyes to everyone else and focus ourselves only on Him. If a personwas to reach to this station, then All°h(Glory and Greatness be to Him) alone would be sufficient for him during all of his difficulties.It is then mentioned that “
however, if a person were to leave relianceupon All°h(Glory and Greatness be to Him) and were to rely solely on the material world and expected both respect anddishonour only comes from the hands of people, or assumed this his sustenance comes from this physicalgroundthrough his cultivation orthrough trading and business, then All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him) would leavethis person to the whims of the material world.Of course, we are not opposed to the world of cause and effect, however we must pay attention that behind thisworld, there is a hand of the One who occasions things to happen (the actual Cause). Sometimes,in order to notforget that there is a Causer for everything, people make up and create reasons and rationale (for thingshappening around them) and it is because of this reason that sometimes people state that, “All the doors wereclosed to me and then all of a sudden, a way out was found” – or sometimes the opposite of this is also said!
If a person was to lose the Causer for everything that happens and was to relysolely on this frail spider’s web(the material world), then All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him) too would leave this person alone within thisfrail web just as it has been mentioned in the Qur˜°n:
/\% Q] =!H
!]MCD  7!1/\:, ^_  `[F9@ ! ;T#
`]MCD*=7O! a#
`#@ , 
`[F9@)  =:9 Q
“The similitude of those people who take other than All°h as their protectors and guardians is as the example o the spider whotakes his web as being his (frail) house. And surely the most weakest of houses is the house of the spider if only these people had knowledge of this (fact).” 
The intelligent person does not rely upon the frail house of the spider since the person who relies solely upon thechief Causer of all actions (All°h (Glory and Greatness be to Him)) will be needless of all other things.It is mentioned in our ¶ad¢th that:
7V Cb@[D*N@+)  #
“O’ All°h! Do not ever leave me to myself for even the period of the blinking of the eye.” 
And this ¶ad¢th points to this same fact that,
“O’ All°h! I appeal to you to always be my Protector;Iappeal to you that Your yourself become my Guardian.” 
In the words of Mawlana R
 
Suratul `Ankab£t, Verse 41
S£ratul Aale Imr°n, Verse 160
S£ratul Aale Imr°n, Verse 26
S£ratul Zumr, Verse 3
S£ratul Furq°n, Verse 43
Bi¶°rul Anw°r, Volume 61, Page 244
S£rat Y°s¢n, Verse 60

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