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UNUSUAL MOONLIGHT MEETINGBy Jean Marie François© 2008 All Rights ReservedYes, oh yes I remember that trip to Paris well. It was late April six yearsago and I was there checking up on one of my world renowned clothing stores. I wasto meet a friend for dinner, but since he didn’t show up I went for a walk. I knewthat I could come back to this restaurant later so I left.As I walked down the street I couldn’t help but notice how the starssparkled like diamonds or like the sunlight reflecting off of the waves of a parkfountain. The moon's light was warm and welcoming. The sent of roses was strong inthe air and brought back memories of another time and another place with my wife;who had been murdered six months before. I couldn’t help but think how wonderfulit would be to be sharing this with her, but since her death that wasn't to be. Icould not help thinking how nice it would be to run into a beautiful lady andshare the rest of the evening with her in this city of love and romance.I rounded the corner and ran into a very beautiful lady. She started to turnand run, but for some reason didn’t. It was clear that she had been attacked andhad been hurt; not badly, but hurt just the same. Her pain wasn’t necessarily fromthe physical strength of the attacker, but it was very obvious with the tears inher eyes that she had lost her innocence. The emotion on her face showed thiswithout question.She had lost her shoes with her departure, but at least had been able tograb her purse. Her turquoise blue dress which could not compete with the sky bluecolor of her eyes was ripped down the center with her breast coming out. She wasnot large, but what she had was well made. She desperately tried to cover herselfwith her arms, but with how the dress had been torn; she just couldn’t. Thisaction showed the bruises on her arms clearly. I took off my suit jacket and putit over her shoulders as I did this she slipped her arms into the sleeves andpulled the jacket together. She looked up at me with a face of an innocent childwho was embarrassed. As she held my jacket together with her left hand it gave mea clear view of the blood and skin under her finger nails. She must have done himat least some damage; which I was glad that she had.I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her short dark brown almost blackhair and the color of her eyes was a contrast that only seeing first hand could dojustice. I would say that she was about 5 6 and had one hell of a figure. Therewas no question that she kept herself in good shape, but none of that could hidethe pain and fear in her eyes on this night."Thank you," she said with a voice that no other angel could match. If therehad been another angel around she would have begged this lady to lead her down thepath and skill of her song.I certainly was concerned about her and certainly didn’t want to see anymorepain on her face. "You're welcome. Are you alright?""I'm more scared than anything. I got away from him before he could do toomuch damage." She turned away with tears in her eyes, "I am just not sure if I canever look at men the same way again. But I will have to say,” She turn back toface me, “I will also have to say that you’re certainly not like the jerk who didthis.”“I can’t even imagine how you feel. I have an idea; let’s first of all go tomy store and get you something else to wear. Then we can have dinner; that is ifyou want to."She looked at me with some recognition; like she might have some idea who Iwas. "You own a clothing store?" She sighed as I nodded. “I was wondering how Iwas going to get back to my apartment looking like this.” She had lost her grip onmy jacket and it came away from her showing the area from which the dress nolonger covered. She quickly tried with one hand to take back a hold of my jacket,but ended up using both hands to accomplish this. She blushed as she took hold ofthe arm that I offered her. ”I like the sound of your plan. In fact; spending the
evening with a gentleman sounds nice. Thank you for your kindness.”I smiled as I responded. “You don’t have to thank me. I’m glad that I raninto you when I did.”We stopped at my store. I took her to the area in which I kept the ladiesapparel. While she picked out something and changed I went over to the office. Itried to look over some files, but nothing that I looked at made any sense. All Icould think of was that beautiful lady that let me help her out.She walked up to the office door. When I looked up I knew that my feelingshad to be showing as I looked her up and down. She had chosen a black mid calflength full skirt dress that came with a three quarter length sleeve teal jacket.She was one in a million; no question. How lucky could I be to run into such alady?“Wow.” I was hoping that I wasn’t blushing. “I like that; it looks nice. Infact; you make the dress look good.”She was blushing as she turned away and I walked up. “Thank you.” Sheregained herself as she went on. “I threw the torn things away in the trash canthat I found not far from the dressing room. Was that alright?” She handed me backmy jacket; which she had cleaned off for me and I put it back on. “I didn’t thinkthat you would mind if I cleaned your jacket off.”“That was fine. And thank you for cleaning my jacket for me.” She smiled andI just knew that I was beginning to blush. “You know;” she raised her eyebrows atme, “maybe we should introduce ourselves.”She giggled, “I don’t have any question about who you are now. I had thoughtabout coming in here on more than one occasion, Mr. Taylor, but as usual didn’thave the time.”All I could do is stand there and look at her; this certainly didn’t gounnoticed. Her eyes were now lit up with a love of life that I certainly hadn’thad since my wife was killed.I started snickering and she just started laughing at me. “Well my dearlady; you have me at a disadvantage.” She just smiled as she continued to laugh.“So beautiful lady; May I know your name?”“My name is Rose Cole.”I walked out of the office and locked it. I offered her my arm; which shegladly took.“So now lovely lady who would out do any angel, how about dinner.”She stopped laughing to answer. “Sounds good.”We started for the restaurant from which my evening had started. I wasenjoying that moonlight, stars, and Rose’s company. The moonlight just shownthrough the waves of her hair, her dress that she had on softly flowed in thebreeze and the smile that she had on her face was beautiful. In fact, it out didthe moon and stars.She turned to me and asked, “So Mr.-““Please Rose; just call me Robert. It is alright if I call you Rose?”She turned away blushing. “Sorry, I-““There is no need for you to have any reason to be sorry. I just rather notbe so formal.” She turned back without being embarrassed.“So Robert; what brings you to Paris? Oh and before I forget, you maycertainly call me Rose.”"I am here on business. Even without the business I would come here. I havealways loved the beauty of this city." I looked at her, "but I’m sure that Parisdoesn’t look all that pretty after what happened earlier.""No it didn’t; not a half an hour ago anyway. I’m a student here and hadloved this city;” but she just giggled, but what happened earlier seems so veryfar away now. As you know things can change and quickly." She turned away for amoment and to herself she said, "You're very handsome and certainly a gentlemen."It was hard not to hear her words. She had been the one blushing until nowthat is, but I’m sure that my face was as red as the ripest red apple. As Ianswered I was stuttering. “I’m not sure what to-" I knew that things were fixing
to change and I was hoping and wanting that change.She stopped and giggled as she turned back to me. "Aren't you supposed to bemister cool, calm, and collected? From what I’m seeing right now you aren'tmeeting that image and certainly not the reputation."Now I knew that my face was red and that she had read right through me. Shereached up and touched my face with a light and gentle touch. I hadn’t had warmand comforting feelings like this since before that nightmare of finding my wifedead."You are a very beautiful lady." I took her hand in mine and kissed it asonly gentlemen would a lady's hand. Finally I had turned the tide. She wasblushing again, but this time she wasn’t hiding it."Well Rose, how about we enjoy this walk in the moonlight?""That sounds like a plan." So arm in arm we walked down that moonlit Street.I had that angel on my arm enjoying the moonlight and stars. We talked aboutjust about anything and everything. She was studying art with a business minor.She was completing her remaining art courses here in Paris.We went to the restaurant where I had started my evening. The owner whom Iknew well and who was a good friend of mine greeted us at the door.Through his strong French accent he spoke. "You know Robert; I think youfound a hell of a lot better looking dinner date than that jerk you were supposedto dine with."I grinned at him and he knew something that I wasn’t for sure of yet. "Yes,I think so. Is my table still available?""But of course, please follow me."Rose and I walked arm in arm to my table. I pulled the chair out for her andas she sat down I myself sat down. I ordered red wine and we sipped it as welooked over the menu."See anything you would like, or could I order for you?"She laid her menu down, "My favorite is Chicken Cordon Bleu. I have eatenhere before and like how they serve it.""That is one of my favorites here as well." I flagged down the waiter andordered. While we waited for our order we sat and watched the fountain in themoonlight."I think that this would make one beautiful painting.""I will agree. What are your favorite items to paint?"She smiled at my asking her this. "My favorite items are scenes like this.They evoke the most emotion, but are the most delicate to achieve.""Could I see some of your work some time?""Sure. That is the least I can do to return all of your kindness.""You don’t owe me a thing." The band started playing Rhapsody in Blue so Igot up and offered my hand to her and asked, "Would you like to dance?"Taking my hand she said, "I would love to."I assisted her to her feet and we walked hand in hand on to the dance floor.She felt as good in my arms as she looked. We danced not even noticing when themusic had stopped and a new piece had started. The owner who was watching smiledat me and I just closed my eyes. I knew that he had noticed the changes in me andknew that I was relaxing. I hadn’t felt like this since that night; which thoseawful feelings were slowly slipping away.She laid her head on my shoulder and sighed, "I’m enjoying this. By the way;how long do you plan on staying in Paris?"I was suppose to leave for New York in two days, but I felt my heart tellingme that the end of the week business meetings were just not as important asspending time with God's most beautiful angel.I answered her with my heart’s not my mind’s point of view. "I’m not on anytime schedule."She raised her head and lightly kissed my cheek, "I don't know why, but I’mglad.” I opened my eyes in enough time to see that she had noticed the look on myface. She then laid her head back on my shoulder and we continued to dance.

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