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An Open Letter for queries about Buying Android Mobile

An Open Letter for queries about Buying Android Mobile

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Published by Abhisek Pattnaik
Android device buying guide with price less than INR 5000.
Android device buying guide with price less than INR 5000.

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Published by: Abhisek Pattnaik on Feb 15, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Open Letter
I want to buy an Android phone with in INR 5000.If u can help me in making these surveys –
Q1: Which version of Android is good? Those versions which can be upgraded? Whether Jelly Beans can be upgraded or not?
 Android 4.x is best enjoyed with a good amount of RAM (>= 768 M! " R#M (>= 4 $! storage s%a&e. 'hese are some of the newy a)aiabe modes. *or a mobie within the s%e&ified amount+ , doubt those features woud at a be a)aiabe. -o better go for Android ./.x or greater for good %erforman&e with the gi)en hardware at that %ri&e tag. 0%grading an Android #- soey de%ends on the mobie manufa&turer. 'he Android that1s a)aiabe in the $ooge1s Android website is highy featured " needs a ot of %ro&essing %ower. 2en&e+ manufa&turers &ustomi3e the Android #- to suit the hardware in their %rodu&ts " rebuid for their de)i&es. -o+ u%grading the de)i&e #- de%ends on the manufa&turer1s u%date reease &y&e " maintenan&e %eriod of a %arti&uar de)i&e. Mosty+ the higher end modes ha)e greater maintenan&e %eriod. *or a de)i&e with the s%e&ified amount of money+ the maintenan&e %eriod wi be amost a%%rox. 3ero. 'hat means you woudn1t get an u%date so soon (in ess than 6 months!. And after a year or two+ you won1t get any u%dates for the #- (or firmware dri)er!.
Q2: What is the recoended !rocessor cloc" speed and fro which copany is preferable? Whether dual core or #uad core is preferable? $eeber only for %oral operation ultitas"ing& not for high end operations'
 Re&ommended %ro&essor &o& s%eed is 5 $23 for Android ./.x or greater and 5. $23 for Android )ersion 4.x or greater. -amsung has got some ni&e set of mobies at that %ri&e range. ut &he& what ind of -,M does it su%%ort Mini -,M or Mi&ro -,M though it1s not a major issue be&ause you &an easiy get your -,M &ard &ut from the mobie stores (they ha)e -,M &ard %un&hers!. ut ee% the outer %art of the -,M so you &an easiy insert it in other de)i&es where norma -,M &ard is su%%orted. , reay doubt any dua &ore or uad &ore %ro&essors are a)aiabe at that %ri&e tag. ut note that you buy an Android de)i&e with a %ro&essor greater than Arm )7 ar&hite&ture for good o)era %erforman&e. Android is buit for mutitasing as is inux. ut the de)i&e must ha)e good amount of RAM " ro&essing %ower to a&hie)e that. *or Android ./.x or greater RAM >= 95 M " %ro&essor >= 5 $23 is suffi&ient for mutitasing smoothy. ,f it fees that a %arti&uar foreground a%% needs more RAM+ then it1 sa)e the &urrent state of the ba&ground a%%s " &ose them for good. :ou &an easiy retrie)e your ba&ground a%%s after finishing with your major foreground a%%. ut sometimes the ;sa)ing the state< thing doesn1t wor as ex%e&ted. :our ba&ground a%%i&ation might be restarted.
Q(: What ust be the $A) si*e and fro which copany is preferable?
 Aready answered this uestion in %re)ious answers.
Q+: What ust atleast be the recoended cheap obile for noral operation?
I want a phone which must be able to !!".#ent and receive mail !!$.Read %&' and ()ook !!*.wifi !!+.#upport all types of web pages. Remember some of the webpages in my mobile is not showing properly. !!5.,inimi-e and maimi-e the applications so that i can do multitasking.
 :ou1re buying an Android for $od1s sae. :ou don1t need to worry about the mai+ %df " other offi&e do&uments reading or web%age )iewing+ M%/ and ideo %ayer+ minimi3e " maximi3e a%%s (,1)e answered your doubt about mutitasing in %re)ious answers!. )ery software reuirements &an be easiy added using /
 %arty a%%s from $ooge ay -tore. ut for that your de)i&e must ha)e suffi&ient s%a&e (ateast 768 M of usabe R#M s%a&e a%art from the R#M s%a&e used for storing the Android #- itsef!. ?hi&h means your Android de)i&e must mention in the s%e&s that it has 5 $ or more R#M storage s%a&e. @ee% in mind that Android ./.x #- taes ess s%a&e in R#M than Android

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