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dairy farm group case study

dairy farm group case study

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Published by binzidd007
dairy farm group case study
dairy farm group case study

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: binzidd007 on Feb 15, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DFG – Firm A’s Recommendations
Group 11 Section DBhoomi Deepak TharKaushlendra KumarNeeraj Kumar Taksande Niraj  Trunal Fulele!ai"ha# $ain
%urrent Scenario
DFG had e&cellent net'ork o( retail stores and product lines) *i#in* ad#anta*es o#er its competitors
+o'e#er) mana*ement control 'as identi(ied as sna*
Buildin* ,ana*ement -n(ormation S.stem supported ". ri*ht technolo*. could lead to pro(ita"ilit. and si*ni(icant impro#ement in DFG’s operations
/lectronic data interchan*e could lead to in(ormation access ". mana*ers hence in (acilitatin* decision makin* process
Su((icient ad#anta*es could "e deri#ed (rom e&ploitin* the potential o( electronic commerce
Store 0perations
Adopt electronic retailin* operatin* in "oth  ph.sical and #irtual en#ironment
2orld 2ide 2e""ased retail s.stem usin* clientser#er architecture and -nternet "ased home shoppin* s.stem
-nter(ace 'ith other (unctional units
3ro#ide (ull retail capa"ilit. to the #irtual customers
 – /lectronic store 'ill help DFG e&pand its customer "ase
Net'ork %omputin* and Application ReDesi*n
Applications re'ritten and ported to ntier client ser#er architecture 'ith -nternet "ro'ser to pro#ide user inter(ace
-nterconnect each 4AN throu*h %G-s) (ormin* 2AN to ena"le communication across the "usiness units
– Realie the "ene(its o( in(ormation access 5 data sharin*) pro#ide scala"ilit.) application maintenance and s6' component reuse

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