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American Well: The Doctor will e-see you

American Well: The Doctor will e-see you

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Published by binzidd007
American Well: The Doctor will e-see you
American Well: The Doctor will e-see you

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: binzidd007 on Feb 15, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 American Well: The Doctor will e-see you
Date of Submission – 1
 August! "#1"
Team Members
 AMIT $%MA& "#1"'('#)#*+A,TI '&ATI$S+A D'A$ "#1"'('#.$%MA& A*+IS+$ "#1"'('1//&A+%0 *A0WADA "#1"'('.S+&AA, $%MA& '2T,%&% "#1"'(')34$+A,D A5I,$6A $S+A "#1"'('"/
1.Promising market opportunities
7ollowing are the new market o88ortunities which are 8romising:
It can cater to a large 8ool of customers 9 also offer cost effectie solutions to eeryone ranging from ;octors! customers! insurance com8anies! em8loyers! etc<
Health consulting
=onsulting from home woul; 8roi;e 8riacy 9 conenience to the 8atients<  American Well system can 8roi;e the ;octors fle>ibility to o8erate without the nee; to maintain staff! infrastructure etc<
Delivery Network /health care hains
This 8latform has the 8otential in linking real time e>cess ca8acity with real time e>cess ;eman;< They can 8roi;e better customer serice! boost reenues 9 also offer cost efficiencies in health care<
!nline onsulting
This 8latform can also be use; for offering ;ifferent ty8es of online consulting like &eligious! legal a;ising! accounting serices! etc<
'otential customers in Australia! (ermany 9 %$ hae e>8resse; interest in  American Well online care solutions an; it can e>8lore these territories by tailoring its serices to the nee; of these marketsThe most 8romising o88ortunity of all the aboe is of Insurance market ;ue to the following reasons:a<Insurance com8anies can 8roi;e access to a large 8ool of 8atients 9 ;octors< Insurance com8anies also hae internal resources which they can commit to encourage 8hysicians 9 8atients to use online care<b<+ealth insurance com8anies were alrea;y financially strong 9 re8resente; a lucratie customer channel<c< 2ne of the main alue 8ro8ositions to health insurance com8anies is significant saings< This will be 8ossible ;ue to less costly me;ical attention because of the early treatment of me;ical con;itions<;<Imme;iately after 'resi;ent 2bama assume; office! there was no clarity about the reforms in the +ealth care system that he ha; 8romise; before the elections< This resulte; in the health insurance com8anies free?ing their s8en;ing<
e<They can also o8en their ;oors to non members< They can 8roi;e online consultation to anybo;y willing to 8ay out of 8ocket<f<Initially! insurance com8anies were iewe; as being 8rimarily ;rien by 8rofit< 2nline care facility will 8roi;e an o88ortunity to these com8anies to im8roe their image 9 buil; goo;will with their members< This can be another reason why +ealth insurance can be a 8romising market<
$.%ive & 's (nalysis (naly)ing ustomers
'atients – They nee; timely aailability of 8hysicians! @uality serice at affor;able 8rice<
Doctors – They nee; a cost effectie solution to manage their loa; of 8atients<
Insurance =om8anies – They hae a re@uirement to 8roi;e consultation at an effectie cost<
m8loyers – A solution is nee;e; which 8reents absenteeism 9 8roi;es em8loyee satisfaction<
(naly)ing onte#t
Demogra8hic nironment – 2nline serice care will enable the ;octors to 8roi;e consultation beyon; the current geogra8hical boun;aries<
conomic nironment – conomic &ecession in the %S has ;ecrease; the 8urchasing 8ower of its citi?ens<
0egal nironment – 2nline care serice is com8atible to +I'AA which a;;resses 8riacy 9 security risks stemming from increasing use of electronic channels to transmit 8atient information<
Technological nironment – This technology can be e>ten;e; to 8roi;e serices at homes 9 work8laces< Instant messaging 9 i;eo conferencing can be use; to facilitate the interaction between ;octors 9 8atients<
(naly)ing ompany
This 8latform has the 8otential in linking real time e>cess ca8acity with real time e>cess ;eman;<
'atients hae the fle>ibility to choose the s8ecialists as 8er their re@uirements<
(naly)ing ollaborators * omplementers
Insurance com8anies can hel8 American Well to increase its market share<

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