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107728-MIP Listings PDF

107728-MIP Listings PDF

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Published by sixx69

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Published by: sixx69 on Oct 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THR.COM 09.30.09
Action Pack(ed) — Vol.1
(3/90 mins.telefilm,development; Tandem Com-munications)
(130 mins.theatrical,completed;Shemaroo Entertainment)
Born to Raise Hell
(preproduction;Voltage Pictures)
Buchanan Rides Alone
(78 mins.,completed; Hollywood Classics)
Call of the Wild 3D
(completed; Volt-age Pictures)
(108 mins.theatrical,completed;Goldcrest Films)
(150/60,production; Tele-visa Internacional)
Come Drink With Me
(91 mins.theatri-cal,completed; Celestial Pictures)
El Dorado
(2/90 mins.,completed;American Cinema Intl.)
Drive Angry
(theatrical,preproduction;Nu Image/Millennium Films)
The Flag of Iron (aka The Spear-man)
(109 mins.theatrical,completed;Celestial Pictures)
Ice (Season 1)
(2/4 mins.,production;Power)
Jack London’s Sea Wolf
(2/90 mins.telefilm,completed; TMG Intl.)
Jack Says
(1/90 mins.telefilm,com-pleted; IFM World Releasing)
(1 91 mins.telefilm,completed;Peppermint Asia)
The Mechanic
(theatrical,preproduc-tion; Nu Image/Millennium Films)
Moby Dick
(2/90 mins.telefilm,pro-duction; TMG Intl.)
The Mole 2
(2/105 mins.,completed;Filmexport Group)
The Mole
(2/52 or 1/100; telefilm,100mins.,completed; Filmexport Group)
The Phantom
(2/4 mins.telefilm,post-production; RHI Entertainment)
Rambo V
(theatrical,development;Nu Image/Millennium Films)
The Red Eagle (Season 3)
(39/60mins.+ pilot,production; Imagina Inter-national Sales)
Sea of Death
(1/120 mins.telefilm,completed; SevenOne Intl.)
Sea Patrol
(39/60 mins.+ pilot,com-pleted; Beta Film)
Sea Patrol (Seasons 1,2)
(20/52mins.+ pilot,completed; Russian WorldStudios)
Sinners and Saints
(90 mins.telefilm,postproduction; Moonstone Entertain-ment)
Sister Pelagia and the White Bull-dog
(8/44 mins.+ pilot,completed;Central Partnership)
Stonehenge Apocalypse
(postpro-duction; CineTel Films)
Stormworld (Season 1)
(26/30 mins.+pilot,completed; Daro Film Distribution)
Street Boss
(98 mins.telefilm,com-pleted; Vision Films)
Totoy Bato
(42/45 mins.+ pilot,com-pleted; GMA Worldwide)
(1 95 mins.telefilm,complet-ed; IFM World Releasing)
The Water Margin
(120 mins.theatri-cal,completed; Celestial Pictures)
Almost Naked Animals
(52 /11 mins.in production; 9 Story)
Angel’s Friends (Season 1)
(52/13mins.+ pilot,completed; Mondo TV)
(9/8 mins.,completed;International Entertainment Enterprises)
Ariol (Season 2)
(26/12 mins.+ pilot,completed; AB International Distribution)
Asataro,The Onion Samurai
(pro-duction; Toei Animation)
BFF — Best Friends Forever (Season1)
(74/7 mins.+ pilot,completed; ABInternational Distribution)
Big Buff Tuff Dudes
(development;Lincoln Butterfield Animation)
The Cat in the Hat Knows a LotAbout That! (Season 1)
(40/30 mins.,development; Portfolio Entertainment)
Chinatown Cops (Season 1)
(13/30mins.,production; Portfolio Entertain-ment)
Chuckles ’N’Knuckles
(52/11 mins.,development; Skywriter Media & Enter-tainment Group)
Chuggington (Season 2)
(10/26mins.,production; Ludorum)
The Daltons (Season 1)
(78/7 mins.,production; Xilam)
Deadly (Season 1)
(13/24 mins.+ pilot,completed; Australian Children’s Televi-sion Foundation)
Les Decales du Cosmos
(39/26 mins.+ pilot,completed; NDRL)
(30/3 mins.,development;Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group)
Elliott & Lucy
(26/30 mins.,develop-ment; Skywriter Media & EntertainmentGroup)
Enyo (Season 1)
(26/24 mins.+ pilot,production; Studio100 Media)
Fanboy and Chum Chum
(26/30mins.,completed; MTV Networks Intl.)
First Squad: The Moment of Truth
(+ pilot theatrical,completed; GoldenNetwork Asia)
Fresh Pretty Cure
(production; ToeiAnimation)
Gladiators (Season 1)
(26/26 mins.+pilot,completed; Mondo TV)
Goat Story
(78 mins.,postproduction;Epic Pictures)
The Goode Family
(13/30 mins.,com-pleted; Lionsgate)
Guardians of the Power Mask
(26/22mins.,production; Showcase Entertain-ment)
Hello Kitty’s Paradise
(16/26 mins.+pilot,completed; NDRL)
Here Comes the Grump
(34/10 mins.,completed; International EntertainmentEnterprises)
Hood (Season 1)
(26/30 mins.,devel-opment; Portfolio Entertainment)
INK: Invisible Network of Kids (Sea-son 1)
(26 30 mins.+ pilot,production;PGS Entertainment)
International Hareport (Season 1)
(26/13 mins.+ pilot,completed; VlaamsAudiovisueel Fonds/Flanders Image)
Iron Man: Armored Adventures(Season 1)
(26/30 mins.+ pilot,pro-duction; PGS Entertainment)
Jungle Beat (Season 2)
(13/5 mins.,production; Monster Distributes)
Kung Fu Dino Posse (Season 1)
(40/30 mins.+ pilot,production; CookieJar Entertainment)
Lifeboat Luke (Season 1)
(52/5 mins.,completed; Monster Distributes)
The Little Prince of Saint Exupery(Season 1)
(52/30 mins.+ pilot,pro-duction; PGS Entertainment)
“Connor Undercover”Shaftesbury Films“SurviveThis”9 Story
product listings
Product Listings
09-30 MIP 10 listings d 9/24/09 3:55 PM Page L-2
Marie & Galie
(production; Toei Ani-mation)
Master Bator vs.Darth Bator
(26/1mins.+ pilot,development; VlaamsAudiovisueel Fonds/Flanders Image)
McDull Kung Fu Kindergarten
(77mins.+ pilot theatrical,completed;Golden Network Asia)
Mr.Baby (Season 1)
(48 4 mins.,com-pleted; Xilam)
(52/11 mins.,completed;Media Development Authority)
Ollie the Otter
(1/120 mins.theatrical,preproduction; American Cinema Intl.)
The Polish Fairy Tales
(26/13 mins.+pilot,completed; Telewizja Polska)
Rahan (Season 1)
(26/26 mins.,post-production; Xilam)
The Rickey Gervais Show (Season 1)
(13/30 mins.,completed; Lionsgate)
(12/25 mins.,completed;Golden Network Asia)
Sally Bollywood (Season 1)
(52/13mins.+ pilot,postproduction; ZodiakEntertainment)
Speed Racer — Classic
(52/30 mins.,completed; Liberation Entertainment)
Speed Racer — The Next Generation(Season 2)
(26/30 mins.,production;Liberation Entertainment)
Super 7
(100 mins.+ pilot theatrical,completed; Shemaroo Entertainment)
Uki (Season 1)
(52/5 mins.+ pilot,development; Vlaams AudiovisueelFonds/Flanders Image)
Virus Attack (Season 1)
(52/13 mins.+ pilot,development; Mondo TV)
Wibbly Pig
(52/10 mins.completed; 9Story)
Wolverine and the X-Men (Season2)
(26/30 mins.,production; LiberationEntertainment)
Zeke’s Pad (Season 1)
(26/24 mins.,completed; Studio100 Media)
Aisling’s Diary (Seasons 1,2)
(16 TV;70 Web; 15 mins.+ pilot,completed; CREntertainment)
Cheeky Girls
(93 mins.theatrical,com-pleted; Atlas International Film)
Connor Undercover
(39/30 mins.+pilot,production; Shaftesbury Films)
Dennis & Gnasher (Season 1)
(11/52mins.,completed; Ludorum)
Dino Dan
(26/30 mins.,completed;Breakthrough Entertainment)
Doodlebops Rockin’Road Show(Season 1)
(52/11 mins.,preproduction;Cookie Jar Entertainment)
Grand Star (Season 1)
(26/30 mins.,completed; Park Entertainment)
The House of Anubis (Seasons 1,2)
(114/12 mins.,completed; Studio100Media)
The Jungle Book
(52/11 mins.,com-pleted; ZDF Enterprises)
K9 — The Series (Season 1)
(26/30mins.,postproduction; Park Entertain-ment)
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
(40/30mins.,completed; Adness Entertainment)
Kid Detectives
(52 15 mins.,complet-ed; Beyond Distribution)
Lockie Leonard Series 2 (Season 2)
(26/24 mins.+ pilot,postproduction; Aus-tralian Children’s Television Foundation)
Loving Mustard
(development; LincolnButterfield Animation)
The Magic of Kings
(93 mins.,com-pleted; Czech Television)
Majority Rules (Season 1)
(26/30 mins.+ pilot,completed; E1 Television Intl.)
Majority Rules (Season 1)
(26/30 mins.+ pilot,completed; Daro Film Distribution)
Morning Oli!
(26/10 mins.+ pilot,com-pleted; Deutsche Welle)
Olive & The Rhyme Rescue Crew!
(26/12 mins.,completed; Media Devel-opment Authority)
Overruled! (Season 3)
(39/30 mins.+pilot,production; Shaftesbury FIlms)
The Peppercorns
(91/27,27 mins.,completed; German United Distributors)
Peter Pepper’s Pet Spectacular(Season 1)
(52/11 mins.,preproduction;Cookie Jar Entertainment)
Pink Panther & Pals
(26/30 mins.,completed; MGM)
Pop It! (Season 1)
(26/7 mins.+ pilot,completed; Picture Box Distribution)
(13/6 mins.+ pilot,com-pleted; Atrix Films/Sola Media)
Think Big (Season 2)
(26/30 mins.,completed; Breakthrough Entertainment)
Vacation With Derek
(1/90 mins.+pilot,production; Shaftesbury Films)
The Wannabes
(26/30 mins.+ pilot,postproduction; Showcase Entertain-ment)
When Whinn Situation
(develop-ment; Lincoln Butterfield Animation)
The White Lady
(59 mins.,completed;Czech Television)
 You and Me: A New Day
(80; 45 mins.,production; Venevision Intl.)
13 Semesters
(102 mins.theatrical,completed; Aktis Film Intl.)
200 Cigarettes
(1/101 mins.theatrical,completed; Lakeshore Entertainment)
Action Dad
(26/22 mins.+ pilot,post-production; Showcase Entertainment)
Beauties at War
(89 mins.theatrical,completed; Gaumont)
Christmas in Wonderland
(1/98 mins.telefilm,completed; Echo Bridge)
Comedy Roast With Joan Rivers
(1/90mins.,completed; MTV Networks Intl/)
Fox Bytes Collection
(Various special,completed; Fireworks Intl.)
Freshman Father
(90 mins.telefilm,preproduction; ITV Global Entertainment)
(13/60 mins.+ pilot,production;Twentieth Century Fox Television Distri-bution)
Hitler Goes Kaput
(90 mins.theatrical,completed; Montecristo Intl.)
(91 mins.,completed;Epic Pictures)
Jonas (Season 1)
(21/30 mins.+ pilot,completed; Disney-ABC-ESPN TV)
The Kumars at No.42
(53/30 mins.,format only; Hat Trick Intl.)
The Last Mission
(95 mins.+ pilot,completed; Telewizja Polska)
Love and Debate
(96 mins.theatrical,completed; Imageworks Entertainment)
Margaret Cho Specials
(4/85 mins.special,completed; Beyond Distribution)
The Marriage Ref (Season 1)
(6/60mins.,preproduction; Endemol World-wide Distribution)
Modern Family
(13/30 mins.+ pilot,production; Twentieth Century Fox Tele-vision Distribution)
Mom Detective (Season 1)
(6/70mins.+ pilot,completed; Radio TelevisinEspaola)
Mr.Kuka’s Advice
(93 mins.theatrical,completed; Atlas International Film)
(95 mins.telefilm,completed;MultiVisionnaire Media)
My Family
(105/30 mins.,completed;DLT Entertainment)
Number One
(86 mins.theatrical,com-pleted; Cinexport)
OSS 117,Lost in Rio
(108 mins.theatri-cal,completed; Gaumont)
Outnumbered (Season 3)
(7/30mins.,preproduction; Hat Trick Intl.)
Party Down
(10 30 mins.,completed;Starz Media)
Republic of Doyle (Season 1)
(12/60mins.,production; Fireworks Intl.)
Ruby and the Rockits (Season 1)
(10/30 mins.+ pilot,completed; Disney-ABC-ESPN TV)
Shotgun Wedding
(100 mins.theatri-cal,preproduction; Cinema Manage-ment Group)
(75 mins.+ pilot theatrical,com-pleted; Echelon Studios)
Survive This (Season 2)
(22/14 series,completed; 9 Story)
Taking Chances
(theatrical,complet-ed; Lightning Entertainment/MainlineReleasing)
The Trainer (Season 1)
(1/22 mins.+pilot,production; Park Entertainment)
(Various formats available,completed; Fireworks Intl.)
Weather Girl
(completed; Regent /Here Media)
World’s Funniest Moments (Season1)
(60 mins.+ pilot,completed; Associ-ated Television Intl.)
1000 Miglia
(52 mins.,completed;Cinecitta Luce)
The Baby Needs Some Fresh Air
(1/55mins.theatrical,completed; Vitagraph)
The Battle Against Rome (HD)
(2/52mins.,completed; ZDF Enterprises)
The Beaches of Agnes
(110 mins.the-atrical,completed; Roissy Films)
Beyond Treason (Season 1)
(1 100mins.theatrical,completed; Blum Group)
Bi the Way
(60 mins.telefilm,complet-ed; MultiVisionnaire Media)
Cachao: Uno Mas
(68 mins.,complet-ed; Screen Media Ventures)
A Camel Odyssey
(60 mins.+ pilot tele-film,completed; Verve Entertainment Intl.)
(48 mins.special,completed;Electric Sky)
Checkpoint Rock
(70 mins.+ pilot the-atrical,completed; Imagina Internation-al Sales)
Les chemins de la memoire
(90 mins.theatrical,completed; Films Distribution)
(8/23 mins.+ pilot,completed;Greenlight Television)
Dalai Lama Renaissance Vol.2 — ARevolution of Ideas
(4/90 mins.,com-pleted; Lonely Seal Releasing)
The Dancing Way to Nirvana
(52mins.special,completed; Cinexport)
Death Row Dates
(4/60 mins.,produc-tion; Electric Sky)
Diary of a Mountain Priest
(1/60mins.theatrical,completed; Vitagraph)
Dirt! The Movie
(85 mins.,completed;Cinephil)
Earth From Above
(completed; Ameri-ca Video Films)
Extreme Ice
(52 mins.special,complet-ed; National Geographic Television Intl.)
(93 mins.,completed;Cinecitta Luce)
Garbage! (Season 1)
(1/60 mins.+pilot,completed; Tricon Films & TV)
The General (Season 1)
(4/60 mins.+pilot,completed; TVN)
The Genius of Design (Season 1)
(5/60mins.,completed; Outright Distribution)
(13/30 mins.+ pilot,com-pleted; Deutsche Welle)
Globo Doc — Carnaval (Season 1)
(3/45 mins.special,completed; GloboTV Internacional)
The Great Rift
(3/50 mins.,production;Orf)
Hollywood on the Tiber
(1/70 mins.,completed; Cinecitta Luce)
How Bruce Lee Changed the World
(1/90 mins.special,completed; PassionDistribution)
Icons (Season 1)
(52/30 mins.,produc-tion; Metan Development Group)
In the Spotlight: Palm Oil
(1/50 mins.special,postproduction; Peppermint Asia)
THR.COM 09.30.09
product listings
09-30 MIP 10 listings d 9/24/09 3:55 PM Page L-6
Inside Death Row
(52 mins.,special,completed; National Geographic Televi-sion Intl.)
James May’s Toy Stories (Season 1)
(6/52 mins.,postproduction; Hat TrickIntl.)
The Jesus Diaries
(90 mins.special,completed; Janson Media)
(1 85 mins.special,completed;Beyond Distribution)
Kidnapped for 18 Years — Jaycee LeeDugard
(60 mins.special,production;Mentorn Intl.)
Led Zeppelin: Dazed and Confused
(70mins.special,completed; Vision Music)
Licence to Le Mans (Season 2)
(2/52mins.+ pilot,production; GreenlightTelevision)
Life at the Ends of the Earth
(4/52mins.,completed; National GeographicTelevision Intl.)
Mahalia Jackson: Give God the Glory
(86 mins.theatrical,completed; theBlum Group)
Michael Jackson History: King ofPop
(80 mins.special,completed;Vision Music)
Midnight Madness: The History ofHorror,Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films
(4/52 mins.+ pilot,completed; Power-sports Powerdocs)
Modern Ireland (Season 1)
(5/52mins.,completed; Mind the Gap Films)
(80 mins.theatrical,complet-ed; Cinephil)
Music Changes Lives (Season 1)
(452 mins.,postproduction; Mind The GapFilms)
Plug ’n’Drive
(52 mins.,completed;German United Distributors)
The Prisoner
(95 mins.,completed;Cinephil)
Raul Paz,Between Paris andHavana
(52 mins.special,completed;Cinexport)
Sacred Tibet
(90 mins.+ pilot special,completed; Powersports Powerdocs)
The Saga of the Antient Forest
(10/52 mins.+ pilot,completed; Telewiz-ja Polska)
Shooting Michael Moore
(80 mins.special,completed; the Television Syndi-cation Co.)
Six Seconds of Freedom
(60 mins.telefilm,completed; MultiVisionnaireMedia)
Sun Tzu: War on Business
(14/30mins.,completed; Media DevelopmentAuthority)
Terror in Mumbai
(52 mins.,complet-ed; Electric Sky)
Troy Dann’s Outback Adventures
(26/30 or 13/60; 30 mins.,completed;DLT Entertainment)
Wave Riders
(80 mins.,completed;Screen Media Ventures)
What Do I Do …When My Dog Pulls?(Season 1)
(56 mins.+ pilot,complet-ed; Intramovies)
Winds of Sand,Women of Rock
(90mins.theatrical,completed; Films Distri-bution)
WW II Lost Films (Season 1)
(10/1mins.+ pilot,postproduction; AETN Intl.)
(104 mins.theatrical,completed;Moonstone Entertainment)
The Adventures of Merlin (Season2)
(13/60 mins.,completed; Fremantle-media Enterprises)
All My Children
(10,000/60 mins.,completed; Fremantle)
Autumn in New York
(106 mins.theatri-cal,completed; Lakeshore Entertainment)
Behind the Wall
(90 mins.theatrical,completed; Comarex)
Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures(Season 1)
(8/60 mins.,postproduc-tion; ITV Global Entertainment)
Bow Barracks Forever
(95 mins.,com-pleted; High Point Media Group)
The Breath of Soul
(108 mins.+ pilot,completed; Intramovies)
The Brothers Karamazov
(12/50 mins.+ pilot,completed; Central Partnership)
Buddenbrooks — The Decline of aFamily
(2/90 mins.,completed;Comarex)
Burden of Guilt
(150/60’,production;Televisa Internacional)
By the Will of Genghis Khan
(122mins.,completed; Epic Pictures)
Chowrasta — Crossroads of Love
(100 mins.+ pilot theatrical,completed;Shemaroo Entertainment)
Ciega a Citas (Date Blind) (Season1)
(120/60 mins.+ pilot,production; DoriMedia Group)
El Clon
(150/45 mins.special,develop-ment; Globo TV Internacional)
Copper (Season 1)
(13/60 mins.,pro-
special report
09-30 MIP 10 listings d 9/24/09 3:55 PM Page L-7

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