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Glitter and Varnish.

Glitter and Varnish.

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Published by glennpease

2 COR. X, 7. " Do ye look on things after the outward appearance ? " (A. V.) "Ye look at things that are before your face." (Revised Ver.)

2 COR. X, 7. " Do ye look on things after the outward appearance ? " (A. V.) "Ye look at things that are before your face." (Revised Ver.)

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 16, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GLITTER AND VARNISH. BY THE REV GEORGE W. M'CREE. 2 COR. X, 7. " Do ye look on things after the outward appearance ? " (A. V.) "Ye look at things that are before your face." (Revised Ver.) Thousands of us do this. When we are in shallow and foolish moods of minds we do so. We forget that glitter and varnish are not pure gold and solid oak. Thus, two men — I mention a real case — were traveling through some fine scenery. One of them had three thousand pounds a year : the other not so much. Had you seen them that morning, you would, per-haps, have said : " There is a man worth three thousand a year — how free from care he must be." But the outward appearance is deceptive, for he suddenly says to his friend, " I have seven separate worries gnawing at my heart." You see he counted his " worries." He had seven, the perfect and mystical number. Is that your experience ? If so, then hear the words which are in the Book of Job : " Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth : therefore despise not thou the chas-tening of the Almighty : for He maketh sore, and bindeth up : He woundeth, and His hands make whole. He shall deliver thee in six troubles : yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee." Bind that promise to your heart, and rest in the Lord for ever. And, henceforth, when you see a rich man, envy him not, but wait upon God.
Thus, again, a merry company once assembled in the house of a quaint and learned man. There were present — travelers, antiquarians, linguists, actors, clergymen, financiers, and senators. A merry com-pany were they ! Yes ; but roses have thorns, harps get out of tune, banks fail, costly pearls decay, summer storms make fair gardens a des-olate wilderness, and many folks often go home to weep alone in the bitterness of their hearts. And that night saw another scene. One of that company went — not home — but to a beautiful common, a few miles Glitter and Varnish. 137 from St. Paul's. There he poured some deadly poison into a silver claret jug, and drank it to the dregs, and in a few moments he lay dead, with his white face under the solemn gaze of the great stars of God. His fate was foretold long, long ago when an inspired prisoner in Rome wrote these words : " For the love of money is the root of all evil ; which, while some have coveted after, they have erred from the truth, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." Judge not, then, the reveller by his outward appearance ; for he is often the most miser-able of men. There is sometimes a painful silence in prayer-meetings when breth-ren are requested to offer prayer. Whence that silence ? Is it because you can not offer a fine and a long prayer ? Alas ! Is it so ? Is God
then pleased with only fine prayers and long prayers ? Surely God, the merciful and gracious, will listen as of old to the prayer, " God, be mer-ciful to me a sinner ? " A simple prayer is sweet to Him. A loving prayer is all He wants. A believing prayer will move Him as a child's cry to its father. Does the Lord, think you, desire glitter and varnish in our prayers ? Say, shall we yield Him, in costly devotion, Odours of Eden, and offerings divine ? Gems of the mountain, and pearls of the ocean, Myrrh from the forest and gold from the mine ? Vainly we offer each ample oblation ; Vainly with gold would His favor secure : Richer by far is the heart's adoration ; Dearer to God are the prayers of the poor. Pour out, then, your simple prayers. Tell God, in childlike phrase, your daily wants, and He will answer you. And, brethren, sit not in cold and critical judgment on each other's prayers, but say " Amen ! " to every simple petition which you may hear from unfeigned lips.

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