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Higher Powers

Higher Powers

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Published by Kerry McLaughlin
Emotional terrorists at Bohemian Grove.
Emotional terrorists at Bohemian Grove.

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Published by: Kerry McLaughlin on Feb 16, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Higher PowersByKerry McLaughlinkerryisbest@gmail.com
EXT. WOODEN DECK OVERLOOKING REDWOODS - LATE AFTERNOONThe sun sets golden-hour style as a group of 150artisanly-scruffy white hairs stand around with cocktails,red-faced. JASPER and CLEON, younger by 20 years, stand tothe side.JASPERAnd that’s Jayden Hill...Cleon points to the gray, bearded man in full-sponsoredspandex pulling up to the party on a 2032 Pinarello Ultegracarbon road bike. A couple white hairs greet him, impressed.CLEONIs that who they’re grooming forCrypto-currency Chairman?JASPERTotal tool. That frame probablycost him at least $45,000 bitcoin.CLEON(excited, under his breath) Dude, Ican’t believe you got us in here!(impressed) Balls to the wall, man,balls to the wall.JASPERIt was nothing! We’re the new gays.They clink craft beers. KAYLEE, 58, tipsy, approaches.JASPERHere she is! Kaylee dear, this isCleon who I told you about!KAYLEEThe Giver of Emotional Perspective?(off Jasper’s wince) Oh no, hon. Isit ok to call you that?JASPERWe’re all friends here. No need forfancy titles!CLEONI’m flattered, of course, but nameslike that create a power imbalancebetween us. "Cleon" is just fine.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.KAYLEEI love it when y’all talk that way!It’s so... (puts hand to heart,moved) Cleon, do you know what thisman did for me? (hugs Jasper) Hehealed my heart.CLEONAnd got automobiles finally bannedin the process!Jasper shoots him a shut up look.KAYLEENo! It’s true! He is
right. I would not have been ableto get the Sustainable EarthAmendment passed if it weren’t foryou. After Connor left me for hisintern and those false accusationsin the press by Senator Wyatt? Iwouldn’t have had the strength!JASPERIt was all you! I’m hardly capableof unleashing anyone else’skundalini!Kaylee does reverent namaste hands, bows, then moves on, herattention drawn to someone else. Jasper and Cleonhalf-smile, do polite namaste hands back.JASPERDude! Can you not be so obviousabout the Main Objective?CLEONCome on, these people are clueless!(air quotes) "The Wise Giver ofEmotional Perspective" or whatever?They both crack-up. Cleon rolls his eyes.CLEON (CONT’D)It’s beautiful, really. So naive.JASPERBut, no. Come on. Take themseriously! Secretary Atticus overthere would be a hateful, vengefulman if my workshop in ReclaimingAnimal Knowledge hadn’t cracked hisheart chakra open. Is that who youwant legislating?(CONTINUED)

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