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Panchopachara Puja

Panchopachara Puja

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Published by kotireddy835384

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Published by: kotireddy835384 on Oct 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Panchopachara Puja
Panchopachara Puja
constitutes 5 activities:1.
sipping water)3.
Shikha bandhanam
(Tying the knot)4.
Breath control)5.
Nyasa ( 
 Take water in the left palm and cover it withthe right hand. Chant Gayatri mantra, and sprinkle it overthe whole body. Imagine that your entire body is gettingpurified and sanctified so as to befit the process of Upasana.
2. Aachamana:
 Take three spoonfuls of water and sip it threetimes. With every sip, chant
mantra. The meaning of these 3 aachamana is to symbolize the intake of three typesof energies latent in Gayatri. They are theHreem – The power of wisdomShreem – The power of plentyKleem - The power
3. Shikhabandhanam:
 The place where shikha (the tuft of hair atthe top of head) is kept must be touched with wet fingers bychanting
mantra. This is to awaken the powers latentin the hundred petaled lotus (Sahasrara Chakra) present inour Bramha Randhra. Those who have no hair at that placeshould touch it with wet fingers.
 4. Pranayama:
has four phases.
Sit in a comfortable and happy frame of mind. Keep the lipsclosed. Keep the eyes half-closed or fully-closed. Now, slowlyinhale from both nostrils.a) Chant mentally-
om bhur bhuvah swah,
with the followingemotion:
I am attracting the conscious prana shakthi of theBramhan, which is all pervading, remover of allsorrows and bestower of all happiness through mynostril.
 Slowly inhale to the maximum extent possible and feel yourlungs filled completely. (This is known as pooraka)b) Now, retain the breath inside. Repeat the portion of themantra
tat savitur varenyam
and add the following feelingswith the repetition.
The prana pulled into me by thenostrils is extremely noble. It is effulgent like theSun. Its brilliance is pervading into each and everycell of my body.
With this attitude retain the air inside forhalf the duration of 
 This is known as
Note: If you perform
for 8 seconds you should do
antah kumbhaka
for 4 seconds only.c) Now, exhale the air slowly from both nostrils. Repeat the
bhargho devasya dheemahi
part of the mantra and imaginethat,
The divine prana has destroyed all my sins andimpurities and is expelling them from body so that Iremain fresh and powerful.
 The time taken for thisrechaka must be equal to that of pooraka, which is the timetaken to inhale.d) Retain the breath outside (that is
bahya kumbhaka
for thesame time you have given for antah kumbhaka) and withouthaving any air in your lungs, chant
dhiyo yonah
part of themantra, feeling that the
Vedamata Bhagavati Gayatri
isawakening your satbuddhi.
This act of 
be done thrice. Because of this, the blemishes in body,speech and mind are cleansed.
5. Nyasa (super imposition):
Nyasa means superimposing the satvic power of 
in our various parts of the body
 Join the thumb andindex finger of your right hand; dip them in water and touchthe various parts of the body and install the satvic power of Gayatri
in them. The different parts to be touched whilechanting Gayatri
mantra are as follows:*
Om bhur bhuvah swah -
the head
* Tat savituh -
both eyes.
* Varenyam _ 
both ears.
* Bhargho _ 
* Devasya _ 
the throat.
* Dheemahi _ 
* Dhiyo yonah -
* Prachodayat -
hands and feet.After that the worship begins. First we pray to motherearth. It is the worship of the motherland and the wholeplanet earth by whose grace we are able to live. We offerwater, akshat, sandalwood and flowers and place them onthe earth. After that we perform the ishta deva poojanam.We worship with d
hoop - incense sticks, deepam -gandha - akshat -pushpa - tamboola
or whatever isavailable. Invite the maha shakti
on the altar thusprepared. One should feel her presence. There is no need tochant any mantra. Intense loving emotions are however amust.After inviting the deity, offer the following as thoughone would offer their respects to a distinguished guest–
– Always respect others
– Develop love and forgiveness

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