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Brand Management of HUL

Brand Management of HUL

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Published by Mohammed Yunus
Importance of branding in FMCG sector (HUL) & research analysis
Importance of branding in FMCG sector (HUL) & research analysis

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Published by: Mohammed Yunus on Feb 16, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Importance Of Branding in FMCG 1
―Brands are like human beings. They are born, fed and nurtured, made strong and responsible
so that they can be faithful friends of the people (customers), form mutually beneficial and satisfying relationships with them and become their companions for life. Such brands, make their parents (organization or corporate) proud of them. The best brands are the ones who
help in forming and sustaining strong long term ―parent
 people‖ relationships. These
 brands form the potential for present growth and future expansion. They help the organizations conquer peaks at the time of booms and stay afloat and swim at times of
We come across a number of brands in our daily lives. Our morning starts with using a toothpaste (Colgate, Pepsodent or Close-up), using a bathing soap (Lux, Fairglow or Cinthol)
and shampoo (Clinic All Clear or Vatika), wearing clothes ( Allen Solly, Levi‘s or
Raymonds), breakfast bread (Britannia or Modern) and butter (Amul) or jam (Kissan), lunch and dinner (Nature Fresh or Pillsbury flour and Safal vegetables), morning and evening tea and coffee (Tetley, Nescafe or Bru), going out in a car (Hyundai Santro, Honda Accord or Mercedes Benz). Talking on the cell phone (Motorola, Nokia, Siemens or Samsung), watching television in the evening (LG, Sony or Philips) or listening to music (Philips or Apple) etc. But how often do we think of what all a company does to put a positive imprint (fight for a shelf space) in the mind of the customer? Today nearly all the companies are focusing more and more on building strong brands. The concept of brand equity and its management has come to the fore like never before. More and more companies are refocusing on select strong brands. This project is thus a timely stuffy of the importance of brands, what it takes to build them, what benefits do they give to different stakeholders (organization, distributors and customers), how can they be leveraged, what is the impact of modern technology on  branding, branding on the web, branding in mergers and acquisitions etc. examples have been given and cases discussed at every suitable point to bring out an application oriented
understanding of ―building and managing brands‖.
 Importance Of Branding in FMCG 2
Project Aims and Objectives
 Importance of understanding branding and its impact on modern day markets is vital to the health and growth of most industries. The aim of this report is to put into perspective the functional values of branding as well as assess its role in the consumer purchase decision-making process.
Understanding the concepts of branding and consumer behavior.
To study the effect of brands on consumer buying behavior in relation to Readymade garments.
To analyze the branding strategies adopted by some of the companies in the readymade garments to woo the consumers into buying their products.
To do a comparative study of the branding strategies adopted by the companies in the readymade garments.
 A well-executed brand strategy helps drive profits.
―Authentic brands don't emerge from marketing
cubicles or advertising agencies. They
emanate from everything the company does...‖
―A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.‖
―The future of branding is marketing with people, not at them.‖
―You cannot char 
ge large If your brand is just like a tyre in a garage Build your brand, enlarge and take charge
If your brand is always dead as a smart phone battery, start now…. recharge‖
―For the sake of your dreams, don't create negative brands for yourself, else you scare away opportunities that are meant to be your turning point!‖
 Importance Of Branding in FMCG 3
―When positioning a brand, aggressively avoid becoming a "me too" by assertively being a "who else?‖

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