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The American We Lost

The American We Lost

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Published by Denise Gibel Molini
Constitution, Libery, founding fathers, America lost
Constitution, Libery, founding fathers, America lost

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Published by: Denise Gibel Molini on Oct 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The American We Lost – And Need to Recover If WeAre to Survive
Category[Choose a category or type a new one]; America
By Denise Gibel Molini 
What is a building without its foundation? The ability of a building to stand the testsof time and nature lies in its foundation and its structure. Well, the foundation othis country is the spirit instilled in it by the founding fathers. The structure of thiscountry is the Constitution. One depends upon the other. One cannot bedisconnected from the other for the building to stand; yet, the building is gettingcloser and closer to falling because we have caused the structure to lose its originalintegrity. It is being separated from the foundation and when that separation iscomplete, the building will collapse. The foundation of this country is the 28principals, which united the founding fathers. The principals that they deemed vitalin the success of this, “Experiment” in self-government that was to be the hope of mankind, in the words of Thomas Jefferson:
"We feel that we are acting under obligations not confined to the limits of our own society. It is impossible not to be sensible that we are acting for all mankind;that circumstances denied to others but indulged to us have imposed on us theduty of proving what is the degree of freedom and self-government in which asociety may venture to leave its individual members."
Most Americans, and in this group I include lawmakers, do not understand in theirhearts and souls the nature of the country that they are serving. Nor do theyunderstand the importance of the form of government for which the flag stands.Many say the pledge of allegiance by rote memory never considering what they aresaying for when asked what form of Government we live under they inevitably say,“Democracy”. However, it is clearly stated in the, “Pledge of Allegiance”, “I pledgeallegiance to the flag of the United States of American AND TO THE REPUBLIC, forwhich it stands….”, this is not a democracy it is a
For the past eight years I have been trying to figure out which country Iwant to live in when I can afford to move. I felt helpless in effecting whatwas happening in this country and so I felt that living in this country wasin essence being a part of the problem that is destroying the world. Thensuddenly, I was guided to the writings of the Founders. Then I read aquote by Gandhi which
“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christiansare so unlike your Christ.” In the same book, he recounted this story:
Gandhi and Reverend Andrews, a Presbyterian missionary, were walking together in South Africa. “The two suddenly find their way blocked by young thugs.Reverend Andrews takes one look at the menacing gangsters and decides to runfor it. Gandhi stops him. ‘Doesn’t the New Testament say if an enemy strikesyou on the right cheek you should offer him the left?’ Andrews mumbles that hethought the phrase was used metaphorically. ‘I’m not so sure,’ Gandhi replies. ‘Isuspect he meant you must show courage - be willing to take a blow, several blows, to show you will not strike back nor will you be turned aside. And when

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