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05 Did Women Have a Renaissance

05 Did Women Have a Renaissance

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Published by Alex

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Published by: Alex on Feb 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Did women have a Renaissance?05/02/200813:46:00
It was written in the 1970s. women historians had to push and shove to getto this type of scholarly literature.she is more of a social historian. She separates the classes, genders. Thematerials she uses are not the ideological documents, but the social basis forthem. She refers to the sources as ideologies that reflect the values of themainstream, the elite, the political and social order. Her justification of courtly literature because they tend to reveal something about the socialsetting. Social historian with a little of intellectual historian.from the beginning:what’s revolutionary or intriguing about the question that she poses?
one of the values associated with the renaissance is the emergenceof individual liberty and liberty meaning freedom from a rigidhieratical structure that separates the rich with the poor. Thetraditional aristocratic society starts to break down and there is asurge of individual worth. A new sense of individualism. Focusing onthe individual. Social mobility. An erosion of the rigid structure.
the important thing about feudalism is that the most elementalstate. The most nature political organization is the long tribal lines.Where there is a chiefdom, and local lord of an area. The law is thelaw of custom of that clan or tribe, no common law. The lord meetsout justice within that realm, and does not have to confer withanyone else. The only time they would band together is when itgave them some advantage, such as protection or to make themmore suitable invaders. The local lord has the most freedom inauthority.
two kinds of social political relationship. There is a relationshipamong the lords where they will come together for somemutual benefit. This alliance is freely entered into. The otheris an obligation of servitude between the lord and the serfsworking on the land.
a sense of vassalages. A sense of pledge between thisautonomous lords that pledge into something freely. A senseof equality in this type of relationship. While the other is atype of master and servant.
medieval marriages are not based on love, rather arranged by theparents. In that relationship the women is subordinate to thehusband. In courtly love the women and men are equal if thewoman is not superior.what is courtly love?
the men pledges himself to her service. Passion and romance andlove, as opposed to marriage. In her view the noble woman isbeautiful, intelligent, a worthy companion and counter part to theman. Not primarily a sexual attraction, though, sexual union mightvery well be an expression of adoration between a man and awoman.
an extra-marital relationship. Its not primarily a physical attraction.A man recognizes a women of nobility and character. And thewoman recognizes the man as somebody worthy to become hervassal.
 Three very important women were key to this courtly love traditionand was disseminated throughout
with regard to courtly love maintains that the sexual passion was anintegral part. She tries to refute the idea that it wasn’t sexual.
Why does medieval society condone this type of extramarital relationship?
marriage is a social political arrangement so there is not the senseof betrayal that develops as part of this at a later time.
the church or Christianity prides celibacy and marriage wassecondary. It is better to marry than to burn.
In the 11
and 12
century when this traditions are developingwomen retained their own names and held property. Illegitimacy isnot the big issue that it is in other circumstances. If there is aproblem with heritance the land goes to the first legitimate male. Sothe wasn’t much of a problem with illegitimate children. When thehusband goes away to war or something else, the women controlthe estate.
it doesn’t really threaten marriage, the male objections are notthere, the illegitimate children concern wasn’t much either, andwomen had more control.What kind of literature does he look at when talking about the renaissance?
Dante is important along with the Castiglione of courtly manner.What happens socially and politically by the time Castiglione writes thecourtier
 The lords only come together if there is some need like war. Nowthere is a court structure, a ruler who demands allegiance. You haveto learn the ropes and move up. The people wanting to move up areseeking some kind of service. This is how you behave at court. Youhave to fight to get to court, and then fight amongst the court tomove up by being courtly.

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