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Earth-717: X-Men Vol 1 Full Version

Earth-717: X-Men Vol 1 Full Version



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Published by Carlos Morales
Full version of X-Men Vol 1
Full version of X-Men Vol 1

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Published by: Carlos Morales on Feb 17, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Earth-717: X-Men Vol 1Chapter 1: HindsightXavier frowned slightly when he grasped the cup. he tinge of war!th e!anating fro! the coffee inside tingled the tips of his fingers. "s he lowered the cup to his lap# a waft of its sweet scent reached his nose. He loo$ed down into the cup and saw the slightest hint of his own reflection. His eyesnarrowed as he loo$ed at the wrin$les fra!ing his face. %he taste&s i!proved since last ti!e#' Moira said. Xavier loo$ed up at her and s!iled.%(&! sure it has#' he replied.%hen try it already#' Moira insisted# !otioning towards the cup.Xavier lifted the cup and touched the ri! to his lips. he coffee ran down his throat )uic$ly#  *arely gra+ing his tongue. "fter he swallowed# Xavier sighed gently and loo$ed at Moira.%" lot less *itter than ( re!e!*er#' Xavier stated.Moira s!iled. ,he placed her own cup on her plate# which she then left on the ta*le she was sitting on. Xavier loo$ed at Moira&s cup. he faintest hint of vapour floated fro! it. He could feel Moira&s ga+e on hi!# *ut he continued to loo$ at the cup.%,o tell !e Charles#' Moira started# %why are you here'Xavier too$ a !o!ent *efore answering. His ga+e didn&t leave Moira&s cup.%( wanted to visit an old friend#' he answered.%C&!on# Charles. ( don&t have to *e a !ind reader to $now that so!ething is going on. (f you wanted to catch up# you could have ust called.'Xavier sighed again. He lowered the cup to his plate. %al$ to !e# Charles.'Xavier loo$ed up at Moira.%he world&s *eco!e a dar$er place# Moira. /ar$er than (&d ever hoped.'
Moira stared intently into Charles& eyes.%/o you re!e!*er the plan ( told you a*out (n case things ever went *ad'Moira&s eyes widened.%Charles# has it gotten that desperate'%0es. u*lic support is waning. owerful forces are !oving *ehind the scenes. (&ve *een a*le to use !y political pull in the past# *ut !y well of allies is drying up# and ( fear that !y regular wor$ won&t *e enough.'Moira ru**ed her left hand against her lips# as if in thought. ,he closed her eyes for a few !o!ents# *efore facing her head down and clasping her hands together. ,he then loo$ed *ac$ at Xavier.%2hat do you need !e to do' Moira as$ed.%( need all of the docu!ents that ( left in your care# and access to your research.'%3f course.'Xavier pressed the toggle on the ar! of his wheelchair. His chair rolled forward# past Moira. Xavier stopped the chair once he reached the window. Xavier loo$ed out the window# allowing the sun rays to wash over his s$in. He watched as the waves of the ocean crashed against the cliff face of the island. Moira wal$ed over and placed her hand on his shoulder.%Charles.'Xavier did not respond. Moira crouched so her head was level with Xavier&s# while $eeping her hand on his shoulder. ,he loo$ed out at a lone tree perched at the edge of the cliff.%/o you re!e!*er the first ti!e we ca!e here'he lines on Xavier&s face softened.%0es#' he replied.%/o you re!e!*er what you told !e'Xavier closed his eyes for a few seconds and winced *efore opening the!.
%hat was another ti!e# Moira#' replied Xavier. %"nother life.'Moira frowned as she loo$ed over at Xavier. Moisture started to well up in her eyes.%4ot everyone can wipe away the past so cleanly# Charles.' "s Moira loo$ed away fro! his face# Xavier reached with his left hand and placed it on hers. ,he *lin$ed and loo$ed *ac$ at hi!. he !iniscule hairs on her hand stood upright due to how cool Xavier&s hand felt.%0ou $now ( never wanted things to end the way they did#' Moira said.Xavier paused. He then too$ his hand off of Moira&s.%( have to get *ac$ to 5oston#' Xavier stated. He turned the chair around and started to !ove towards the door. "s he was a*out to reach it# hestopped at the sound of Moira&s voice.%/o you thin$ things can ever *e the sa!e# Charles'Xavier loo$ed *ac$ at her. hey stared at each other for so!e ti!e. 6inally# Xavier relented and sighed *efore responding.%4o.'Moira loo$ed down at the floor. Xavier left the roo!.   he world was *lac$. %,o what&s the story',cott&s head twitched at the sound of the !an&s voice. He could see nothing# *ut he could feel that the voice was co!ing fro! so!ewhere to the right of hi!. he sounds were heavily !uffled *y thewalls of the roo!.%"pparently there was so!e sort of accident.'his voice was different. (t *elonged to a wo!an. ,cott felt an itch creeping in on his lower  *ac$. He frantically shifted his weight# atte!pting to ru* his *ac$ against the wall *ehind hi!. he cold

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