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A University' for the Inuit!

A University' for the Inuit!

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Published by Luc Majno
Another tool of 'assimilation'... Governments are quick to say: "We don't care about your culture!' as they quickly try and shove THEIRS down the Indian's throat. Wow...
Another tool of 'assimilation'... Governments are quick to say: "We don't care about your culture!' as they quickly try and shove THEIRS down the Indian's throat. Wow...

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Published by: Luc Majno on Oct 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tuesday 25th of May 2009MICHAËLLE JEAN SUGGESTS A 'UNIVERSITY' FOR CANADA'S NORTH, THE INUIT.* Commentary: The Genocide of the First Peoples continues to show it's ugly face, but thistime in a much more subtle way, let's just say the 'assimilation and education of those poor,poor people en masse' ...Once more, WE THINK we know what will be good for them, and as usual, we are trying toshove it down their throats. Of course, we know what's best for them! And behind closeddoors, we decide for ourselves what's to come... Shall we say 'to civilize' the last of the'savages'?We tried to do that very same thing, and oh, did we try, with the Residential Schools in thenot-so-distant past, and unfortunately, it would be no different today with this 'suggesteduniversity' for Canada's North.When you look at this country's history, and the one south of us, the tell-tale signs are soeasy to read... But for the most part, the population will be saying: "Oh, that is so sweet of her, so kind of her to think of EDUCATING those poor, poor people... The need our help sodesperately!" And this is how your government keeps you (us) in the dark...The REAL problem for the First Peoples, one of so many, is the ABANDONMENT, the factthat we have forgotten them, and left them to rot in their own garbage, the First Inhabitantsand their IRREPLACEABLE Culture, on that has thrived for Millennia! Alcoholism, poverty,crime, glue-sniffing, and gas-sniffing.. All of these are the leftovers of what we have createdfor them, since Canada 'was born'... The way we have laughed at them, ridiculed them, spiton their Sacred ways, and walked all over them, but of course we can take ALL of THEIRresources and never give back anything... (sort of like the sport of tree-cutting or clear-cutting today)When you teach a kid that he is stupid, that he is worth nothing, that his culture is evidentlydying, that he smells bad, and his long hair (the Pride of the Native Culture) will have to becut immediately, he will start to see himself in EXACTLY that light when he looks at himself in the mirror...Well, the 'Rez' did exactly that, and more. They would take the runaways from theseschools, using only one example of hundreds of thousands, and lock them away in adarkened room for 72 hours or more, without food or water, sometimes even beat them to apulp, or til they would bleed, then laugh at them... All this when they would show theslightest resistance to the ways of the schools, the 'nuns' and the 'fathers'... Especiallytalking your Native Language... THAT would bring the most severe chastisement!(Shubenacadie Residential School, N.S.) Thank You, Isabelle Knockwood!Then we wonder why, today, they live in their own garbage on the 'reserves', (to stir people'smemories, I like to call them concentration camps), and in their own shells of houses... Well,they live as-we-portray-them, that is to say like beasts of burden, cows, oxen, or asses,good-for-nothing, ... you get the idea, I am sure. This is how they see themselves, becausethey have never known different from us, since they met us in 1492... Just try to take a drivethrough one of these 'reserves' if you are brave enough... You will feel real out of place, andfor a very good reason!! Go and see how they live IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, right besideus, (also right next to our potential waste disposal sites, too!), thanks to our ignorance, our own culture...

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