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The Gospel the Power of God Unto Salvation.

The Gospel the Power of God Unto Salvation.

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Romans i: 16. For I not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; — it is the pow-
er of God unto salvadon, to every one that beUeveth, to the Jew first, and
also to the Greek.

Romans i: 16. For I not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; — it is the pow-
er of God unto salvadon, to every one that beUeveth, to the Jew first, and
also to the Greek.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Feb 18, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE GOSPEL THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION. BY JOEL HAWES, D. D.Romans i: 16. For I not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; — it is the pow-er of God unto salvadon, to every one that beUeveth, to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. How much cause the Apostle had to be ashamed of the gos-pel in his circumstances, it is difficult for us even to conceive. The gospel was a new religion. It had just sprung up in Judea, among a people hated and despised by all other nations. Its founder had been crucified, as a malafactor, a sort of death uni-versally held execrable, and inflicted only on criminals of the lowest grade and of the worst character. Its disciples were few, and for the most part from the humblest walks of life ; and its min-isters were not philosophers nor statesmen, but men of obscure birth, and of no pretension whatever to human learning, or world-ly greatness. The gospel was also accounted an unsocial, uncom-promising religion. It waged direct and open war with every form of false religion, and with all the favorite vices and sins of men. It summoned the Jew to renounce his confidence in the gorgeous rites and ceremonies of Judaism, and to fall down before the cross as furnishing for him the only hope of salvation. It summoned the Gentile to cast away his idols as vain and worthless, and to change his whole sentiments and habits of
530 THE GOSPEL THE POWER OP GOD UNTO SALVATION. life, if he would escape the wrath to come and save his soul. In a word, the gospel met all of every name, the philosopher and the peasant, the king and the subject, the prince and the beggar, with one common charge of guilt and condemnation, and propounded to all one common condition of pardon and life, repentance of sin and faith in a crucified Saviour. It is easy to see that such a system of religion, in such cir-cumstances must awaken opposition and hatred, and expose its advocates to ineffable scorn and reproach. To the Jews it was a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness. Wherever it was preached, it was persecuted and despised ; and the Apostles wherever they went as heralds of the gospel, encountered igno-miny and opposition, and were accounted, by the great and the honorable of this world, the filth and ofFscouring of all things. It was a mark then of high moral courage in the Apostle not to be ashamed of the gospel; to stand forth its bold, uncompro-mising advocate, and to be willing, as he tells us in the context, to preach the gospel at Rome — Rome the capital of the world; the seat of all that was refined and luxurious ; the very center of human power and greatness, and of the most extended and
deep rooted system of idolatry. The Apostle well knew that' he could not enter that proud city to preach the gospel of Christ, without exposing himself to persecution, shame and reproach in every form, and to the sufferings of martyrdom. And yet he declared himself willing to meet and encounter all this, if he might be permitted to preach the gospel there, and there gather trophies of mercy unto Christ as he had among other Gentiles. The secret of this is disclosed in our text. The gospel was re-garded by Paul, as the power of God, the power of God unto salvation, to every one that believetU. He had felt the effects of that power in his own soul. He had witnessed the effects of it in others, and knowing it to be the appointed and honored instrument of God in saving souls, he was willing to go any where and suffer any thing, if so the power of that instrument might be manifested in accomplishing the great end for which it was designed. Power is of two kinds; physical and moral. Physical power is the application of force to move or change the position and forms of material bodies. I raise a weight from the ground ; I move this Bible with my hand; I project a body into the air by the force of my arm. Each of these is an example of physical power. Moral power is the application of motives to mind. I

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