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“AP Success:” You Joshing me?
Frederick Stichnoth, fred.stichnoth@yahoo.comFebruary 12, 2013MCPS released a reort on Class of 2013 !raduates takin! "d#anced Placement tests, earnin! a assin! score of 3 $or hi!her%, and attainin! colle!e&readiness $"P 3 or 'nternational (accalaureate e)am *%. +"P Success is the banner sin of the MCPS -ebsite.
Same schools, different data.
hree&/uarters colle!e&
ready is catastrohe, not success. he banner is !reat cororate P, but ainfully offensi#e for the disre!arded half  belo- the MCPS medianal-ays the same schools
Bottoms up to median
ith ercenta!e of !raduates attainin! benchmark "ttainment rank est takers45raduates36 earners45raduateColle!e&ready45raduatesMCPS mean 788919329Srin!brook **Srin!brook 22Srin!brook 2:2*atkins Mill *:;enne
dy 29;ennedy 2<23;ennedy *:atkins Mill 28heaton 3022=instein 90Seneca >alley 28Seneca >alley 3*215aithersbur! 91heaton 30?orth-ood 3920Paint (ranch 92?orth-ood 395aithersbur! 381<Clarksbur!935aithersbur! 38Paint (ranch 381:Seneca >alley 99Paint (ranch 38(lake 3:1A(lake 98=instein 3:atkins Mill 3<18?orth-ood 98(lake 3:=instein *019Ma!ruder98Clarksbur!*1Clarksbur!*11*(lair 9:Ma!ruder*8Ma!ruder*813heaton 9<(lair 91(lair 91=ach of the three lists includes the same 13 schools all 3 ?ortheast Consortium schools, all 9 Bo-ncounty Consortium schools, 5aithersbur!, Seneca >alley, atkins Mill, Clarksbur! and Ma!ruder. he first 11 schools $+D schools% -ill be the focus of the forthcomin! ffice of De!islati#e #ersi!ht reort.
Testta!ing decline.
For MCPS as a -hole, the 88 ercent of 2013 !raduates takin! "P e)ams -as less than the ercenta!e of 2012 !raduates. he 2013 fall off alied to each of the four main racial4ethnic !rous $e)cet blacks% and to both F"MS and non&F"MS students. For the 11 D schools 2013 declines for e#ery !rou, and for e#ery school e)cet (lair. For MCPS, the ercenta!e of black !raduates takin! tests -as only
 the ercenta!e of -hite !raduatesE the 2013 !a -as -ider than the 2012 !a.

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