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APPSCCE-2011 Sociology Paper I

APPSCCE-2011 Sociology Paper I

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Published by Tage Nobin

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Published by: Tage Nobin on Feb 18, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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APPSCCE-2011, Sociology Paper I
Full Marks: 200 Time: 3 Hours
Note: Attempt five questions in all. Question No. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks. Question No: 1. Attempt any 10 (Ten) (10X4=40)
August Comte’s conception of Science of Society.
Emile Durkheim’s conception of Organic Solidarity.
Sociology’s relationship with History.
Concept of Gender. e)
Characteristics of Science. f)
 Necessity of Theory of Sociological Research. g)
Case Study. h)
Role Conflict. i)
Concept of Social Movement.  j)
Concept of Caste. k)
Concept of Class. l)
Social Policy.
Questions No: 2. Attempt any 8 (Eight) (8X5=40)
Donyi-Polo Movement  b)
Pattern Variables c)
Anomie d)
Charismatic Leadership e)
Horizontal Mobility f)
Sampling in Sociological Research g)
Case Study h)
Monistic Religion i)
Pressure Group  j)
Limitations of Participant Observation
Question No: 3. Attempt any 5 (Five) (5X8=40)
Describe the symbiotic relationship between the Sociology and Political Science.  b)
Write a short note on Marxian theory of Historical Materialism. c)
Describe the contribution of Science and Technology towards Social Change. d)
Point out the different forms and functions of social stratification. e)
Discuss the role of Planned Development in Social Change. f)
What do you mean by objectivity in sociological research? What are the problems of objectivity? Discuss. g)
What are the means of Social Mobility in modern society? Elucidate.

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