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art-as-merchandise? - PETITION

art-as-merchandise? - PETITION



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Published by Arte
We propose a boycott of the art-as-merchandise system which makes its own concepts of Culture, such as ART and ARTIST, a commodity and a mass product...
We propose a boycott of the art-as-merchandise system which makes its own concepts of Culture, such as ART and ARTIST, a commodity and a mass product...

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Published by: Arte on Feb 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copy and pastehttp://www.petitiononline.com/subverto/petition.htmlon your toolbarto sign the following petition.Please, let other people know this text!We propose a boycott of the art-as-merchandise system which makes its own conceptsof Culture, such as ART and ARTIST, a commodity and a mass product.We are facing a constant reduction in aesthetic research. We now see mere massmedia commodities, which are a response to famous critics and great collectors’ andart mercenaries’ stock market speculations.We propose the boycott of a system of art that builds artists on a production line, thatrewards the binominal entrepreneurial artist (Berlusconi and shark to himself), andthat promotes fashions in which the only goal is the rise of the critic and artist whoseturn it is.We are asking you to clearly choose your side against action such as sending hit-menas punishment, like that where the director G. Politi undertakes legal action againstthe (“wretched and hungry”) twenty-two-year-old artist Luca Lo Coco; an action that initself follows the norm, but the aim of which is to silence its ever more appreciated andever more popular critic of the magazine, “Flash Art”. The apparent graphic similaritybetween the old Flash Art web site and the sites of the young artist,www.ashartonline.com and www.ashartonline.it, has allowed the Director, Politi, tocarry out strong legal action. He, Director of the “first art magazine in Europe”, isblacking out a Net Art site that proclaimed itself against hashed and re-hashed ideasbut above all against “hashArt”, so manifestly expressed in his magazine.He, Director of a contemporary art magazine, is asking the Court of Palermo tocondemn the young man to paying damages of €200,000; an amount that would allowLo Coco, no matter how much the magazine was quoted for on the stock market, tobecome its chief share holder! The punishing legal action also foresees the retraction of the domain nameswww.ashartonline.it and www.ashartonline.com (visit www.subverto.com to see thefiles requested by the Court of Palermo); in other words, he is asking to burn an artisticproject at the stake. The enormous figure quoted above, asked of a twenty-two-year-old with tootroublinging ideas, brings with it a clear and cynical intimidation which is not toodifficult to understand. The low blow hit right home thanks to the help of the Italian artworld; in fact despite the severity of the issue, the specialised press and the art websites have kept their mouths shut on the matter in order not “to advertise acompetitor’s magazine” (quoted by the director of a reputed Italian art publication), ornot “to incur the wrath of a man who has a certain position in the art system” (quotedby the vice-president of another notorious rival Italian art magazine).Wheeling and dealing and power games drown free information, bury the few soulswilling both to confirm their own disappointment in such an art system, and debatethe sense of creating art today and the over-numerous showgirls of the chimeric artsystem.Let us boycott the “Artgate” scandal and those who represent it: grim leaders andexecutors. We are asking therefore for the boycott of an art system in the style of calciogate and the vallettopoli scandal. We are asking for the implementation of acultural system that promotes Art, Culture, Knowledge and Intelligence.

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