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Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology

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Published by jjarec12

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Published by: jjarec12 on Oct 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jordan Jarecke Teach 259 October 1
2009Digital Reality .09 The world has come a long way since the computers withthe green screens, I can specifically remember this commercialwhere there was a man driving with a brand new computer thathe was excited about and then a sign came up for the nextversion of that computer on a billboard in a instant. Technologydoes not wait for anything. With technology continuouslygrowing it becomes extremely hard for every one on everydifferent economical level to be equal in terms of technology, thisis why we have what is called a digital divide. At the beginning of the digital divide 1.0 the problem was an equipment issue butnow it has evolved into more of an access problem with thespeed of the Internet, and the access to video, music and justplan faster research. The problem has come straight into theschool systems and the families and staff that make up thoseschool systems. There are two parts to the digital divide 2.0 inthe school system the first is the access or low income familiesthat populate our schools who do not have access to computersor Internet and second is the teachers who don’t want to use
technology. Jeff Mao says, “ There are more resources availableelectronically than on paper.”(Hoar, 2006) This fact is one thatsome people would think is just a known fact, but this little fact isa big problem for “39.8 million people” who are living in poverty. These people will most likely not have a computer let aloneaccess to Internet. Paul Gorski asked a question in an article hewrote about high poverty schools, “ What does this mean, forexample that they’re more likely to lack full access to computersand the Internet?”(Gorski, n.d) We have such a high poverty ratefor children that attend the public schools we have in Americaand the only thing these kids and their parents want to do it keepthem off the streets but how do we help with limited income andresources for these families? The other issue that these familiesare facing is with the teachers. We now that “99% of schoolshave Internet access”(slides NCES) and we are a step closer toclosing the digital divide with our access, but the teachers seemto be the one’s who are becoming the other part of the problembecause they do not want to use the computers.In the next two years I will be becoming a key role in thedigital divide and I will have to face it personally and I have come
up with some ways to help close the divide. I will expect to facethe problem of assigning homework to the kids and having someof them not have full access to Internet and therefore can notfinish the assignment. What I intend to do is, make sure ahead of time that I have access to the computer lab and that theassignment is not so hard that it can be finished in the timeprovided to me with the computer lab. Now lets say that a childdoes not complete that assignment in the time we have in thecomputer lab, then I will come up to them personally and tellthem that I will come early or stay as late as they wanted so theycould finish in time. I will make sure that I give them plenty of time to finish the best they can. I have started to run into thesetypes of problems in some volunteering that I do at ElliottElementary and I see that they have laptops that are available foruse and I would fully utilize this. I will let them take the computerto the library, if there is a subject the they have finished thehome work in, or I would allow them to go to the back of theclassroom and finish or if they need to use my desk to get awayfrom the noise of the rest of the students they can so they canfocus. I just want to make sure that I have a respect for mystudents of any socioeconomic status and they feel comfortable

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