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LGBT Resolution

LGBT Resolution

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Published by Robert Wilonsky
Dallas LGBT resolution as passed by the council's Budget and Finance Committee on Tuesday
Dallas LGBT resolution as passed by the council's Budget and Finance Committee on Tuesday

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Robert Wilonsky on Feb 18, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 February XX, 2014
, the Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution states that “No State shall . . . deny to any person . . . the eual prote!tion o" the la#s$% and
, Arti!le &, Se!tions ' o" the (e)as Constitution *ill o" +ihts states that “All "ree men . . . ha-e eual rihts$% and
, allas City Code Se!tion 2/1.' states “(he !ity o" allas #ill not dis!riminate  be!ause o" a persons . . . se)ual orientation in the pro-ision o" ser-i!es to the eneral publi!$% and
, allas City Code Se!tion '4/'3 states “City manaement may not dis!hare an indi-idual, "ail or re"use to hire an indi-idual, or other#ise dis!riminate aainst an indi-idual #ith respe!t to !ompensation, terms, !onditions, or pri-ilees o" employment be!ause o" the indi-iduals . . . se)ual orientation. City manaement may not limit, sereate, or !lassi"y employees or appli!ants "or employment in a #ay that #ould depri-e or tend to depri-e an indi-idual o" employment opportunities or other#ise ad-ersely a""e!t an employees status  be!ause o" the indi-iduals . . . se)ual orientation.$% and
, allas City Code Se!tion 45/1 states “&t is the poli!y o" the !ity o" allas to brin about throuh "air, orderly, and la#"ul pro!edures the opportunity "or e-ery person to obtain employment, a!!ess to all pla!es o" publi! a!!ommodation, and housin, #ithout reard to se)ual orientation. (his poli!y is based upon re!onition o" the rihts o" e-ery indi-idual to #or6 and earn #aes throuh ain"ul employment, to obtain and en7oy oods, ser-i!es, "a!ilities,  pri-ilees, ad-antaes, and a!!ommodations in all pla!es o" publi! a!!ommodation, and to obtain housin. (he denial or depri-ation o" these rihts be!ause o" se)ual orientation is detrimental to the health, sa"ety, and #el"are o" the !iti8ens o" allas and is #ithin the po#er and responsibility o" the !ity to pre-ent% and
, the City o" allas a!6no#ledes and -alues the !ontributions o" all her !iti8ens reardless o" ra!e, reliion, national oriin, ender, ae, disability, or se)ual orientation% and
, the City o" allas is made more #hole by embra!in and #el!omin the di-ersity o" all her !iti8ens% and
, the City o" allas may remain !ompetiti-e as a #orld/!lass !ity by treatin all her !iti8ens eually so that all !iti8ens e)perien!e allas as a "air and 7ust pla!e to li-e, #or6, and raise a "amily%
9:*( euality resolution / ;ae 1

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