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The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland Educators’ Briefing

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland Educators’ Briefing

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Published by aajnaramachandran

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Published by: aajnaramachandran on Oct 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BUSINESS LAWSTopic Guidelines1
Comments onPerformance in 2008ExaminationsExamination candidates should be able todemonstrate a grasp of the essential principles of thesubject and knowledge of relevant case law. Insofaras examination candidates are presented withscenario questions they should be able to identify therelevant legal principles arising with reference toappropriate authority. The importance of legiblewriting and correct language should be emphasisedto candidates. Candidates should read theexamination paper carefully to ensure they fullyunderstand both the content of the questions and therequired format of answers. The standard of answerexpected will be in accordance with the competencylevel specified in the syllabus. Candidates shouldread the syllabus carefully as all aspects of thecourse will be examinable. Candidates should ensurethat they give sufficient time to each question inproportion to its potential mark.
Syllabus ObjectivesThe Learning Outcomes are as set out in the Syllabus
Format of theExamination Papers for2009The examination format and an indication of themarks allocation are stated in the syllabus.Students will be required to answer any 5 questionsfrom 7. Only 5 solutions will be marked even where astudent submits answers all 7 The examination paperis designed and moderated on the basis thatcandidates should only be able to successfullycomplete the requisite number of questions.Attempting more than is required merely serves toreduce the time that should duly be allocated to otherquestions. Any student answering more than therequisite number of questions must clearly showwhich answer(s) is / are not to be marked. Otherwise,only the first 5 answers to hand will be marked.
Education Focus for2009There are seven questions in the exam and eighttopics on the syllabus. Examination candidatesshould be prepared to answer questions across thefull range of the syllabus. Candidates should beencouraged to use questions and solutions from thetwo previous Business Law examination papers andpilot paper, and relevant examination guides whenpreparing for the examination such as,
Niall O’Hanlon’s “Preparation for the Examination” 
allavailable from the Institute’s website. In addition theyshould use relevant past paper questions andsolutions from the former Formation 1 Stage subject“Legal Framework” also available from the Institute’swebsite.

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