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What is iRYZE?

What is iRYZE?

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Published by brandonchatham

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Published by: brandonchatham on Oct 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is iRYZE?
iRYZE is a series of Ryzers (workbooks) thatempowers teenagers to reach their highestpotential by creating success on their ownterms. It offers teenagers tools for successin school and life. iRYZE is simple, direct,and self-guiding which allows the teenagerto define who they are and create theirown portfolio for organization, studying,communication, and self-condence.The Ryzers provide different life tools withself-exploratory questions, the ability to setgoals, develop new tools, add artwork andcreate an individualized portfolio.iRYZE understands that adults cannot expectteenagers to act like adults. Therefore, thegoal is to empower teenagers to dene whothey are and create their own success. iRYZEoffers a variety of tools to enhance their levelof functioning. The teenager decides whatwould be helpful and how they will use it.Ideally, there is no one way to use iRYZE.The Ryzers can be used in any orderand the tools can be discussedand applied as it relates toindividuals, small or largegroups or the general population as a whole.Educators and instructors should feel free toexperiment, add tools, design projects, andparticipate in the iRYZE experience.
Why is iRYZE important?
One out of four high school students dropout before graduation. Students need to begiven the tools in order to succeed in schooland life.Adolescence coincides with one of the mostsignicant developmental milestones – thetransition from elementary school to middle/high school. In elementary school, studentsare, for the most part, in one classroom forthe majority of the day. The teacher is ableto monitor the child’s academic skills, studyhabits, and behaviors. This type of supportis necessary for children to successfullytransition into adolescence and theexpectation of greater independence.The student beginning middle/upper school is expected tobe capable of greaterresponsibility andautonomy. This meanshaving the necessary
tools for time management, organization,conict resolution, and study skills. This alsoincludes the teenager being able to balanceschool, social, extracurricular, and family.This transition coincides with the mostsignicant psycho-social change in this youngperson’s life. Puberty often represents the moreobvious physical changes, yet the emotional,social and cognitive processes are dramaticallychanging and there is no manual for how it works.Teenagers need a solid foundation to feelsome sense of grounding when everythinginside and out is changing. iRYZE providesthe foundation to support young peopletaking care of themselves while managingthe demands of school and life.
How to present iRYZE?
iRYZE empowers students by explainingthat the student is the brand and the Ryzeris their portfolio. iRYZE is an opportunity forstudents to dene who they are and how theywant to be successful in life. It is a chance forthem to identify their tools for success ontheir own terms.
How to use iRYZE?
iRYZE can be its own class orincorporated into any part ofthe academic day;• Home room; discuss, complete and reviewtools for 15-30 mins a day or every other day• Life skills/home economic; a month, half ofsemester or semester to work on studentsdeveloping their Ryzer portfolio• Psychology; an experiential exercise tounderstand developmental psychology andthe expectations of adolescence• Peer advocacy; students work togetherseparate from the instructor and check-in ordiscuss ways they are using the tools and Ryzers• An advisory curriculum; a self-containedsyllabus with workbook to develop or buildinto the life skills program• An after-school enrichment program; aprogram for teenagers who want or needadditional support to succeed in school and life• A manual for new students; all new studentsreceive iRYZE as part of the orientation packetto support their success at the new school• Students transitioning into middle andhigh school; iRYZE can be usedto provide fundamentalsand developmentalexpectation for thetransition year

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