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Different Levels of Telepathy and How It Works

Different Levels of Telepathy and How It Works

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Published by Norman Imperial
Two levels of mental telepathy: Copy & Cancel, and Zero-Zero explained & how it relates to the language of Light, language of the archetypes & so forth
Two levels of mental telepathy: Copy & Cancel, and Zero-Zero explained & how it relates to the language of Light, language of the archetypes & so forth

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Published by: Norman Imperial on Feb 19, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How Telepathy Works The extraterrestrials asked me not to read any books on UFOs, ESP or metaphysics. The reason they
gave for making this request was to prevent me from acquiring any “false references.” A telepath with
too many false references about a particular subject is not worth the effort, or charge force (psychic energy), it would take to pursue the subject matter telepathically. The extraterrestrials explained that the occasional numbing, blank feeling I sometime felt in my head during a telepathic session was due to the fact that I had no conscious reference to what was being
transmitted; thus the brain was responding in a “dumbfounded” manner. This phenomenon was
additionally explained in the following way: Think of a white elephant. When a person mentally visualizes a white elephant, they first search their mental inventory for the color white and the image
they know to be that of an elephant. Assembling these two references collectively in the mind’s eye
brings forth the image of a white elephant. When a person is asked to think of something such as an
“Abarb” and finds no mental references, the mind remains blank, or dumbfounded. If the person was
told that an Abarb was a mythological animal that looked like a little green dog with feet like a duck, these referenc
es will be recalled every time the name “Abarb” is mentioned or thought of.
When I asked how their spacecraft operated, they advised me to acquire as many references as possible on the subject of high-temperature plasma containment (plasma being the fourth state of matter). This I did. Each night for nearly a year thereafter I fell asleep telepathically communicating on the subject of extraterrestrial propulsion systems. The more I learned about plasma containment, the better my understanding of saucer propulsion became. (For information pertaining to spacecraft propulsion systems, see my book Dragons and Chariots.)
The term for the type of telepathy being explained is called “copy and cancel telepathy.” A second, more
efficient and less charge-costing f 
orm of telepathy is called “zero
zero telepathy”.
 Copy and Cancel Telepathy Returning to the subject of copy and cancel telepathy, the following mental phenomena also pertain: (1) Cancellation to the nearest mental reference. In this case a person might not have the mental reference
for an orange and therefore might falsely cancel the telepathic symbol as an apple, which is also a fruit.
A second example: Let’s say the telepathic transmitter wishes to impart information about a bottle of
amber-colored glue. The receiver, not having the references for glue, might falsely cancel the symbolic references (and subreferences) as molasses, which is also amber in color and sticky. After drawing flies to something the receiver tried to stick together, the receiver might come to the conclusion that someone was pulling his or her leg. The state of technology is an important thing to consider when telepathy is concerned. Imagine a primitive receiver trying to comprehend electricity. Not having the mental reference for electricity but understanding that it can produce light, might relate the symbolic transmission to a torch or (if the receiver were a little more advanced technically) a candle. I have often wished I had a head full of medical references so that I might bring through (telepathically) cures for many of the diseases that now plague the people of this world. (A booklet describing telepathy and other so-called psi phenomena in detail is about to be written.) A Period of Nightmares, Then Zero-Zero Contact During the Palm Springs period I went through terrifying nightly experiences of falling into a black abyss, my body totally paralyzed. Only an extreme effort to move a body part stopped the frightening falling effect. Many persons have related that they have had this happen to them. These nightly occurrences stopped after several months when on one afternoon I took a nap. When it began again, I allowed the falling effect to continue without making an attempt to stop it. The result was a loud crackling sound at the base of my skull.
Thereafter the extraterrestrials began to develop a “zero
zero” telepathic relationship with me. This
permits instant telepathic contact without the use of large amounts of psychic energy (charge force). Upon the activation of the telepathic channel there is a mental buzz. When one tries to identify this buzz as a feeling, it is more like a sound. When one tries to identify this buzz as a sound, its character changes to a feeling. (Zero-zero telepathy, along with an explanation
of the terms “ava
trending” and “dea
trending,” will be covered in my next article.)
My wife Jo Nell and I wrote the book Giant Step in longhand and sought someone to type it. The typing task was taken on by Maxine Kester, who was the executive secretary to the manager of the Palm

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