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Comparison of using Donor management and Fundraising Software

Comparison of using Donor management and Fundraising Software

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Feb 19, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We are going to tell you something which most of the script companies won’t tell you.
They will never throw the limelight on these concepts. But, we are going to unleash it today. These concepts are flowing in the world of crowdfunding. They are often misunderstood by the global audience. They make wrong choices and later they repent. The concepts we are going to see are Donor management and fundraising software. We will compare them as we
ll. Let’s start the journey to explore them.
What is Donor management system?
Most of the companies and individuals misinterpret donor management system. They think it is a way to create a crowdfunding website. They always confuse fundraising system with donor management systems. From the name, it is every evident that, it is a system, which is used to handle donors. Donor management systems are programs connect the existing donors to various fund raising projects. They do not focus on new donors. These
systems can be used by various NGO’s,
organizations and for anyone who raise fund for charities on a regular basis. This system follows the donation model of crowdfunding. You can build a kickstarter clone website only for existing funders. It will not allow any new funder to back a project.
What is Fundraising software?
These are software or scripts which can raise a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter, Indegogo, GoFundMe, etc. The website targets both the new as well as existing funders. It needs to have a combination of features which are useful for the admin, users, online marketing and funders. Some of the most important features they need are escrow, wallet, easy navigations, etc. Fundraising software can develop crowdfunding website on donation, lend, equity and reward.
These softwares provide you classy designs, secure codes, strong admin interface, in-built features and revenue options. The combined strength of fundraising software will help you to power a website like kickstarter in a short span of time.
Comparison between these two systems
Donor management systems Fundraising Software 1.
Targets existing donors 2.
Doesn’t require viral online
marketing strategies. 3.
Doesn’t require many features
Can be used for blood donations, food donations and other verticals respected to donations 5.
Follows donation model of funding 6.
During recession times, raising money is very difficult 7.
Can target a specific nation or a region 8.
Doesn’t require multi
-currency option 9.
Mostly doesn’t require to display the website in
various languages Targets new and existing donors Requires viral online marketing strategies Requires a combination of various features Can be used in various fields like music, cinema, theatre, health, social causes, dance, design, fashion, etc. Follows all the four models of funding During recession times, generating funds is not difficult Can target international, national and region crowds Requires a multi currency if you are targeting global audience Requires multi-language feature. It helps the audience of the website.

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