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Gordmans Reimage Staff Report

Gordmans Reimage Staff Report

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Published by The News-Herald
Find out more detail about the changes coming to the Dick's Sporting Goods site in Mentor after it moves to Great Lakes Mall this year.
Find out more detail about the changes coming to the Dick's Sporting Goods site in Mentor after it moves to Great Lakes Mall this year.

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Published by: The News-Herald on Feb 19, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Municipal Planning
Prepared By:
Ronald M. Traub, Director Commission Economic & Community Development
Meeting Date
:February !, !"#
:Dan $erns o% Meyer & ssociates 'applicant( and )eat*er Corrigan o% First +nterstate Mentor Centers .P. 'property o-ner(
Requested Action
:To reimage t*e eterior elevation o% Cree/side Commons %or t*e 0ordmans department store.
Existing Zoning
:12, 0eneral 1usiness
:3456 Mentor venue
Parcel !D "u#$er
"5212!4#2C2!!2!!72! & !!#2!
:#5,"4! s8. %t. unit -it*in a 66,!49 s8. %t. building
Existing and &se
:eisting multi2tenant retail building
Surrounding and&se and Zoning
:T*e site and surrounding area is oned 12, 0eneral 1usiness ;ort*:single2%amily *omes, R2 <ingle Family Residential<out*:ong*orn <tea/*ouse, 12 0eneral 1usinessEast:ens Cra%ters and $o*l=s Department <tore, 12 0eneral 1usiness>est:)ome 0oods and Mentor Medical Campus, 12 0eneral 1usiness 
Zoning 'istory
:T*e s*opping center -as constructed in "33#. T*e space is currently occupied by Dic/=s <porting 0oods.
:""77 <ite Development PlansDesign 0uidelines
Engineering (o##ents
 building permit is re8uired %or eterior alterations. Plans s*all be submitted %or permit revie- by t*e C*ie% 1uilding ?%%icial %or con%ormance -it* t*e ?*io 1uilding Code and necessary permits obtained.
Fire Depart#ent (o##ents
 ;o comments
Police Depart#ent (o##ents
 ;o comments
:T*e re8uest is to re2image t*e eisting Dic/=s <porting 0oods tenant space at t*e Cree/side Commons <*opping Center %or 0ordmans, a department store t*at sells clot*ing, %oot-ear,  bedding, %urniture, @e-elry, beauty products and *ouse-ares. T*e s*opping center is constructed o% red and tan split2%aced bloc/ along -it* red and tan E+F< panels. T*e building *as raised  parapet etensions over eac* unit entry door. T*e )ome 0oods -all is arc*ed over t*e entry-ay -*ile t*e ot*er parapets *ave rectangular con%igurations. Emerald green colored a-nings are located over all t*e -indo-s and door entrances to t*e s*opping center. T*e re2imaging is dramatic and includes modi%ications to t*e entry-ay and t*e introduction o% an additional color in t*e %aAade to represent t*e branding strategy %or 0ordmans. T*e eisting  parapet -all and vertical columns -ill be removed and a ne- entrance %eature -ill be constructed  pro@ecting t-o '( %eet in %ront o% t*e main building -all. T*e entrance -all -ill be constructed
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