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STEAM Studio

STEAM Studio

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Published by EagleTrib
Final Application Analysis
Final Application Analysis

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Published by: EagleTrib on Feb 19, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FINAL APPLICATION REVIEW 2013-2014Proposed School Nae!
STEAM Studio Charter School
"rades Ser#ed A$ F%ll Capac&$'!
N%(er o) S$%de*$s A$ F%ll Capac&$'!
Proposed School Loca$&o*!
Proposed Ope*&*+ ,ear!
P%(l&c S$a$ee*$!
“STEAM Studio Charter School – a pulic hi!h "chool #or creativit$ and innovation – i"  propo"ed in Andover% &t #ocu"e" on Science' Technolo!$' En!ineerin!' Art()e"i!n' and Mathe*atic" +ith an interdi"ciplinar$ approach lendin! the *ind o# a "cienti"t or technolo!i"t +ith that o# an arti"t or de"i!ner% The acade*ic e,perience co*ine" e"t-o#-reed acade*ic" +ith pro.ect-a"ed learnin! in ri!orou" colle!e-preparator$ "tudie"% Student" pur"ue concentration" – Co*putin! / )i!ital Art" and ealth Science" – and tacle real +orld prole*" in pro.ect" each "e*e"ter +ith an e*pha"i" on de"i!n' e,ploration' invention' and entrpreneur"hip% Thi" “learnin! $ doin! approach prepare" "tudent" #or colle!e and career"%
&ss&o* S$a$ee*$!
“STEAM Studio Charter School prepare" "tudent" #or a #uture in +hich "cienti#ic di"cover$' technical innovation' and creative e,pre""ion lead to a etter li#e #or ever$one% STEAM Studio i" an environ*ent in +hich all "tudent" #louri"h via creative e,ploration and invention and all learnin! eco*e" *ore per"onali3ed% ur !oal i" to prepare "tudent" #or a #uture in +hich "cienti#ic di"cover$' technical innovation' and creative e,pre""ion lead to a etter li#e #or ever$one% The "chool +ill provide a ri!orou" colle!e-preparator$ curriculu* that include" a "tron! #oundation in STEM – +ith a #ocu" on Co*putin! / )i!ital Art" and ealth Science" – and the u*anitie" +hile #ull$ inte!ratin! pro.ect-a"ed learnin! and character develop*ent% The "chool +ill e e"tali"hed and located in Andover and i" propo"ed to "tart in the 2014 acade*ic $ear +ith 115 "tudent" in rade 9% 6hen #ull$ operational' STEAM Studio +ill "erve a *a,i*u* o# 450 "tudent" in !rade" 9-12%
Proposed "ro.$h Pla* )or F&rs$ F&#e ,ears o) Opera$&o*!School ,ear"rade Le#elsTo$al S$%de*$ E*rolle*$
Fir"t Year9115Second Year9' 10270Third Year9' 10' 11740Fourth Year9' 10' 11' 12450Fi#th Year9' 10' 11' 12450
&ss&o*/ V&s&o*/ a*d escr&p$&o* o) $he Co%*&$'&es $o e Ser#edPr&ar' S$re*+$hsPr&ar' Wea*esses
The *i""ion and the vi"ion de#ine the value" o# the propo"ed "chool% The e*pha"i" on creative e,ploration and invention are *eanin!#ul' and con"i"tent +ith hi!h acade*ic "tandard" and "tudent "ucce""% 8Section &%A%
The propo"ed i*ple*entation o# the three innovative learnin! environ*ent": cla""roo*' "tudio' and on de*and: the STEAM co**unitie" +ithin the  propo"ed educational pro!ra*: and the  potential o# the"e "tructure" to #o"ter *eanin!#ul career readine"" #or "tudent" are co*pellin! and *eanin!#ul a"pect" o# the *i""ion and vi"ion% 8Section &%A% and &%;%
The applicant !roup de*on"trated a  pa""ionate under"tandin! o# and connection to the propo"ed *i""ion and vi"ion durin! the intervie+' a" +ell a" a "tron! co**it*ent to "erve Andover and the "urroundin! co**unitie"% 8Section &%;%
The application received letter" and<or te"ti*on$ in "upport: *aterial" +ere  pri*aril$ #ro* Andover parent"' and re"ident"% See pulic co**ent% 8Section &%C%
6hile the vi"ion "tate*ent de"crie" the hait" o# *ind the propo"ed "chool ai*" to develop in "tudent"' and i" con"i"tent +ith the *i""ion and educational  philo"oph$' the vi"ion i" not "u##icientl$ developed or inte!rated into the i*ple*entation o# a co*prehen"ive educational pro!ra*% 8Section &%;%
The application provide" li*ited in#or*ation re!ardin! the a""e""*ent o# "upport +ithin the Andover co**unit$ #or the propo"ed "chool% )urin! the intervie+' the applicant !roup di"cu""ed variou" recruit*ent "trate!ie" that the$ have i*ple*ented or intend to i*ple*ent' ut provided li*ited concrete in#or*ation to "upport enroll*ent #or the openin! o# the propo"ed "chool in 2014%
Thi" application received te"ti*on$' and<or +ritten co**ent in oppo"ition durin! the pulic hearin! and pulic co**ent proce""' includin! ut not li*ited to the Andover "chool co**ittee and "uperintendent' )r% Marinel Mcrath: the =orth Andover "chool co**ittee and "uperintendent' )r% >evin utchin"on: the 6il*in!ton "uperintendent' ?oanne ;enton: Andover parent"' teacher"' and ad*ini"trator"% See pulic co**ent% 8Section &%C%
Ed%ca$&o*al Ph&losoph'/ C%rr&c%l% a*d I*s$r%c$&o*Pr&ar' S$re*+$hsPr&ar' Wea*esses
)urin! the intervie+' the applicant !roup e,pre""ed a "tron! co**it*ent to chan!e the e,perience" o# "tudent"' teacher"' #a*ilie"' and co**unit$ *e*er" throu!h the propo"ed "chool $ i*ple*entin! a learnin! and teachin! environ*ent that i" re"pon"ive to "tudent"@ need"' and continuall$ i*provin!% 8Section &&%;%
 The applicant !roup ha" identi#ied variou" curriculu* re"ource" #or i*ple*entation o# the Art" ( )e"i!n' Co*putin! and )i!ital Art"' and ealth Science" pro!ra**in!' includin! cour"e" #ro* the Acade*$ o# )i!ital Art" and Science hi!h "chool pro!ra*% )urin! the intervie+' the applicant !roup articulated the de"ire to u"e hi!h ualit$ co**ercial re"ource" at #ir"t +hile adaptin! and developin! *aterial" over ti*e to uniuel$ *eet "tudent"@ need" in achievin! the propo"ed outco*e"% 8Section &&%;%
The application provide" li*ited in#or*ation on ho+ the propo"ed educational practice" *a$ i*prove the acade*ic per#or*ance o# the anticipated "tudent population and it" diver"e need"' includin! "tudent" +ith di"ailitie" and En!li"h lan!ua!e learner"% 8Section &&%A
The application doe" not provide a clear co*prehen"ive plan that +ill #acilitate the develop*ent' i*prove*ent' and re#ine*ent o# the curriculu* #or the  propo"ed "chool% The application al"o doe" not de"crie the proce"" and  procedure" u"ed to evaluate +hether the curriculu* i" e##ective and "ucce""#ull$ i*ple*ented% 8Section &&%;%
The "tren!th and +eane"" in thi"  propo"ed "chool i" in the variet$ and co*ple,it$ o# the variou" co*ponent" o# the educational pro!ra*' includin! the cla""roo*' "tudio' and on-de*and learnin! environ*ent"% &t i" unclear ho+ the variou" curricular co*ponent" +ill e inte!rated into a co*prehen"ive educational pro!ra*' and e read$ to i*ple*ent in Septe*er 2014% 8Section &&%;%
The curriculu* outline provided in the application provide" a li*ited "en"e o# the content and "ill" to e tau!ht' and doe" not include the Art" ( )e"i!n' Co*putin! and )i!ital Art"' and ealth Science" concentration" re#lective o# the propo"ed "chool@" *i""ion% )urin! the intervie+' the applicant !roup indicated the intent to add reen En!ineerin! a" a concentration a" +ell% 8Section &&%;%
&n the application' and durin! the intervie+' the applicant !roup provided li*ited detail" a" to ho+ the propo"ed "chool +ill en"ure that all "tudent" can acce"" the !eneral curriculu*' a" +ell a" ho+ the propo"ed "chool plan" to train and "upport teacher" to addre"" the individual need" o# all "tudent" +ithin the  propo"ed educational pro!ra*% 8Section

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