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Mega Cash

Mega Cash



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Published by excleaner
Make money with our NEW ground floor opportuity program
Make money with our NEW ground floor opportuity program

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Published by: excleaner on Feb 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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STOP, Please read this page last!Seriously, It will make more cense to you if you do.
Did you notice that there was a “FREE SPACE” in one of the positions? You could of coursechoose that position and save yourself $100. That’s perfectly OK and you will still get your camera-ready copy with your name in that position, along with your CD’s for just the $50 to NHPM. The existing name will be moved to the other position.But, think about this for a moment. What if you didn’t choose the FREE SPACE but insteadchose the other $100 position leaving the FREE SPACE for the people in your mailings. Now your name would replace that persons name, they would get their $100 from you andthe other position would still remain FREE on the programs you mail out. This is where it becomes very exciting. When you mail your copies, human nature will take over (as you feltalso) and people will choose the FREE SPACE to save themselves $100. Now, when they doguess what, your name stays on the program for all their mailings. Our experience showsthat an average of 10 times or more people will choose the free space. So you could end upwith possibly hundreds of people mailing thousands of programs for you (basically), withyour name in a position, and theirs in the other, because they chose the FREE space.Are you seeing the potential here? From the mailings of the people after you (both positionswill be filled) thousands of people will then see these programs with your name in positionwill send you $100 each time someone replaces your name with theirs. Again, if your nameis not replaced, your name will remain on the letter until someone replaces yours with theirsand sends you $100. And remember, you are getting this letter and opportunity first. Folks,this is true leverage working. It’s simple mathematics really. Either way you stand to makemoney, but if you choose to leave the FREE SPACE to be filled by people you mail to, youcould stand to have 10 times or more response from their mailings with both positions filled.If you mailed a thousand letters with the free space available, and lets say only 10 people joined, then each of them were to mail a thousand each. That’s ten thousand letters with your name in one of the positions, and theirs in the other. Don’t you think that’s pretty good oddsin your favor? I’m being conservative here. What if 20, 50 or 100 joined? Or more?Remember to, you can mail as many as you like, and nobody can cheat you out of your money because we forward all cash and money orders to you as they come in. And we mailout all CD’s at the same time to each person that joins and sends you $100.Folks, this is totally NEW! You’ve never seen a program like this before, and all those youmail to have not seen it either. Be one of the first, before someone else mails this letter toyou. We are the only ones sending this ground floor opportunity to you. So get in now whileyou can. You won’t be sending this page out with the program. This page is for you only.Everyone else will get the program with both positions filled, except from your mailings.You may request position A or B to correspond with your date of birth and we’ll put the freespace in the other position. Just make a note on the order form. Follow the instructions onthe order form and join us today.
 “You Can Get the Reprint Rights toOver 7,000 Money Making Books, How-to Reports, SoftwareProducts, Internet Tools and Other Resources!!”
The Information Entrepreneur’s MEGA Library!!
Thousands of “How-to” Reports Covering Small Business, Home-based Business, Mail Order and NetworkMarketing/MLM!! Plus, You’ll Also Get the Reprint Rights to this GIANT Library of Products!!
When you get the Reprint Rights to this information, you become the publisher of over 7,000 products instantly!! You controlthe manufacturing process. The easiest way to publish these products is on a CD-ROM!! All you have to do is copy any of the books, reports and software onto a CD. You can manufacture as many copies as you need of any of the 7,000 products with thesimple push of a button. This giant library of products comes on two separate CD-ROMS. Your computer becomes a book- publishing machine.
 You Can Run A Million Dollar Publishing Company From Home Using Your Computer!! Your Computer Turns into Your Very Own Bookstore Fully Stocked With Over 7,000 Titles!!
Your expenses are next to nothing. You have absolutely ZERO printing expenses. A blank CD costs as little as 50 cents. Andthey only cost 1 or 2 postage stamps to ship by First-Class Mail. As of right now, you are among a tiny group of people to learnabout “The Information Entrepreneur’s MEGA Library ”. This information has never been shared with anyone before now. Asa result, the 150 Million people who make up the Business Opportunity market don’t even know about this information yet.
Here’s Just 5 Easy Ways You Can Make MoneySelling this HUGE Library of Products!!
Build your customer list.
Choose a few of your favorite products from this library and make them your “lead” products. Plus, any one or combination of titles would make great ebook material. You’ll want to sell these productsto generate new customers to add to your customer list.
Create unlimited follow-up offers.
Once you generate new customers from selling your “lead” products, guesswhat? You’ve got thousands of additional products to sell. You can do a series of follow-up offers to earn profitsmonth after month, year after year.
Create “High-ticket” backend offers.
You can bundle a dozen or more books or ebooks together on a particular subject and sell them as a $295 package deal. And with over 7,000 products in “The Information Entrepreneur’sMEGA Library”, you can create an unlimited number of high-ticket backend offers.
FREE Bonuses.
You can increase the response rate to any sales offer by offering a free bonus. When you sell a book, offer a free report, ebook, directory or software on the same topic and watch your response rate increase up to25% or more. Free bonuses can turn a losing ad campaign into an instant winner.
Your own website.
The Internet is all about the distribution of information. And that makes the Internet perfectfor selling products in “The Information Entrepreneur’s MEGA Library ”. You can create a website and offer booksand software on a particular subject. Or, you could even post the entire 7,000 product library on a website andcharge a monthly fee for access to this library of information. You’ll learn exactly how to do this and more when youread some of the Internet “how-to” books located in “The Information Entrepreneur’s MEGA Library ”.
 If you order today, I’ll include a third CD with these titles for you at no extra cost 
How to Use Classified Advertorials to Increase Your Mail Order Sales.
How to Make a Fortune in Mail Order Even When Your Ads and Mailings Fail.
The Direct Marketing Millionaires Resource Directory.
The Direct Marketing Millionaires Guide to FREE Advertising and Publicity.
How to Use FAX Broadcasting to Promote Any Business, Product or Service.
How to Buy Name Brand Merchandise From Department Stores at 90% Off.
Get In On Our NEW Marketing Plan Where You Could Stand To Make Hefty Profits Yourself!!!Here’s how it works.
All you have to do is make a good, clean copy of this page as it is. Choose position1 if your date of birth is between Jan.1 and June 30. Choose position 2 if your Date of birth is betweenJuly1 and Dec. 31. Put a circle around the position your replacing. Get one Money Order for $100 madeout to the person in that position. (That will be the position you’ll be sending $100 CASH or Money Order to) and one Money Order for $50 made out to NHPM and mail them together to the address below.
Position #1
Position #2
David LeeFREE SPACEDL11741Save $100We will send you the CD’s, along with a camera-ready copy of this letter with your name and code in the position you chose and we will forward the $100 to that person for you. The $50 is for your CD’s and thehandling of the C/R copies we will send to you. Here’s what should happen. When you receive your C/R copies, you should copy and mail out as many as you can. The more you mail, the greater the responseshould be. When we receive orders from your mailings, we will immediately forward your $100 to youfrom the person replacing your name and position. Now for each order that comes in and your name isnot replaced, that means your name will remain on the letter for the new persons mailings. So, your namecould remain on the letter indefinitely, only to be removed each time someone replaces your position, atwhich time we’ll forward your $100 from them, to you. Imagine if your name was to be on thousands of other peoples mailings and the potential that could mean for you. This program works on the proven,OPM (Other Peoples Mailings) method of mail order. We can’t make any promises, but if you do your own math you’ll see that it could be a lot of money. Remember too, you don’t know who might just mailthousands of letters with your name on them. So, keep mailing.
This Is NEW, So Get In Now Before Someone Else Is Mailing This Letter To You. Wouldn’t It BeBetter If You Mailed To Them?
I’m ready to unleash this MASSIVE library of products on the Business Opportunity Market of 150 Million prospects and start making money immediately!! I understand that because CD’s can be copied, all sales are final.Please rush me my 2 CD’s of 
“The Information Entrepreneur’s MEGA Library ”!!
I understand that I’ll getcomplete REPRINT RIGHTS to this massive library of products and Special Bonus CD, plus a C/R copy of thisletter with my name in my chosen position, and that I can mail to as many as I want.
This is a DISCOUNTED Offer for a Limited time only! So act quickly.Send CASH or Money Orders, (NO Checks or credit cards)
to the person in
or #
(positionwhere your mane will go)
ailings) to:
111 Old Loudon Rd. Dept. EML Concord NH 03301Please Print Clearly:

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