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Box Elder County Sheriff Report 2007

Box Elder County Sheriff Report 2007

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Published by William N. Grigg

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: William N. Grigg on Feb 21, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Message fro# Sheriff eates
7elco#e After $$ !ears >or.ing for the Sheriff’s Office* < >as elected and too. office in =anuar! 200 < appreciate the opportunit! the citi%ens ha,e gi,en #e to ser,e the# and it has 4een a pleasure to do so :he purposes of this annual report is explain to the citi%ens >hat changes ha,e 4een #ade during the last !ear* pro,ide cri#e statistics and explain the efforts on our part to ser,e the pu4licM! focus has 4een to create ne> or enhance existing partnerships >ith the citi%ens (reparing this annual report is Cust one >a! of 4ettering the co##unication 4et>een the pu4lic and #! office < hope the infor#ation presented here ans>ers uestions and gi,es insight into our operationsAfter ta.ing office* < infor#ed #! e#plo!ees that nothing >ould 4e as i#portant during #! tenure as Sheriff as co##unit! relations < trul! 4elie,e this and continuall! reinforce this principle /or exa#ple* < instituted a progra# in >hich citi%ens that had contact >ith a deput! are contacted on a rando# 4asis and as.ed a4out their encounter :his lets the citi%ens .no> < a# trul! concerned a4out their interaction >ith the depart#ent and lets the deputies .no> < a# holding the# accounta4le
All of the depart#ent functions are explained in this report As !ou >ill see* our depart#ent pro,ides a ,ariet! of ser,ices A4out half of our 4udget goes to corrections and a fourth to patrol:he #aCorit! of the 4udgets are spent on personnel :he si%e and terrain of Box Elder ount! #a.es it a particularl! uniue and >onderful place to li,e :hese sa#e attri4utes* plus a gro>ing population* create challenges for the Sheriff’s Office <t >ill ta.e great efforts for the Sheriff’s Office to .eep pace >ith the changing nature of our count! <t >ill 4e i#possi4le to acco#plish >ithout a cooperati,e effort >ith our citi%ens
Box Elder County Population* 200849,000
**BESO Sworn Officers0
**!d"inistration, Patrol, #n$esti%ations
 & of Officers per '000 population0()'

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