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Amish Facts

Amish Facts

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Published by: T on Oct 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Amish come from Southern Germany and Switzerland. They are very
Christians.They were formed in 1693 but people in Europe did not like them.
Around 1730, they began coming to Pennsylvania. They spread out to Ohio and Indiana,and today they live in 21 states and in Canada.
They speak 3 languages. They use German for religion (b/c they use the German Bible).This is why they are sometimes called “
Pennsylvania Dutch
”. They speak a special kindof German to each other (it’s a mix of Low German and English). And all children learnEnglish in school.
There are many kinds of Amish.
Old Order Amish
use no electricity, no cars, and notelephones.
can use electricity from
or gasoline to power washingmachines, stoves, or to heat up water. Most Amish travel by
horse and buggy
 but they canride in cars (not drive).
Amish are
hard working,
 peaceful and community is very important tothem. They wake up early. They work very hard as farmers. They are always
. Theytry to be
They do not want to be
They are not
They love each other; they do not love objects. They stay away from other peoplethat are not Amish.
They live together and work together. Work is fun for them because they get to see eachother and talk while they work. The Old Order Amish do not use machines for farming.They use a horse and
Some groups like the Mennonites use farming machines.
Amish people sell things to make a little money. They sell food that they grow on their farm,
furniture, quilts,
and horses. Amish horses are very smart and sometimes they sellthem to the
because they can learn to do tricks. Amish also work for other people, building furniture or farming. Some even work in factories. When they go to work, the firstday they show their horse how to get there. After that, the horse remembers the way, and thedriver can sleep in the buggy.
The Amish do not accept any help from the government, so they do not have to pay taxes.They also do not have
or take
The Amish help each other. When someone gets sick, they all give money to pay for thehospital bills. Doctors like to see Amish patients because they always pay their bills and theyalways pay in cash. They are allowed to see doctors when they are very sick, and they areallowed to take
They are also allowed to use the telephone in an
If someone is in trouble, the whole community helps them. For example, if someone’shouse burns down, everyone will help rebuild the house, and they will bring the family intotheir homes until the new house is ready.
The Amish are very strict. Their rules are called
The Ordnung (ORD-noong).
Differentgroups have a different Ordnung. If someone breaks the rules, they are
 Nobodytalks to them or even shakes their hand. No Amish person can marry a regular person(“English” person).
Amish people can leave their community. When they are teenagers, they can break therules of the Ordnung. They can live in a city, drink, smoke and live like us. This time is

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