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Published by pilo99

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Published by: pilo99 on Oct 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PREFACEI was involved in the July 2003, Oakwood Mutiny. I was one ta!!ed as a Ma!dalo soldie" allin! #o" a han!e in the !ove"n$ent. %he u&"isin! was only sho"t'lived, and we ended u& (ehind  (a"s. In detention ente" that I "eeived the invitation to enlist in anothe" A"$y, the A"$y o# the )ivin! *od, the Al$i!hty C"eato". And I did. )ookin! (ak, althou!h I a$ still in detention #o" al$ost #ive yea"s now, it was the  (est deision I eve" $ade in $y enti"e li#e. %he &"o$ises o# *od in the +i(le we"e in deed &owe"#ul, dyna$i, "eative and li#e'han!in!. O# these &owe"#ul wo"ds, I olleted 3- that I want to sha"e to you.+ut (e#o"e &"oeedin!, let us enlist you #i"st. I# you we"e al"eady enlisted (e#o"e o" u""ently enlisted, the"es no ha"$ in "eenlistin! and "eo$$ittin! you"sel# in this A"$y./e was lothed with a "o(e di&&ed in (lood, and is na$e is alled %he 1o"d o# *od. And the a"$ies in heaven, lothed in #ine linen, white and lean, #ollowed i$ on white ho"ses...And e has on is "o(e and on is thi!h a na$e w"itten I4*5 OF I4*5 A46 )OR6 OF )OR65.7Revelation 8983, 8:, 8%he +i(le said, that as $any as "eeived i$ ;Jesus, Co$$ande" o# the A"$y<, to the$ e !ave the RI*% to (eo$e hild"en o# *od, to those who (elieve in is na$e. Jesus said, /FO))O1 ME7. %his invitation is o&en and is o##e"ed to eve"yone. 4o(ody an #o"e you to =oin> it is you" own deision to $ake. 4ow, i# it?s you" desi"e to enlist, you an do it "i!ht now. Fi"st, "eali@e that you a"e a sinne" and an neve" hel& you"sel#, that you need a 5avio" and a Co$$ande" in you" li#e, that he"e on ea"th you have a &u"&ose and a $ission to &a"take, and that you an only do these in the A"$y o# the )ivin! *od. %hen, i# you a"e &ositive, invite Jesus in a &"aye". ou $ay want you &"ay alon! the #ollowin! &"aye"/6ea" Jesus, I know that I a$ a sinne", and yes, I annot save $ysel#. el& $e. I invite you in $y li#e. Fo"!ive $e $y sins. 5ave $e. I now "eeive ou in $y hea"t, as $y &e"sonal 5avio" and Co$$ande". )o"d Jesus, thank you #o" ae&tin! $e, thank ou #o" the "i!ht ou have !iven $e to  (eo$e a hild o# *od. Bse $e )o"d> t"ans#o"$ $e into the &e"son ou want $e to (e. A$en.71elo$e to the #a$ily, soldie". e"es ou" (asi 5tanda"d O&e"atin! P"oedu"e ;5OP<
Attend daily ("ie#in! with ou" Co$$ande" ;in &"aye"<.
Read you" soldie"s $anual daily ;the +i(le<.
Attah you"sel# to the nea"est unit ;a loal hu"h that is teahin!, &"eahin! and  &"atiin! the tenets o# the +i(le<.
ave a "e!ula" t"ainin! &"o!"a$ with a s$all unit ;a Cell *"ou&, o" a +i(le 5tudy *"ou&<.
+e ative in the a"ea o# o&e"ation you en=oy $ost ;$inist"y<.
Pa"tii&ate in "e"uit$ent ;witnessin!<.5ee you inside a$&.
Flo"entino + 5o$e"a J" 5oldie" o# Jesus Ch"ist3- PO1ERFB) 1OR65 5PECIA)) CO))EC%E6 FOR ME4 A46 1OME4 I4 B4IFORM8. *enesis 825o *od "eated $an in is own i$a!e> in the i$a!e o# *od e "eated hi$> $ale and #e$ale e "eated the$.2.*enesis 23%hen *od (lessed the seventh day and santi#ied it, (eause in it e "ested #"o$ all is wo"k whih *od had "eated and $ade.3.*enesis 988, 83/%hus I esta(lish My ovenant with you neve" a!ain shall all #lesh (e ut o## (y the wate"s o# the #lood> neve" a!ain shall the"e (e a #lood to dest"oy the ea"th. /I set My "ain(ow in the loud, and it shall (e #o" the si!n o# the ovenant (etween Me and the ea"th.:.*enesis 822, 3I will $ake you a !"eat nation> I will (less you and $ake you" na$e !"eat> and you shall (e a (lessin!.I will (less those who (less you, and I will u"se hi$ who u"ses you> and in you all the #a$ilies o# the ea"th shall (e (lessed.-.*enesis 8:8D'20And Melhi@edek kin! o# 5ale$ ("ou!ht ou" ("ead and wine> he was the &"iest o# *od Most i!h,and he (lessed hi$ and said /+lessed (e A("a$ o# *od Most i!h, Possesso" o# heaven and ea"th>and (lessed (e *od Most i!h, who has delive"ed you" ene$ies into you" hand.7 And he !ave hi$ a tithe o# all..*enesis 8-'/4o lon!e" shall you" na$e (e alled A("a$, (ut you" na$e shall (e A("aha$> #o" I have $ade you a #athe" o# $any nations.I will $ake you eeedin!ly #"uit#ul> and I will $ake nations o# you, and kin!s shall o$e #"o$ you.And I will esta(lish My ovenant (etween Me and you and you" desendants a#te" you in thei" !ene"ations, #o" an eve"lastin! ovenant, to (e *od to you and you" desendants a#te" you..*enesis 228'8D
And said /+y Mysel# I have swo"n, says the )OR6, (eause you have done this thin!, and have not withheld you" son, you" only son ' +lessin! I will (less you, and $ulti&lyin! I will $ulti&ly you" desendants as the sta"s o# the heaven and as the sand whih is on the seasho"e> and you" desendants shall &ossess the !ate o# thei" ene$ies.In you" seed all the nations o# the ea"th shall (e (lessed, (eause you have o(eyed My voie.7D.*enesis 38:9Also Mi@&ah, (eause he said, /May the )OR6 wath (etween you and $e when we a"e a(sent one #"o$ anothe".7 9.*enesis 322DAnd e said, /ou" na$e shall no lon!e" (e alled Jao(, (ut Is"ael> #o" you have st"u!!led with *od and with $en, and have &"evailed.780.*enesis -089, 20Jose&h said to the$, /6o not (e a#"aid, #o" a$ I in the &lae o# *od+ut as #o" you, you $eant evil #o" $e> (ut *od $eant it #o" !ood, in o"de" to ("in! it a(out as it is this day, to save $any &eo&le alive.788.Eodus 38:, 8-(And *od said to Moses, /I AM 1O I AM.7 And e said, /%hus you shall say to the hild"en o# Is"ael, I AM has sent $e to you.7...%his is My na$e #o"eve", and this is My $e$o"ial to all !ene"ations.82.Eodus :88,825o the )OR6 said to hi$, /1ho has $ade $ans $outh O" who $akes the $ute, the dea#, the seein!, o" the (lind ave not I, the )OR6 4ow the"e#o"e, !o, and I will (e with you" $outh and teah you what you shall say.83.Eodus 8283 4ow the (lood shall (e a si!n #o" you on the houses whe"e you a"e. And when I see the  (lood, I will &ass ove"> and the &la!ue shall not (e on you to dest"oy you when I st"ike the land o# E!y&t. 8:.Eodus 839It shall (e as a si!n to you on you" hand and as a $e$o"ial (etween you" eyes, that the )OR65 law $ay (e in you" $outh> #o" with a st"on! hand the )OR6 has ("ou!ht you out o# E!y&t.8-.Eodus 8:83, 8:And Moses said to the &eo&le, /6o not (e a#"aid. 5tandstill, and see the salvation o# the )OR6, whih e will ao$&lish #o" you today. Fo" the E!y&tians who$ you see today, you shall see a!ain no $o"e #o"eve".%he )OR6 will #i!ht #o" you, and you shall hold you" &eae.8.Eodus 8-2, 3%he )OR6 is $y st"en!th and son!, and e has (eo$e $y salvation> e is $y *od, and I

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