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The Immortality of the Soul.

The Immortality of the Soul.

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" If a man die, will he live again? "—Job. xiv. 14.

" If a man die, will he live again? "—Job. xiv. 14.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Feb 21, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL.BY REV. M. E. SUARES" If a man die, will he live again? "—Job. xiv. 14. " Beyond the flight of time, Beyond the reign of death, There surely is some clime, Where life is not a breath, Nor life's affections transient fire Whose sparks fly upward and expire." The question which of all others is of most im-portance to us, is the future state of man. Is he simply a creature of mortality, or does he survive the darkness of the grave? Is death annihilation, or only a passage to another state of existence more favorable to the expansion of the soul? The sentiment of Job, that he should see God, though his body perished, was worthy of his faith ; and it has been endorsed by the pious of all ages. It is not particularly necessary to discuss the soul's immortality by metaphysical argu-ments. The mass of men have not the time to engage in controversy, and the arguments, whether moral or
physical, can effect but little in minds who cherish the souPs immortality upon higher authority. The leisure and capacity requisite for such speculative sub-95 96 THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL.  jects are not generally enjoyed by mankind, and few, comparatively, can appreciate its benefit. Successive application may throw some additional light upon the subject, but every effort will go to prove that matter has no power of its own to think, to plan, to execute, and that philosophy could never simplify this subject so as to make it conducive to the moral and religious elevation of our race. There was a necessity that the soul's immortality should be taught by a special messen-ger from Heaven, whose authority would be considered conclusive. The teachings of such a person, sustained by unquestionable miracles, would carry with them something of the force of demonstration, and inspire the bosom with a higher order of docility. The author of Christianity has accomplished this ; and the frailest, as well as the most gifted intellect, can take pleasure in
the contemplation of the souPs immortality. What-ever the skeptic may think, it is certain that the brain is not the sole originator of its thoughts. The existence of an invisible, intelligent agent must be presumed. The most skillful research will fail to identify the location of the soul, yet such a research will concede its existence. The death of the body does not, neces-sarily, involve the destruction of the soul. They con-stitute two distinct existences. The difference is, the body may be dissected and analyzed, but the soul is incapable of either. It moves in a higher order of existence, and is of finer organism. The theory that matter cannot be annihilated will apply equally to the soul. The body in its structure was intended for the earth, and the soul for the occupation of heaven. THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL. 97 It is claimed by the infidel, and conceded by the pious, that no one has penetrated the future, and re-turned with information based on experience ; but the soul's immortality is none the less real for the want of this evidence. There are hidden laws, which operate upon the mind, aside from those which address them-

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