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Introduction to the Story of Ra & Ausar

Introduction to the Story of Ra & Ausar



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Published by ausar

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Published by: ausar on Jul 24, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to theStory of Ra & Ausar 
The stories of Ra and Ausar (Osiris) are some of the spiritual stories in theworld. These stories were important to the Kametic people because of the rolethat the characters played in the lives of the Kametic people. For instance, thestory of Ausar in time would become the core of the Kametic religious beliefsbecause Ausar symbolized to them not only a king but them as a people whoworked together to bring peace and prosperity to their lives. Another importantfact was that the Kametic people recognized that they were made in theimage of Neter (God) and as such all of what was wrong in their lives was notbecause they were born in sin but more like they just didn't know the correctway of doing things. Since their is only one way of doing things and the rightway is the Godly way, then it can be said that they didn't know the Way of God. Not that they didn't have the Way but simply that at the time they didn'tknow the Way of (or to) God. We can say by understanding the story of Ausar,that they didn't know the Will of God.Unlike what so-called Egyptian scholars and esoteric followers believe, tothe people of Kamet, Ausar was the one being who all could identify with fromthe lowliest to the noblest person in the society. And this is what made it thegreatest religious text in the world in my opinion. To the extent that it madeothers model their religious concepts from it (unfortunately these theives didn'tfully understand the African philosophy and theology so their religions havegone wayward but that is another story.)Most Westerners miss this point because they are still under the impressionthat the only things that they can believe are that which they can see. Withthat said, they are still under the impression that the Kametic peopleworshipped idols. This is the reason why to them the story of Ausar is a greatlove story, a great myth or legend. To people who know and live the story of Ausar, it is a living text, much like it was to the Africans of the Nile.Before we begin this story, I must remind the reader that in the Kameticphilosophy, much like that of the most traditional cultures. The SupremeBeing, what most call God, comes in a variety of shapes and forms. There isonly One God in the Kametic and other African belief systems. Clear your mind of all that other junk, that other people have told you about your ancestryand your tradition. There is only ONE GOD.And this ONE GOD creates what Christians and Muslims call angels whogovern certain aspects and areas of interests in the universe and on earth.Just like the angel who was put at the entrance of the Garden of Eden toprotect and keep Adam and Eve, according to Christian lore from returning.Africans and other traditionalists all over the world would call these beings,gods. Keeping in mind that the Kametic people called the Supreme Being or God, Neter, and the minor gods and goddesses they called them singular neter, plural neteru

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