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Up&AWay Egypt

Up&AWay Egypt

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Published by Nellie

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Published by: Nellie on Oct 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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up & away
and void
Hauntingly emptydeserts, bustling lifealong the Nile River,millennia-old majestictemples and pyramids,breathtaking sunrisesand sunsets, bellydancing, bazaars andfriendly folk – 
, guided bya camel owner, aBedouin desert guideand a felucca captain,falls in love withEgypt’s many faces.
AS WE SWAYED BACK and orth on our camels, bumpingagainst their humps, we were warmly greeted by anunobstructed view o the majestic
Pyramids o Giza
. Inront o us lay the sprawling Giza Necropolis where the onlyremaining Ancient Wonder o the World sits. The mightypyramids were constructed as tombs or the ancient Pharaohsand their wives. We continued on our camels until we reachedan elevated sandy patch that provided a panoramic view o thepyramids aligned in one straight row.Next to the pyramids lies the
Great Sphinx
, a sandstonegure with the ace o an ancient King, and a lion's body, builtover 4,500 years ago. The camels slowly carried us to theoot o the biggest pyramid, the Cheops. As the aternoon’srays shone over the peak o Cheops, we took in the inspiringbeauty o this architectural masterpiece in the desert heat.
This was the frst o our many rides through Egypt. Ourfrst day in Cairo, and here we were, riding past theWorld’s oldest monument.
 Ancient capital:
Dismounting rom the camels, we drove urther south toMemphis. Once the ancient capital o Egypt, it was believed tobe an extensive city. In the Museum, the gigantic limestone
N   I   L  E   
Oct 2009
1 Gigantic statue o KingRamses II at Memphis.2 The sun lights up thepeak o Cheops.3 The stunning entranceo Abu Simbel.4 A water-bualo grazesthe felds by the bankso the Nile.5 Exploring the Westerndeserts on a 4x4 Jeep.
Oct 2009
statue o one o the most importantPharaohs in history, King Ramses II,impresses by its sheer size.The most monumental site in Memphis wasundeniably the world’s oldest standing steppyramid -
. Used as an importantcomplex or minor burials and ceremoniesor 3,000 years, the Saqqara is the burialground o the rst Pharaoh o Egypt, KingMenes. Cut rom rock, the gallery o tombs,known as
, looked like the settingo Star Wars.
Nile River dinner cruise
Ater a day o exploring the EgyptianMuseum and the grand souk o
Khan El- Khalili 
, we relaxed on a Nile River dinnercruise, enjoying a stunning night view oCairo, a sumptuous spread o authentic localcuisine (buet style) and entertaining bellydance perormances.In contrast with ancient Egyptian culture,auent locals refected modern-day Egypt.Dressed to the nines, they openly enjoyedtheir east and danced along to the MiddleEastern rhythm.
Desert adventures on a 4x4 jeep
With a vast part o Western Egypt coveredby desert, we ventured away rom thecity into the heart o the country. Arrivingat the bus terminal o
Bahariya Oasis
,we transerred to a jeep with two ellowbackpackers and our guide Mohammed.Trekking through the Crystal Mountain,we were stunned by odd rocky ormations.Frolicking in the sand dunes and the BlackDesert, we passed varying landscapes,one ater another. In the evening, weound ourselves driving through thelegendary
White Desert
where chalkormations create an intriguing phenomenalenvironment.As the sun set, our
guide set up atent in the middle o the desert to prepareor a barbeque dinner and a night under thestars. With a campre, Mohammed dishedout juicy roast chicken and tomato stew,as we shared tales and laughter in the colddesert air. Snuggled in our sleeping bags,staring out into an endless sky o sparklingstars was a surreal experience that remainsetched in my memory.
The shimmeringLuxor Temple by night 
Ater a sleepless night on the creaking train,we were embraced by our new host in thecity o Luxor, and guided to his hostel. Thegenuine hospitality o the Egyptians washeart-warming.Standing grandly in the heart o town,
Luxor Temple
is a sacred religious grounddedicated to
(God o Creation) and
(Mother Goddess), greeting pilgrimswith two colossal statues o King RamsesII at its entrance. As night ell, the lit-uptemple shimmered gloriously in a mysticalgolden glow as we walked through its widepylons (monumental gateways).Along the Corniche, we were spoilt orchoice as restaurants line the boulevardoverlooking the Nile River. With an elegantbreezy atmosphere, Egyptian ood wasserved in the orm o
(lamb stew withrice), and pistachio
(Arabic rice). Itwas the perect setting to unwind under theArabian moonlight.
Sailing a felucca along the Nile
Seizing the cool evening breeze the nextday, we embarked on a lazy journey ona elucca to catch the sunset. Thesetraditional Egyptian sailboats have beenused since antiquity and are symbols oEgypt’s past and present. Our captainAhmad was eager to show us a personalside o the Nile, sharing his tales ogrowing up on its banks. Along the way,we waved to village boys, saw bualosbusy at work and camels resting by theriver. With Ahmad’s anecdotes, Arabictea and ragrant
(Middle Easternwater pipes), we witnessed the famingsun setting against the backdrop o thebustling Nile River.
Sunrise at the Abu Simbel Temple
A two-hour train ride away,
exudesa quiet charm that is missing rom theother cities. On the rootop o our budgethostel, we had a stunning view o theEl-Tabia Mosque on one side, and thesouthern tip o the Nile River on the other.
up & away
6 Luxor Temple by Night.

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