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New From Beau to Beau Books

New From Beau to Beau Books

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Published by Beau to Beau Books
The latest releases from Beau to Beau Publishing.
The latest releases from Beau to Beau Publishing.

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Published by: Beau to Beau Books on Feb 21, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Latest
from Beau to Beau Publishing
Available from the Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google Play, Bookstrand, Kobo, All Romane ebooks, and !offeetime Romane"
 Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com.
#ommy Blade is a man $ith a seret" %ts a seret he only shares $ith one person, 'essi Blade ( and the men he surrenders to in the bedroom" 'essis only ondition to their tumultuous se) life is that the men are one night stands" But $hen Angel Garia enters their life, its like a math to gasoline" *ega+talented punk rok singer Angel Garia, $ith his smoldering ebony eyes, tight leather pants and unstoppable stage presene, is a man $ho is used to getting $hat he $ants" e has his eyes set on #ommy Blade as his ne$ lead guitarist, and as his life partner" 'essi Blade, sympatheti to her husband-s  bise)ual needs, loves him enough to share him, but she never ounted on Angel Garia to test the threshold of her marriage" e makes her life hell " " " and heaven" es her damnation and her salvation" .he $ants to hate him" .he $ants to despise him" But his harm and ra$ se) appeal are impossible to resist" /ithout $arning, she finds herself falling in love $ith her husband-s gay lover" At the height of it all, their punk rok band atapults to stardom" #heir lives are marred by serey, deeption and sarifie" 0eelings of betrayal, baklash from the sensationalisti media and threats of blakmail send them do$n a hard road filled $ith tough deisions" #hey aren-t your ordinary rok stars" #hey-re radial rok stars" And they have a big story to tell"11111#he faes hanged sine the last time he $as there, but the intention $as still the same" %t $asnt a plae to soialize or partake in amaraderie or drop in for a drink on your $ay home" %t $as a meeting plae for men interested in asual se)" #he bak room served as a shanty for a 2uik enounter" %t $as a smorgasbord of testosterone, a buffet of musle and beefake" *en floked around him as soon as he $alked through the door" #hey al$ays did" A guy one told him that it $as the mi)ture of his rugged  3a$ and strong upper body, offset by the innoene of his big blue eyes that made him so attrative" #he ladies al$ays said it $as his long blond hair and the guitar"
Reent terrorist inidents are rumored to be the $ork of a landestine group, and a human $oman by the name of 4loise untington is trying desperately to learn the truth about them ( the #hanatos" A dark onspiray begins this gripping novel as a po$erful omputer virus is uploaded to the GR%5, the hub of the $orld-s eletroni ommuniations net$orks, virtually deimating ommuniation aross the globe" As the rae begins to ombat the po$erful fores that onspired to bring human ivilization to a standstill, Aristotle disovers a seret link to his past in the form of Byron Appleyard, $ho has been assigned to assassinate him" 0alling for the enemy $as not supposed to happen" 0lether 'ones an hirp like a bird, grunt like a monkey, sing in nearly every key, and disguise his voie to sound like a $oman, but he isnt dangerous as so many believe" es a irus performer $ho lured a ouple of hot studs into his trailer one night" /hen the mens $ives aught them in the at, they made sure that 0lether $as sent to the infamous *anninger %nstitute" /hen he esapes, the 2uirky arnie eludes the authorities $ith his many ploys, until the institutes founder stumbles upon lues as to his $hereabouts"
#he son of a general, #rent Green is the only one in his family not on a fast trak military areer, so he does the only thing he kno$s he $ill be a suess at and 3oins the !orp, $here he literally falls into the lap of the man of his dreams" Noah /ilson is s$eet, honorable, and takes #rents heart $ith his blazing smile" Noah is also part of a religious set that lives simply6very simply, $ith no eletriity, no television, no dirty movies, and a lot of rules" #rent hopes that the t$o of them an make something happen7 that is, until the 8aident $hih keeps him onstantly broke, $ith no money to see a base run movie, muh less pay his bus fare to Noahs duty station" /hen a onniving bartender offers #rent the hane to make some fast and easy 9easy $ith B%G strings attahed6: money, the young *arine finds himself in a seedy business, $ith no foreseeable $ay out" %n #he Rainbo$ 0orest, the evil ;ueen has arranged for her husband to be murdered, follo$ing $hih an unfortunate hain of events ensues" #$o seret lovers, a simple hunter and the Kings dresser, beome separated" #he hunter is arrested and brought before the ;ueen, $ho has devious plans for the handsome man" /hen the Kings dresser betrays the evil ;ueen, he is turned into a $olf that the ;ueen orders her se)y huntsman to kill" As the huntsman 3ourneys through the Rainbo$ 0orest on his appointed 2uest, he enounters numerous intriguing haraters, inluding an elderly $oman $ho lives in a humble ottage $ith her granddaughter Rose Red, a young $oman $ho sold her virginity to a disfigured designer in

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