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OP 2009 02 Green Economy

OP 2009 02 Green Economy

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Published by Daisy

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Published by: Daisy on Oct 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The magazine o the United Nations Environment Programme -
February 2009
The New Big Deal
Geofrey Lean,
Our Planet 
’s Editor...... describes Silicon Valley’s vigorous pursuit o green prot.
silicon uture - page 30
 José Sergio Gabrielli deAzevedo,
CEO o Petrobras... ... describes an oil and gas company’s primeresponsibility or the environment.
challenging commitment - page 24
 Janet Ranganathan
 Vice-President o Science& Research at the WorldResources Institute and
Polly Ghazi
its writer/editor...... outline how to replace sub-prime developmentwith measures that simultaneously reducepoverty and restore natural services.
natural development - page 26
Girma Wolde Giorgis,
Presidento Ethiopia...... shares his experience o planting onebillion trees with Satinder Bindra, Director o Communications and Public Inormation at UNEP.
transorming Ethiopia - page 18
Su Kahumbu,
Managing Director o FoodNetwork East Arica Ltd. and a pioneer Kenyanorganic armer...
organic growth - page 32
... describes how chemical-ree armingis taking hold in the country and says itis essential or uture survival.Pro.
 Jayati Ghosh,
Proessor o Economicsand Chairperson o the Centre o EconomicStudies and Planning, Jawaharlal University,New Delhi...... says that the economic crisis oers a uniqueopportunity or a new deal prioritizingdevelopment and resource conservation.
chance or change - page 11
alsopage 3 reectionspage 10 peoplepage 17 awards and eventspage 22 productspage 23 wwwpage 28 verbatim and numberspage 29 books
, the magazine o theUnited Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)PO Box 30552Nairobi, KenyaTel: (254 20)7621 234Fax: (254 20)7623 927e-mail: uneppub@unep.orgTo view current and past issues o thispublication online, please visitwww.unep.org/ourplanetISSN 101 - 7394
Dect f Pbcat:
Satinder Bindra
Georey Lean
Naomi Poulton & David Simpson
Assstat Cdat:
Anne-France White
Speca Ctbt:
Nick Nuttall
Dstbt Maae:
Manyahleshal Kebede
Amina Darani
Pdced by:
UNEP Division o Communications and Public Inormation
Pted by:
Phoenix Design Aid
Dstbted by:
SMI BooksThe contents o this magazine do not necessarilyreect the views or policies o UNEP or theeditors, nor are they an ocial record. Thedesignations employed and the presentationdo not imply the expressions o any opinionwhatsoever on the part o UNEP concerning thelegal status o any country, territory or city or itsauthority or concerning the delimitation o itsrontiers or boundaries.* All dollar ($) amounts reer to US dollars.
Van Jones,
President o GreenFor All and author o 
The GreenCollar Economy 
green collar jobs - page 8
... describes how connecting the people whomost need work with the work that mostneeds to be done is the key to economicgrowth and recovery.
 Juan Somavia,
Director-General o theInternational Labour Organization...
silver lining - page 4
... describes the new perspective thatgreen jobs oer amid economic crisisand shows how they should be acrucial element o any recovery plan.
Zhengrong Shi,
Founder, Chairman andCEO o Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd...... describes how China is usingclean energy as a driver o neweconomic growth.
solar solution - page 6
Hal Harvey,
President and CEOo ClimateWorks...
right track - page 14
... outlines policies that have already been provento work in combating climate change and creatinglow-carbon prosperity.
Pavan Sukhdev,
a senior banker with DeutscheBank and project leader o UNEP's GreenEconomy Initiative...
green breakthroughs - page 20
... outlines how the nancialcrisis could lead to a globalGreen New Deal or a betterand sustainable world.Indian social activist, actor andsportsman
Rahul Bose
renaissance man - page 34
... describes development as “anopportunity to achieve – or all”. 
by Achim Steiner,U.N. Under-Secretary-General andExecutive Director, UNEP 
UNEP promotesenvironmentally sound practicesglobally and in its own activities.This magazine is printed on 100% recycledpaper, using vegetable -based inks and othereco-riendly practices. Our distribution policyaims to reduce UNEP’s carbon ootprint.
Globalisation does not just spread economic ups — and the current deepdowns — rapidly across the globe. It can do the same or compelling andtransormational ideas. As ministers gather in Nairobi or the GoverningCouncil, two concepts being developed by UNEP are emerging as a powerulantidote to the economic gloom: the ‘Global Green New Deal’ and a transitionto a global Green Economy. Together, they oer a way o overcomingshort-term economic woes while setting the stage or sustainable growth inthe 21st century, with markets rewarding nations and companies that investin decent employment, innovation, resource eciency and creativity. The President o the Republic o Korea, Lee Myung-Bak, or example, recentlyannounced 36 ‘Green New Deals’ to “ease people’s pain and create jobs”,eaturing such initiatives as creating high-speed railways and big networkso bicycle tracks and providing two million energy-saving ‘Green Homes’.Power plants powered by gas rom waste and orestry biomass are alsoplanned, as is developing the next generation o hybrid vehicle technologies. The our-year stimulus package will create nearly one million new jobs,contribute to combating climate change and lay the groundwork or urthereconomic growth.China's $570 billion stimulus package also includes a Green New Deal.No new actory or project will be permitted i it is highly polluting, or is aheavy consumer o energy or resources. One trillion yuan ($142 billion) is tobe spent over the next three years on such environmental improvements asaccelerating orest planting programmes and increasing energy conservationand pollution-control. There will also be preerential pricing aimed atincreasing the share o renewables rom 8.3 per cent o energy in 2007 to15 per cent in 2020 and investments to switch commodities and people romroad to rail.Among many other examples, the United Kingdom’s stimulus packageto create 100,000 jobs includes investments in such climate-riendlyprojects as solar, wind and wave power, electric cars and improved energyeciency in homes and oces. Prime Minister Gordon Brown says that: “Theenvironment is not being pushed o the agenda” by the recession, but is“part o the solution”.Importantly, the new President o the United States has made a GreenNew Deal a key oundation o an economic and employment recoveryprogramme. This aims to promote energy rom renewable sources andenergy conservation, including by raising vehicle uel economy standardsand subsidising purchases o plug-in hybrid cars, to ‘weatherise’ one millionhomes annually and upgrade the nation's electrical grid. The package willcreate an estimated ve million jobs and deliver much-needed leadership onclimate change.At the Governing Council we look orward to hearing urther examples o howcountries are embracing a green economic transormation. Collecting anddisseminating shining examples o smart market mechanisms and creativenancial instruments is one o the central goals o the UNEP's new GreenEconomy initiative. Next year we plan to publish a guide and tool-kits orboth Northern and Southern governments, showcasing the kinds o legal andscal changes and reorms that can help accelerate the transition to a moresustainable 21st century global economy. And during this year we also plan topublish policy options on such topics as rural energy and renewables — withothers, such as on ecosystem restoration, sustainable transport and urbaneconomies, in the pipeline. These reports draw on a unique partnership weare building with UN organisations and economic and policy think-tanks.Over the coming months governments will inject hundreds o billions o dollars to stimulate economies. Soon trillions o dollars, now sitting on thesidelines, are likely to be mobilised back into markets by investors. Will thisinvestment go into the old brown economy o the 20th century or the newgreen 21st century one? The multiple crises o 2008 and the ones looming — rom climate change tonatural resource scarcity — require a undamental re-think and re-ocusingo how a globalised world orders its aairs. The Green Economy is an ideawhose time has come — and one that seems to be taking root, capturing theimagination o leaders and civil society around the world.
Cover photo © PETER GINTER / Science Faction / Getty Images. A 'Green Economy' is what we want to see. In this timeo global fnancial turmoil, a warming Earth and inecient energy generation and use, the best path to take, and theone discussed in this issue o 
Our Planet 
, leads to more jobs, clean energy and a better world or all. The new 'big deal' asoutlined in this magazine, oers hope, opportunity and several solutions.

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