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Samuel L. Radford's resume

Samuel L. Radford's resume

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Published by Sandra Tan
Resume of Buffalo parent activist and DPCC President Samuel L. Radford III.
Resume of Buffalo parent activist and DPCC President Samuel L. Radford III.

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Published by: Sandra Tan on Feb 21, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Samuel L. Radford III
Professional Profile
Program Director and Community Organizer with over 15 year of e!"erience in "rogram and iue cam"aign develo"ment# im"lementation# and management. Divere wor$ e!"erience in military# government# education and non%"rofit ector. Small &uine owner for 1' year. Strong written and oral communication $ill and a&ility to communicate with divere audience to achieve $ey action# trategie# and goal.
Areas of Expertise
Organizing# training# communication and community develo"ment.
Work History
 Vice President/President uffalo Pu!lic Sc"ools #istrict Parent $oordinatin% $ouncil
Develo"ed infratructure for "arent involvement in 5+ chool# advocated for and ecured "arent room# "arent facilitator# "arent re"reentation on chool%&aed management team
Develo"ed and managed advocacy effort targeted at ,uffalo Pu&lic School Su"erintendent# ,oard of -ducation# and teacher union on iue related to "arent involvement
ncreaed "arent "artici"ation in ,uffalo Pu&lic School &y 3))/ 0num&er of "arent actively involved in child claroom# chool# or Ditrict2())%Preent
& #irector  $ommunity Action 'r%ani(ation of Erie $ounty
Deigned# ecured funding for and im"lemented tranitional houing "rogram for homele men and women
4anage 3))#))) &udget and () taff and reident
Succefully tranitioned over 1)) reident into ta&le and utaina&le houing ())5%())*
)at" *eac"er Steppin% Stone Academy
Planned leon and taught math to ) '
 and +
 grade tudent
Partici"ated in chool%&aed "lanning ())1%())3*
+roup Home $oordinator erks"ire ,arm $enter and Ser-ices for out"
Deigned# im"lemented# and u"ervied "rogram for a 1( &ed youth detention facility with co%ed P6S 0Peron in 6eed of Su"erviion2 reident# managed (5 full time# "art time and "er diem taff.
 7dvocated for# mentored# and conducted tranition "lanning for ') reident
Recognized a mot ucceful grou" home in -rie County8())9())3.())5
Re%ional #irector $iti(en Action of e0 ork
Directed ,uffalo# 6: office of the tatewide advocacy agency.
Planned and conducted community organizing around a &road &ae of iue including education# healthcare# and cam"aign finance reform.
;acilitated over 5) advocacy action including "re conference# lo&&ying tri" to 7l&any# "rotet8rallie# and "etition and letter writing cam"aign.
Deigned and im"lemented everal ucceful advocacy cam"aign which ecured local and tate elected official u""ort and8or legilation# including Cam"aign for ;ical -<uity# 7lliance for =uality -ducation# and Coalition for 7fterchool ;unding
Develo"ed Reource >uide and coordinated over 5) mem&er organization to wor$ on iue of community concern1??5 Preent*
$E'Empo0erment *rainin% and $onsultations
Contracted with over ) com"anie# chool ditrict# and ocial and civil agencie to deliver training and conulting ervice in Aeaderhi"# 6onviolence# :outh Develo"ment #Cultural Diverity# Conflict reolution# Beam ,uilding and -m"owerment.1??9.1??5
#irector S )L1 Institute uffalo Resource and Acti-ity $enter 
Organized and managed over 3) community event and "rogram# reaching more than 1#))) community mem&er including annual 4A Day Cele&ration# Student Bheatre Outreach Program# community outreach through -lla ,a$er 7cademy.1??(.1??9
Lead *rainer/Senior ,aculty
S )artin Lut"er 1in% 2r. Institute and $ommission fo on-iolence
Provided training in 4A 6onviolence Curriculum to State  7gencie# reaching more than 5)) individual# Aead Brainer and Beam Aeader for the -lla ,a$er :outh Aeaderhi"
$ommunity/lock $lu! 'r%ani(er $.R.3.$.I.A.L. Human Ser-ices $enter 

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