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How to Make Wine atHow to Make Wine At Home

How to Make Wine atHow to Make Wine At Home

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Published by Alex
How to Make Wine At Home
How to Make Wine At Home

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Alex on Feb 22, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Make Wine  At Home
Mike Carraway
 brought to you by:
Jason J. Ladlee
In a hurry? Want the ?The Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine Equity ublishing !irmingham" #labama
 The opinions expressed in this manuscript are solely the opinions of the author and not the opinions or the thoughts of the publisher. The author represents that he/she has the sole legal right to the material and to publish the material. If you believe this to be incorrect, please contact the publisher. HOW TO M!" WI#"  ll rights $eserved % &''( Mi)e *arra+ay *opyright "uity -ublishing *ompany -rinted in the nited tates of merica
*O#T"#T 0. 1or+ard2222222222222222222220 &. brief History of Wine22222222222222...& 3. pecial note about 4rocery tore 1ruit222222223 5. -atience is a virtue222222222222222225 6. 7"1O$" +e get started2222222222222226 8. O) 9 :et;s gather +hat +e need22222222222...8 <. *leanliness is #ext to 4odliness22222222222..8 (. 1ermentation =essels2222222222222222( >. :et;s 4et tarted22222222222222222..0' 0'. The 1irst tage2222222222222222.2200 00. $ac)ing2222222222222222222..2..0& 0&. The econd tage22222222222222222.03 03. *learing and Waiting222222222222222...05 05. 1ining if #eeded or ?:et;s Ma)e One Thing *lear@222206 06. tabiliAing2222222222222222222 206 08. 7ottling222222222222222222222.08
 1O$W$B  When I +as in high school, me and a friend of mine heard this rumor that +e could ta)e some grape Cuice, add some sugar, thro+ in some yeast, put a balloon over the bottle and then +ait a month and +e +ould have 9 :*OHO:D  nd that is +hat +e +ere after at that time.  nd it +or)edD We sat do+n on a 1riday afternoon and passed that  Cug bac) and forth and +ithin an hour, +e +ere both acting very stupid. hhh2 those +ere the days. nfortunately, I +ouldn;t drin) that stuff no+. lmost 3' years later, I have come to enCoy 4OOB +ine. Wine that costs E36 to E8' a  bottle.  Fou could call me some+hat of a +ine connesuier.  bout 06 years ago, it came to my attention that it +as possible to get the same )ind of flavor and consistency by ma)ing +ine at home. 1rom that moment on, I began experimenting. This boo) +ill sho+ anyone ho+ to get a very good start on ma)ing uality +ine from home. #o need to )eep paying huge prices, #B,  you can ma)e all you +ant2sort of. The .. 4overnment has put a limit on us 9 &'' 4allons/year. That;s the la+. 7ut 9 that;s 0''' bottles of +ine 9 about 3 bottles a day, plenty for you and me.

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