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The Orginal Thought is Love

The Orginal Thought is Love

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Published by Mother God Amon Ra
The Original Thought of Love, Is who ALL Of Humanity is Returning TOO!! There is Only One Thought, that Is Love Everywhere Present. Heaven on earth is Close at Hand!
The Original Thought of Love, Is who ALL Of Humanity is Returning TOO!! There is Only One Thought, that Is Love Everywhere Present. Heaven on earth is Close at Hand!

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Published by: Mother God Amon Ra on Oct 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10/5/09Update“The Original Thought Is Love ”Pure Consciousness, God Consciousnesshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFGWiEq6ysg“Love Letters From The Present Moment of Now, Heaven On Earth”“Blessed is The Love Called God Everywhere Present, Equally Within US ALL”Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, From the Kingdom/Company of Heaven,and Galactic Central. We are Your Family of Light from the Stars, The Elohim, TheCelestial Ones. WE are Your Earth Allies, Here Representing The ALL on PlanetEarth=Heart. WE are Here on Your Behalf and Total Freedom. WE are Also the GroundCrew for First Contact, and In Direct Contact Through Telepathy, with Our Crew onthe Flag Ship “Eye of Ra, Heart of Light”. Thank you for Honoring and Supportingour Work for you. Yes, We are Here, To Be the Examples of Unconditional Love inAction. WE are ALL ONE, and Within Love We are ALL EQUAL. Each of You are GrandBeings of Light and Love, this is the Core Truth within Each Being on this Planet.Each of you are Also Our Children, which Makes You God. God means the Same asLove, and Love Means the Same as Truth, and Truth Means the same as Light. WE LoveYou Unconditionally and We are Here to Help you Remember The Love You Truly Are.“Just Envision what it will be Like With Everyone on the Planet Being the Lovethey Are, being the God They Truly Are. This is Going to Occur on the Planet andthat is a Guarantee. Mother Earth's Destiny is Within the Light, as She Really isa Star Ship, and just Like with all Her Inhabitants, it's Time For Her to LightUP. The game of illusion is over, and Now Together We must clean up the Planet andPrepare Mother Earth to Parade Before the Central Sun, which is to Occur Aroundthe October 28th, 2011 date we Continually give you. WE Now have 2 Years toAccomplish this, and it Will Take ALL of Us Working together as a Team and as TheOne Family we all Belong too.”Miracle Ridemhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgBKYBkQCCgGreetings, Many Blessings, Love, Truth, Miracles, Joy, Inner Peace, CenteredBalance, Laughter, and Magical Synchronostic Events In The Present Moment of NOW.Today is Monday October 5th, 2009. WE have Just Gone Through Some Major Events,Now Occurring in Every Moment, and WE are All In The Center of This. This is whyit's impossible for us to get a message out everyday, as So Much is Occurring. Weshared with you that right after Mercury came out of retrograde, the density begancrystallizing. Then as the Full Moon in Aries Arrived, the dense energy was pulledout . AS this occurred the space was then open for Light energy to fill up wherethe density was released. Everyone on this Planet, as this occurred, receivedLight Codes which entered through the Chakra Systems. Some have blocked this Giftthrough remaining ignorant, and this resistance to the Energy will cause increasedpain and suffering. Those Embracing this Energy are Now receiving What is bestdescribed as a Lift UP. You Will Experience The Real Magic that Is occurring onthis Planet, and not the illusion of the old paradigm. Your Joy will Increase, asYou Recognize Love All around you and not the illusion of isolation andseparation. Once You See Love Everywhere Around You, there is no going back. Thisis Simply all it takes to Awaken into Full Consciousness and Then You Rejoin Your
Family In Creation.Awakening is as Simple as Just Remembering You Are Love, and in this instantEverything changes. With this Simple Understanding You're Awake, and You FeelAlive. All of the fear and the ego's programs dissolve. When this happens Youbegin Experiencing the Magic and Adventure of The Present Moment of NOW, Heaven OnEarth. This is When Wonders, Miracles, and Wholeness of Being Become YOU, and YouLive in Pure Joy, Pure Happiness, and A Constant State of Bliss (“Being Love InSimple Service”). You begin to Experience Instant Manifestations Provided By theEnergy of Love, Once You Serve Love. This is the Energy of Creation and Who YouAre. Love is Always the Gift that Keeps On Giving.For those of You Accepting this Gift the Incoming Energies are Giving You, You AreTransforming into The Original Thought Form that Created You, Called Love. TheThought of Love, prior to entering the lower vibrations, is Who You Are, and WhatYou Are Returning to. Everyone is Now returning into Pure Thought, Love EverywherePresent. This has Occurred because We Are in Full Consciousness, Highest Thought,and we have entered this Highest Thought into the Physical Realm on Planet Earth,which directly effects the Energy on The Planet. All Atoms of Energy Now MustRespond, and Move into the Highest Thought Of Love Everywhere Present, Inevitably.Full Consciousness means we are Connected to Love and The ALL. This then Sends aBroadcast Signal out to All the Other Parts of Us, [which is all of Humanity] tothen Move into Highest Thought. You are a Pure Thought Form of Love and PureConsciousness Energy, anything else is not REAL. WE are Here and Awake, So All theOther Atoms Also Awaken, because We Are One. Being in Full Consciousness Means WeAre Eternal. WE Are Spirit, and We Are Love and Truth. This Full ConsciousnessEnergy Consumes unconsciousness and transforms it into Consciousness. This is theInevitable Event That is Occurring on this Planet.“ Awakening For ALL of Humanity is Inevitable. The Truth of Love is impossible todeny. We have Not Shown Up Here for nothing, We Came here for Everything and ThenTo Give It to Each of YOU, Our Children in Creation.”This past full Moon assisted the Planet in the release of unconsciousness, akadensity, so that More Love and Light could enter into this Realm until Everythingis Transformed Into One Brilliant Light Shining Together. As more and more densityis released, Mother Earth the Starship is Activated; She Will Be completelyimmersed in Spirit. The Destiny of Mother Earth has Been Signed, Sealed, andDelivered to Everyone In Creation. This Energy of Love is consuming the world, andLighting Up the Planet into Brilliance. If You are Out of the box, this Energywill Be Experienced through Oh My God Events, as You Show Up and Be Present in TheLove That Created You.Love Donations- One of the Reasons We ask for Love Donations is that we cannotwork for ignorance. We Work 24 Hours A Day for You and ALL of Humanity. Weaccepted this Responsibility, Trusting that Our Family Here on Earth would SupportUs While we Accomplished the Task. Since We Utilize the Love Donations as Energy,those that Have made a Donation are sharing with us about How it has Coming Backto Them In Amazing Ways. Often more then the donation itself. This Truth Aloneshould Show You that we are not kidding when we say that they are Blessed 100times and more. Thank You for Making a Love Donation Today In Support of The LoveCalled God Everywhere Present, The Divine Mission, and The Eternal Flow thatEveryone on this Planet choosing Love is a Part of. WE are the Ones right Nowstanding Up in the face of ignorance as it's spiraling out of control, andeventually will leave the Planet. Everyone Here will Live in Complete Peace, Joy,Abundance, Harmony, and Unconditional Love. You can Make a Donation here.http://gflcentral.ning.com/page/donate-1
Celestial Consultations-Would You Like to Schedule an Amazing One on One Sessionwith US? We Can Assist You In Multi-Dimensional Ways. Here is Just a Few things weoffer in our sessions: Balancing Vibrational Frequencies, Assistance through theAscension Process, Clearing Blocks, Inner Balance and Chakra Alignments. WE Assistin connecting you with your Angelic Teams, and helping you remember your Part ofthe Divine Mission. WE assist you into Full Consciousness, Awareness, Joy andHappiness. We will Also Assist you In Being Present in the Moment of Now, so thatyou can get to the Experience of the Magic Of Creation. Each Session is Based onthe Uniqueness of the individual, since each being is Unique. We are HighlyTrained in Human Consciousness, and give you tools to help yourself and others.Email US Today at mothergod1111111@gmail.comWe Would Like to Add an Excerpt from Ken Carey's Book “Starseed Transmissions”.Desi had Posted this On our Site, and We Would Like to Also Share it With OurOther Readers as Well.“Our mission is to bring a pre-fall state of awareness to all human beings who areable to respond, however different they may be, whatever background they may havecome from, using whatever conceptual structures seem appropriate. Theseindividuals will then be instructed to translate this awareness into forms ofinformational exchange appropriate to their respective cultural situations.Eventually, the psychic pressure exerted by a critical mass of humanity will reachlevels that are sufficient to tip the scales. At the moment, the rest of humanitywill experience an instantaneous transformation of a proportion you cannot nowconceive. At that time, the spell which was cast on your race thousands of yearsago, when you plunged into the worlds of good and evil, will be shattered forever.Even now, with the healing influx of new information, the spell is beginning tolift. The materalizing force fields of bondage and limitation are beginning toloose their influence on consciousness.Do you want to know more about ET's? Do you want a definition of angels? We areyou, yourself, in the distant past and future. We are you as you were, would havebeen and still are, had you not fallen from your original state of grace.The physical Garden of Eden lasted for many centuries of Earth time before themomentum of the materializing processes caused you to rely so much upon thephysical senses that you became cut off from the direct nourishment of divinelight.In reality, you have never been cut off from this nourishment, but as your senseof identity became almost exclusively wedded to your physical bodies, theirgrowing density began demanding more and more Earth substance for their support.You finally reached a point where you could no longer meet the demands of yourphysical bodies without "work". It is at this point that your chronicles statethat you were "driven from the Garden". In truth, you were never driven from theGarden. The Garden is still there, surrounding you even now.Thus, the whole process of the Fall was accompanied by the correspondingfragmentation of your sense of identity, your very sense of self. By the time ofthe Physical Garden of Eden, you were already perceiving yourself to be more thanone. Even to this day, these apparently separate beings are but your ownfragmented reflections. In the fallen state, you perceive them as separate anddistinct.Yet, despite all the talk of a fall and original Sin, you are not born into sin.You are born daily into the Presence of God, yet daily you re-enact the originalfoolishness that is recorded in all your ancient chronicles. Daily you commit

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