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feb24.2014House approves the proposed Mercury Exposure Information Act

feb24.2014House approves the proposed Mercury Exposure Information Act

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Published by pribhor2
House approves the proposed Mercury Exposure Information Act
House approves the proposed Mercury Exposure Information Act

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Published by: pribhor2 on Feb 24, 2014
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House approves the proposed Mercury Exposure Information Act
The House of Representatives has passed on third and final reading a measure establishing a program informing the public of the hazards and adverse effects of mercury exposure through the consumption of fish and other seafood.Rep. Eufranio Eriguel (2
 District !a "nion# chairman of the House $ommittee on Health and co%author of the bill said &ercury is a bio%accumulative heavy metal that  poses a significant ris' to human health ildlife and the environment. )Through the development of health advisories and by re*uiring appropriate advisories to be posted or made readily available at all businesses that sell fresh frozen and canned fish and seafood here the potential for mercury exposure exists the public shall be informed and the ris' of mercury exposure is lessened if not prevented totally+ Eriguel said.Reps. Rufus Rodriguez (2
 District $agayan de ,ro $ity# and &aximo Rodriguez -r. (arty !ist /bante &indanao# authors of House 0ill 113 said there is a need to arn and educate the public and address the lac' of aareness on the dangerous effects of mercury exposure. )This lac' of aareness potentially threatens tens of millions of 4ilipinos ho may un'noingly ingest harmful amounts of mercury because they are not aare of exposure ris's from consumption of freshater fish and seafood+ Rodriguez said. )&ercury discharges into the atmosphere and surface oceans have increased to to fivefold since the beginning of the industrialized period due to human activities+ Rodriguez said.The 5orld Health ,rganization has pointed to accumulating substantial evidence that exposure to methyl%mercury is idespread in the general public and occurring at higher than health%based levels of concern.)4ish and seafood caught or sold in the hilippines are contaminated ith methyl%mercury a toxic element that may cause neurological damage and other health related  problems as a result of fish or seafood consumption+ Rodriguez said.)Evidence is continuing to emerge lin'ing increased ris' of coronary heart disease to mercury exposure as presented in at least 2 peer revieed studies+ Rodriguez added."nder the measure the 6ecretary of Health is authorized to issue a comprehensive health advisory to the general public about the presence of methyl mercury in fish and
NR # 3387FEB. 24, 2014

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